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  1. I see. Thanks for the insight and correction Gepard.
  2. UPDATE for Germany: I found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taktisches_Luftwaffengeschwader_31 " The first four Eurofighters arrived at Nörvenich on 16 December 2009 and with the departure of the last Tornados on 25 June 2010 JaBoG 31 became the Luftwaffes first operational Eurofighter wing. A total of 31 Eurofighters will be based at Nörvenich ". They say here that JG 31 was the first operational and that in 2010. So which one is it ? 2004 or 2010 ?
  3. about Germany I found this: " In March 2000 the 2nd Squadron (F-4F Phantom II) was decommissioned and after a short break it was then re-activated as a training squadron for the Eurofighter. JG 73 received its first six (twin-seat) Eurofighter Typhoons on 30 April 2004 ". And the info about JG 73 and Typhoons stops here. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taktisches_Luftwaffengeschwader_73 )
  4. Thank you friends for your help, I appreciate it. So for Spain they already have , at Moron, a squadron in 2006 ? I found this ( http://www.defense-aerospace.com/articles-view/release/3/180482/spanish-air-force-finally-resumes-eurofighter-deliveries.html and https://www.natotigers.org/tiger-units/142-escuadrón ) saying that the first operational sq was made in 2013 because of lack of money (they said that the aircraft war not paid for at that time because of budget cuts): " The History of the 142 Squadron of Ala (Wing) 14 starts back in 1980, when the Spanish Air Force received the first Mirage F.1 fighters. Stationed at Los Llanos AFB, near Albacete, they share their role with 141 Sqn. In 1986 142 Esc became a member of the NATO Tiger Community, and participated in the Tiger Meet for the first time. In 2011 the squadron started it's transittion to the Europhighter Typhoon, on which they became fully operational in 2013. " " In the closing days of 2016, the Spanish Air Force finally put into service a dozen Eurofighter combat aircraft that it had stored on Albacete air base immediately after they were delivered because it lacked the funds to pay for them. "
  5. Could , please, some of you, people from respective countries let me know WHEN exactly (the year) the Eurfighter Typhoon had a operational squadron in that country ? I am interested in SPAIN, UK, AUSTRIA, GERMANY. I searched the net but the answer I seek is blurry at best. Thank you!
  6. Hmm, I see. I guess I'll have to cope with the flickering for the moment being.
  7. I tried the Euro-2000 Typhoon and the canopy is flickering. I also, when I tried a search for the matter, found this but I am afraid that he is talking about the plane WHEN is STILL in the 3D Editor, still unfinished : "The flicker is usually caused by double faces that near each other. For example if you look from the outside, go to the section that is flickering, select Ignore backface, and see if you can select a face that is behind the outer faces. The other cause for flickering is that there are overlapping faces" Question: is there anything that I can do NOW, with the model in hand to get rid of the flicker or am I just beatting a dead horse ? Thanks!
  8. Very nice Flogger, thanks for contributing! In YAK-25RV Mandrake (the 3D model I mean I found on this website) there is that device on its wings, which is seen in your first picture. I guess it's the ECM equipment.
  9. Hi Kevin, long time, no see! Thanks for the tip. I searched for a while on the internet but I made a very slow progress. I will look for that book you instructed to hunt. Nice to see you again Kevin. I've found this:
  10. Could anyone tell me, please, if some of the old soviet YAK aircraft (YAK-25M/YAK-25RV/YAK-28I/YAK-28P) had or carried any pods of countermeasures, including electronic ? (chaff/flare/ECM) Thank you!
  11. I solved it, it had another line, I didn't see it the first time, which should be switched to FALSE. Now it works. This one: [Fuselage] ModelNodeName=fuselage_P ShowFromCockpit=FALSE HasAeroCoefficients=TRUE
  12. I have a RF-4C which has a refule probe. When switching from TRUE to FALSE (ShowFromCockpit=TRUE/FALSE) this line , I still see it (it's not whole, just its end and it looks weird) from inside the cockpit. Is there a way to hide JUST when I look outside the cockpit window please ? I don't want to remove it from the 3D aircraft model, I just want not to see it from INSIDE the cockpit or...if possible, to see it correctly (the whole refule pipe, as it should look like, when looking outside the cockpit window). Is there a way ? Thank you. I think these lines might have some answers: [AircraftData] EmptyMass=13397.1 //EmptyInertia=141739.6,28550.6,161309.4 EmptyInertia=127277.0,26042.7,145478.1 ReferenceArea=49.24 ReferenceSpan=11.79 ReferenceChord=4.89 CGPosition=0.00,1.70,0.00 Component[001]=Fuselage Component[002]=Nose Component[003]=LeftWing Component[004]=RightWing Component[005]=LeftStab Component[006]=RightStab Component[007]=VertTail Component[008]=LeftOuterWing Component[009]=RightOuterWing Component[010]=Perche [Perche] ParentComponentName=Nose ModelNodeName=refuel_door_out ShowFromCockpit=FALSE
  13. wow, the whole package, THANKS A LOT!!!!

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