• Version 1.0.0

May 21 2021 YAK-130 skin pack - PART 1
Not having all the skins ready for the pack, I decided to release now a first part (the skins that are ready) and a second part after finishing and polishing the rest of them. This way everybody will be happy. As I announced in the YAK-130 thread (https://combatace.com/forums/topic/95928-yak-130/?page=3) I also made custom skins for YAK-130 Talisman ECM pod to match the skin colors, so I included the original skins which were available when the plane was released, too.The new skins are 2 for Myanmar, one for Bangladesh and 3 for the Russia.(Black, Blau, VFM_Camo)   INSTALL: Unzip and copy the OBJECTS into your main SF2XXXX folder.
You will need aircraft ini, dataini and loadout ini files in order to match colors for Talisman ECM pods for each skin.I included them also in each aircraft folder to make things easier.
You will notice that in aircraft ini files , where is more then one skin, I divided the periods of time an aircraft is active for demo purposes. If you are not happy with them you can change them to your discretion to suit your needs afterwards.
Don't forget to add into your WeaponData.ini the data from Add_to_WeaponDataIni.txt file.   CREDITS Myanmar skins - UllyB
Belarus skin - Bazillius
Bangladesh skin - Compufat
Algerian, Syrian, VVS_Camo, Irkut, VVS, VFM_Camo skins - original made by AngelP and custom modified by UllyB.
Russian Black and Blau skins - UllyB
Talisman ECM pod - original skin made by AngelP
All Talisman ECM pod modified skins to match aircraft skin colors - UllyB
Aircraft ini, dataini and loadout.ini files tweaked by UllyB
Skin Decals - AngelP, Compufat, Bazillius & UllyB
Additional decals - UllyB   COPYRIGHT THIS MODE IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE . You can use this product or parts of it in your future projects only with my consent if more than 30% of the original release is affected by your work . Also you must give proper credits to the ones who contributed in making it, in case I will allow it to be used by third parties as such. This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware addition. Under no circumstances may these files be sold or uploaded to a payware site or any kind of illegal warez site.   UPDATE I apologize, I forgot to add the decals. Now I corrected it.