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  1. Modern Diesel-Electric Train

    Very nice!
  2. Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1 /GR.1A /GR.3 pack

    Very nice Paulo!
  3. PLAAF Weapon Pack Redux Part 1

    Nice one Angel ! I was expecting these beauties. How are you ? Everything alright with you ?
  4. Mirage F-1CZ Late

    Very nice ! I like it.
  5. Mirage F1AZ

    Very nice Ludo!! BRAVO!
  6. MiG-29A Series 9-12_Myanmar

    So it was you! I knew you have potential kid in you. Nice going!
  7. Su-25_Frogfoot

    Very nice, I like the details. Great work!
  8. Mirage F1AD

    Wonderful Ludo! Congratulations!
  9. Saab J25/J25R Svärd (Sword)

    very nice, really.Thx for contribution.
  10. MiG-29A Series 9-12_Myanmar

    Wow, what a skin ! Who did it, Bazillius or you ?
  11. Fictional Birds

  12. Kuwait air force Eurofighter

    Very nice bird. That light blue paintjob looks wonderful.
  13. M-84 Yugoslav MBT

    Very nice M. Quality , as always, thank you!
  14. View File YAK-130 Skin Pack part 2 by UllyB 1.0.0 September 11 2021 YAK-130 skin pack - PART 2 This skin pack took a longer time than I previously calculated because of the holiday and the pandemic, of course. I want to thank to our estimeed collegue and friend Ludo.m54 who found time , between his valuable projects, to design four superb skins for this pack. The second pack gets two whatif skins (Paran and Argentinian). Paran skin was a request of one of my friends who's been a good boy all this time (you're welcome!). The other skins are expo skins (red/white demo/green), two Russian skins (camo 1/camo2) and one Laos skin. Later I will update the (second) skin pack with ECM pod skins to match each new skin colore made in this pack, as I did in the first pack. Enjoy and let me know what you think about them in the commentary section. INSTALL: Just unzip and copy the OBJECTS into your main SF2XXXX folder. CREDITS - Laos,/Argentina/Paran/Green skins - UllyB - Camo1/Camo2/Expo/Red skins - Ludo.m54 Skin Decals - Ludo.m54 & UllyB Additional decals - Ludo.m54 & UllyB COPYRIGHT THIS MODE IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE . You can use this product or parts of it in your future projects only with my consent if more than 30% of the original release is affected by your work . Also you must give proper credits to the ones who contributed in making it, in case I will allow it to be used by third parties as such. This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware addition. Under no circumstances may these files be sold or uploaded to a payware site or any kind of illegal warez site. Skin pack part 1 here: Submitter UllyB Submitted 09/11/2021 Category Other  

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