• Version 1.0.0

SF2 F-86L "Lima" Sabre Dog Revamp Pack    6/9/2020 "Quarantine Approved - Essential Mods" = For SF2 (Any & All) = This package is designed to replace the original F-86L from the pack available from the folowing URL: https://combatace.com/files/file/10286-sf2-f-86dl-v10/ by suhjake from 2009 It is =NOT= necessary to have the original mod pack, as this =WILL= replace it in total. Everything reusable from that pack will be included with this. If you do have the original installed, you will probably wish to remove, move, or delete it. Overwriting may cause conflicts. As the Lima's were mostly used by USAF Air National Guard units, that is what's covered here. The following units are depicted herein: 146th FIS PA ANG (57-60)
190th FIS ID ANG (59-64)
194th FIS, CA ANG (58-64)
199th FIS, HI ANG (58-61)
3550th CCTW, Moody AFB, GA (late 50s/early 60s)
3555th CCTW, Perin AFB, TX (late 50s/early/60s)
and a
USAF Silver (Generic) -a blank skin for other skinners to use. It does have the 'day glo' panels on the wings, fuselage and tail. As only the 194th is listed in the stock squadron list ini, it uses a level=1 decal to activate the displayed squadron name on the Loading/Skin selection screen. All of the Original Skins (PA ANG, 3550 & 3555 CCTWs) have been completely redone, although they remain in bmp format. All other skins are brand new for this package. 26 all new serial and buzz numbers, where used, have been created. While correct for this aircraft; all numbers are from the late-production Ds that were converted to Ls, they should be considered 'generic' in nature. State name identifiers and squadron markings are decals. Decal randomization is TRUE for all skins. 
All weapons, pilots, etc are included. A backup copy of the original Data ini is already provided, as this new one has many modifications and adjustments.  As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... they can be accessed after unzipperizing. Please follow the 'usual instructions'  Happy Landing!
Kevin Stein