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  1. Recently I lost data, it my fault was, and I lost the guneditor. exe. Can anyone tell me where can I download it ? weapons editor I found it in downloads.Thank you.
  2. Try and see if you CAN set for firing other buttons/kesy first. If you can't set key for firing at all , then you move forward. Check this first. PS - it is not clear for me if you want everything set for your joystick/pedals ONLY etc or...you want a mix of these two (joystick+ keyboard)
  3. Maaaaaaaaaaan. ! THAT WAS IT!!! See ? Just a tiny line erased, without letting people know it, and everything blows to pieces ! I tried everything, I almost didn't sleep searching for a solution, I even called an old friend who works in 3D field to ask for expertise and help. Man...you just made my day. GOD BLESS YOU, I will never forget your help and your nick.!
  4. yes they exist into aircraftobject.ini. I always compare "new" settings from new planes I encounter with the ones in the that file. Some are changed, some are default and some , for some helos, for instance, I changed them myself after thoroughly testing. However I tested more and it seems that it has to do with the height where plane/helo is (planes/helos which were given command to attack, and they were at high altitude, they fired their missiles in the first pass), the distance set in detect system (how far they can "see" ahead). Planes/helos which won't fire their weapons from first pass, they will do it eventually in the next ones, at some point. Some will not fire at all. Why is that , remains a mistery to me, only TK would know.
  5. This is the original file where you are instructed how to switch between the two places in the cockpit: ##switch between front and back seats.txt and these are the lines into the cockpit.ini concernig the seats: [SeatY] Type=ARRESTING_HOOK_INDICATOR NodeName=SeatY MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0 Set[02].Position=1.854 Set[02].Value=1 [SeatZ] Type=ARRESTING_HOOK_INDICATOR NodeName=SeatZ MovementType=POSITION_Z Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=0 Set[02].Position=-0.81 Set[02].Value=1 The meshes for seats have different names, in the 3D model:
  6. No, I think you missunderstood. The cockpit was build to be able to switch places, gunner with pilot. It says in the fragment from the readme file how you change places, between the two of them, in my first post (you are supposed to press a specific key, which in my case it won't work anymore, but I don't know why). If you look to the photo, you can easily notice that there are two distinct workable panels (in the second seat, the one I don't know how to access it, there is a mesh with the RWR ! That was not put there just for eyecandy) etc. Maybe you can give me a suggestion or a hint how to solve it. I suspect the cockpit.ini file has some data which won't match the meshes in the 3d model. In the 3d the seat meshes are called Y and Y01, and in the cockpit.ini they are called Y and Z, for instance. I compared with the ones for Mirage 2000D where there they have the same names. PS - The Mirage 2000D (Florian did it I think), works the same, I tested, you CAN switch places in a cockpit and have two distinct panels.
  7. Hmmm good idea. I'll see what I can do about it. Thanks!
  8. The "H" key you mean ? Nope , it's not that. I figured it out how this thing works and now I realize how stupid of me was to think that is a hidden key in the cockpit lod file. The "key", I think, is the gunsight texture name, meaning that the game switches between seats in cockpit because it "looks" for gunsights names. The meshes name and the texture for the meshes which stand for gunsights , in both seats of the cockpit must be the key and one of them is missing in the cockpit.ini file. Can anyone confirm my hypothesis please ?
  9. Where is the command "hidden" (key combination) when you have a cockpit with two positions and you can switch between them ? Into the cockpit.lod file ? And if so can I "read" it into the file with an editor ? How could be possible to know it exactly ? PS - This is what is written into the readme file concerning this very aspect: "use / or ; key. if it doesn;t work check your key settings. You are also able to switch the gun sight and open the map display by [ ] \ keys" Obviously I tried them and they won't work.
  10. That, as you predicted, was a radical solution. I was looking just to hide the gunlight effect when looking from inside the cockpit only. If you have any idea please let me know. Thank you.
  11. Thanks a lot. GunFireEffectName is called. Got it.
  12. Long ago I encountered this issue and I solved it then (like today asking) but I forgot how to do it. I don't want to see gun light effect from inside cockpit when firing the gun. Could anyone tell me what should I do please ?
  13. I have these values in dataini file: [StrafeAI] RollInRange=5000.0 RollInAlt=1300.0 PullOutRange=300.0 PullOutAlt=100.0 ReleaseRange=600.0 SecondPassRange=4000.0 SecondPassAlt=1000.0 ReleaseInterval=1.0 AimPitchOffset=0.8 so it looks alright. Other plane handle very well these values for their files.

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