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  1. Yes, and I said in my last post that: " In the long run you , in fact, think exactly like me here, you just need time to realize/admit it and I have an argument to support what I am saying: In the last two posts you already told me where to look. See ? It wasn't that hard to help me , the way I said I would like to receive help, wasn't it? Thank you, I appreciate and I will start looking there for my goal. " So I will start looking where you said, after I'll be home, I am away for this weekend. Thank you once again.
  2. It was all in the hypothesys that YOU KNOW or you HAVE, of course. That was the meaning. It's absurd to ask something from a man who hasn't it. I know that much. You say it's a hobby as if I would be a parasite and all other persons in the world, except me, have jobs and they are busy. I have a personal life and a business to run , too as anyone else, well maybe not like anyone else, some are just employees.I even had the most horrible year ,spending it on a hospital bed, cllinging between life and death in my fight with cancer, being not able to have the loved ones near me etc. I never asked impossible on this forum, I just took the easiest way because one can gain TIME, esentially exactly like in your argument that everyone else have a life , jobs etc. So to some extend YOU, indirectly, agree with me and you admit that I have a point choosing the easiest way. All the weapon I had, I repeat, I have no pylons, but the search is not over. My hopes that someone has it or know exactly where it is didn't die, too. PS- I am not native English speaker either but I was not referring to misspelling in that case. I said you misunderstood the fact that I choose an easy way, opposed with the one that I am lazy and I don't want to spend time finding something. That was the meaning when I said you missunderstood. Let me ask you something: if you have an easy way to get what you want and a hard way which takes time and continous effort to achieve it, what would you choose , eh ? The hard way ? I doubt you will, you will choose the easiest way like anyone else, so I can't understand when you blame me for doing exactly that. In the long run you , in fact, think exactly like me here, you just need time to realize/admit it and I have an argument to support what I am saying: In the last two posts you already told me where to look. See ? It wasn't that hard to help me , the way I said I would like to receive help, wasn't it? Thank you, I appreciate it and I will start looking there for my goal.
  3. If you would have told me WHERE to find a weapon pack who has a pylon in it, it would 've been called HELP, and not that you were solving problems for me. If you would have had a pylon and gave it to me, also it would've been called HELP and not solving problems for me. That is the way I see it. You, obviously don't see things that way so I guess it's a matter of interpretation after all. I can live with that. You are not the first person who disagrees with me in such matters and I am not the first you met, who disagrees with you , I am sure of that.
  4. I looked, there is nothing like this in what I got.
  5. Isn't that the forum for I wonder ? To find an EASIER way to find/get things asking ? And I was polite, I was always asking in polite ways. Show me where I wasn't polite in my sentences in this forum please. And I didn't said that YOU are stupid, I just said that I don't think YOU are the person who will lose months and years to search it, that is what I said.In your analyze you deliberate ignored the fact that I have limited downloads as if that would not be an essential factor. In my opinion it is a good argument for my cause and that is the reason I chose an easier way, to ask for a pylon or a place where it is, it's just the logical path. You don't like me, that is obvious, I get it and I can live with that, but if you were not willing to help me anyway, I wonder why did you bother to wite to me.
  6. I tried what you suggested but it won't work. Have you forgot anything, maybe you changed another value ? First I made a copy of the weapon I want to change in weapon in editor, renamed it, saved it (in both weapondata.ini and weapon editor), closing the editor, opening the weapondata.ini, modifying those 2 parameters, saved it, copying the weaponeditor.ini and weapondata.dat again into weapons folder , opening the weapon editor. File didn't changed, it's still ASM (see the pic included please). What did I miss ?
  7. In knowledge database I saw a thread in which I understood that NavalMap=TRUE was concerning the campaigns only. Maybe I didn't understood. For me SF2 is a new ground , but I am eager to learn about it, as I learned about SF1 , in the past. I will try to look for that thread you mentioned, to see if I can understand something from it. Terrains business is not easy and has a lot of technicalities who would take years to master them so I don't know if I will manage without help. Thanks anyway.
  8. I said I don't have time for realistic and obvious reasons not because I am lazy. You missunderstood. I have limited downloads. If I choose not to lose time (I would lose months and years, with my quota of downloads to search the entire database, wouldn't I? ) is because I see where this would go and not because I am stupid and lazy. Who here would lose months and years just to look for a needle ? You? I very doubt that you are that kind of person, so I don't understand why you lecture me about my choice.You choose to see it different, that is your opinion my friend and I respect that, but I don't have to agree with you. Secondly if you wanted to learn something, again, it's your choice. If I choose different, not to, I can't be blamed for that just because you think different, isn't it? Maybe I can't learn complex things like the Blender (Have you thought of that ?) or anything or maybe I just use my brain as I see it fit and try to find a easier way, asking for anyone who already has it or know exactly where it is, which is far easier and practical than what you suggested (to lose time learning Blender or search for months and years a database and all that just for a lousy pylon). If I wanted to help you I would have given it to you the pylon on the spot (if I had it) or told you where to find it (if I knew it), and not lecturing you about your choices in life. IMO THAT is what I call HELP. PS - Now I remembered something. Ten years ago I played the Euro Truck Sim 2, maybe you heard of it. I did some modding there , too, not too fancy, but still I added new stufff to the game. In those time I saw in the modding page of the forum that the Blender (I think it's the same program you mentioned it) was a new entry. SCS, the makers of ET2, some Czech company was using it to make cabins for their trucks. Then I took a look and tried to make something useful but, soon, I felt utterly crushed by its vast complexity. . Now I am laughing remembering how hopeless I felt ten years ago when I tried head-on to tackle that complex software.It was like a sudden death kind of thing when I realized that I can't learn such program to work with as I thought. And you suggested me to learn it as if it was something any person could do it...
  9. You know, I can talk whatever I want about pylons aspects with anyone, but that won't help me much if no one give it to me or tell me where exactly to find it, isn't it ? I am a practical person and modding, as you know takes a lot of time and patience so I will be satisfied when I have that pylon "in my hands" only and can do something creative with it. I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feeling being blunt and practical.
  10. Nyghtfall, You were saying...what ? :) It is a blank where is supposed to be your reply.
  11. My congratulations, on their national day, for fellows Americans wherever they are!
  12. I guess any pylon will do. I want it for multipurpose matters, so is not a specific one. if it would have a slim shape one , the better. Thank you for lending a hand friend!
  13. I know everything you mentioned , except HOW to change a stock ASM fixed one in weapons editor into a, let's say EOGR. That was what I was asking. I know that I can replace it, but I don't want that. I want to know how I can change it. You say it might not be possible to change it ? How's so ? The missile is all text, some bitmaps/jppgs and LODs, nothing else, so it has to be a way! The text setting governs it, the game's engine knows to interpret the text settings made by one. Also , IMO there is no sense to make the same weapon, but as EOGR, it wouldn't work, or would it ? Can game's engine to distinct between two different types of missile , with the same name ? PS - it could be just one exception though, now it came to me, but I doubt it's that: TK hardcoded directly the ASM type, but even so I should be able to change it into a EOGR one, through (text commands/lines) settings. PPS - In my weapons editor AGM-84A/C and D are set as cruise missiles, the rest are EOGRs.
  14. Now really...nobody knows to explain to me ? How am I suppose to learn about SF2 "mechanic" if I can't get a little help ?

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