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  1. Has anyone had any luck getting SHOOT to work in Windows 10..?
  2. Here is a profile for SF2http://combatace.com/files/file/12208-shoot-sf2-profile/
  3. Hey lightning Have a read through this thread http://combatace.com/topic/78454-display-settings/ I think it will help you Cheers To Romflyer
  4. Hey lightning Have a read through this thread http://combatace.com/topic/78454-display-settings/ I think it will help you Cheers To Romflyer
  5. SHOOT SF2 profile

    This exe will be needed for running on Windows 7 or later shoot20exe.zip
  6. Hey Blaze Not sure about W10 but I have it running smoothly in W7 As I stated earlier you need to use the updated exe shoot20exe.zip Edit: I just went back re-read your post and perhaps a non English version of windows could be the cause..?? But if you haven't tried the shoot2.0exe then it definitely wont work
  7. Shoot works well in SF This link will get you everything you need http://combatace.com/files/file/12208-shoot-sf2-profile/ Read in the comments where I post a link to a new exe for the program which makes it compatible with Windows 7
  8. What Other Games Are You Playing?

    SF2 Prepar3d Assetto Corsa FC2-----but I rarely use it Arma3-----just learning it, and it needs much more effort than I've been able to give it
  9. If you are flying any of the newer versions of the bug then you need to manually adjust your flaps on approach.....and that will definitely explain your high approach speed
  10. This should fix the rudders for you....... comment out the rudder toe in/toe out statements under both Left and RightVertTails thusly: SystemName[005]=//LeftRudderToeOut SystemName[006]=//LeftRudderToeIn SystemName[005]=//RightRudderToeOut SystemName[006]=//RightRudderToeIn Cheers Romflyer
  11. It will work.......you can also have multiple versions of your controls in any install, just make a copy and rename it. When you go into the options/ controls within the game you can choose which profile ( controls) to load I always leave a default.ini untouched as back-up and make my changes to the renamed ini's
  12. So I finally had a chance to take up this great plane.....great job on the plane, and the cockpit. One thing I noticed was that the CDI on the HSI seems to locked on 360deg Has anyone else noticed this? Otherwise I love this plane. Congrats Centurion-1
  13. Non starter

    What antivirus are you using?
  14. We'll..........be sure to back up or rename your mod folder and it shouldn't be to bad, If you re- install the same patch level and the same install location then you can probably just keep your whole mod folder intact and just drag and drop it back into its original location.......after you spend 2 hours running all the TW setup exe's Good luck.......have fun

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