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  1. With some significant delay we will restart soon "the engine" to our project. Stay tuned! https://ibb.co/v1WnM1C
  2. Sir, there is a valuable tutorial to do exactly that signed by our esteemed collegue MIGBUSTER in the knowledge base. Please take a look.
  3. yeah, first a new haircut, second the muffins sold on the corner's coffee shop are great! LOL Welcome back bro!
  4. I think we'll be the last ones joining the party cause we have a serious delay caused by issues in real world, but we're getting there...:)
  5. I reported the facebook page for link to piracy (it's a link to the game on MediaFire of the SF2 NA gamekit), for IP infringement and for not asking permission for IP work. I also reported on ModDB the page for IP infringement and publishing material without authors consent.
  6. Well, maybe not as much as you should LOL
  7. I am not familiar with the mod you are talking about. This what I suggest you to do: - read carefully ALL that modder who made the mod says there. - don't hesitate to contact, via PM, the author of the mod, to give you suplementary explanations if you feel you need them Usually these mods just tap into some new or modified terrain and they did that on a (modified) stock map. The common problem is often the path to that exe file. If it is wrong , them the game won't know what "executable" to start, taking into account that the mod was tested and it works as it should. Wrench is Maitre extraordinaire (I love this title LOL) du terrains, so your best bet is to approach him and ask for help on the matter on hand. If he is not busy and you catch him in a good mood (a very important condition LOL) he might explain to you, after taking a look to the files (smacking you around a bit too), what is really happening there. But if he's not in a good mood, well...if I were you I would run as far and as fast as I can LOL However the situation he will help you eventually so I would keep the spirits high on this one. :)
  8. They are fake just to induce envy into members ;) LOL
  9. Make sure you have something similar. I use the Strike Fighter Israel 2 as default "game" and interface. Click on the attached picture to zoom in.
  10. Thx for the insight, it helped.Though I still remember a little chemistry from school, I didn't know that this mix is yellow. I know how Zinc looks like, I know how Chrome look like, but I never seen the new chemical substance resulted from the mix.
  11. primered in zinc-chromate = abundent in zinc/chrom combination or I missunderstood ?
  12. Dassault Mirage IVP

    Very nice model, congratulations !!

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