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  1. SF2 Mirage 4000BA & BB - Belgian Air Force

    very nice friend!
  2. MiG-29UB 9-51 Series

    very nice piece of work!
  3. Thanks for publishing them. It seems that this would be the mean for now on until a moderator will fix this issue.
  4. it's simple just press on the link I posted and get ...them. :)
  5. well it's not about skill than it's to have space allowed to drag and drop the photos. When I try that it says that i have 64,6kb allowed only. I ASK AGAIN a moderator to solve this issue , please! Or at least give me a solution to be able to publish the photos here, without going to other website etc
  6. if ED goes bankrupt who would repay the cash for all the planes bought from them ? And even so...it's too much expensive IMO. If I do a little math and I add a little, I already can fly with a real one. LOL. In Australia a ride with F-14 is 2500 bucks.
  7. I've got news from project team. First flight: https://files.fm/u/6ge9cmpp Like last time, I would ask someone to publish the photos to be seen directly. Thank you.
  8. I see. You almost got me with that cockpit.
  9. Sooo, you were brewing something there. I'd like to think that this project really turned you on friend ;)
  10. This is why I think veterans should implicate, even if they are tired of answering questions: sometimes a problem you search to fix , it's not exactly the standard one it's changed somehow, so only an experienced one knows that. What I am saying is that searching hundreds of pages where olders answered questions , is not gonna solve your problem. I give you an example: I was looking to find out how to switch between the two cockpits of an Mi-24 helo. All told me that some keys are the ones, but it was not that the whole solution to the issue. The only one that asnwered was a guy who bumped , once, into this issue and saw my question. He told me that I had to implement a line in the dataini file, in order that the key would work when changing the cockpits. That's what I am talking about. Experience makes the difference in solving issues you bump in, so veterans implication is very important.
  11. Man it costs a fortune to play their game LOL
  12. I would like, wherever you decide the comments should stay, more implication from veteran members in offering help and answer the questions that people ask. Look how many questions were not answered as time went by in all the forums.
  13. beautiful plane...
  14. As I stated before, there would be no dedicated cokpit in this project. Sorry (limited budget + no one wants/can to do it so far). The team is trying to implement the 2 rotative bays, which is not easy task. We'll see what we will get in the end. Finger crossed and stay tuned.
  15. Today I have some pictures for you from the development team. I apologize that they are in an archive on other site (see my PS). As you can notice (I wanted to be a surprise) the team is doing its best to implement the original rotating cruise missile bays. Enjoy! https://files.fm/u/kc94uuhg PS - I used this method and not direct on this page because I keep getting the message that I can publish 64kb only. I don't know what it means but if it's website related I would ask nicely a moderator to solve this for me. Thank you

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