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  1. SF2 Mirage 4000M and M2

    Nice one friend! Thanks!
  2. Is there a way , except easyradar, to be able to see a ship (basically a ground object) from afar as a ground target ? I looked into bomber detecting system , it says 24km but it never see a ground object from that distance.Maybe it's stupid what I ask but still I would like to know if there is a way around. I would like to use a weapon which has 100km or more to hit something, except STRIKE mission targets which are fixed and visible no matter the distance. I thought that if you can see a STRIKE target at 400km or more maybe there is a way to do that for every object you would like. Is it ?
  3. Thanks I didn't know they were stock.
  4. I tried to improve some of the effects with Stary's Hollywood pack but, unfortunately, two TGA files are missing for an ini effect file. Maybe one of you have them ? Thank you in advance -AnimatedRedGlow.tga -shock.tga PS - I tried to write to him asking for hekp but, unfortunately, his page is set to not receive messages.
  5. I did that. I didn't touch the A.I. intended planes. I renamed another one for SovietNavy, brought from SF1 and converted, that's all and this one I will use it. But for this one I must change to ATTACK if I want to use it. That's all.
  6. It seems that changing to ATTACk did the trick. I made one mission and told him to attack my target multiple times and game didn't crash. I'll run more tests and let you know if this is the definitive solution. However , it's good to know that this is an issue (Nobody signaled TK for this ?), I didn't know, I am new to SF2 and I am learning the ropes for now and asking a lot of questions until things are clear for me. I hope I won't bother you too much because of that LOL UPDATE I ran more ballistic tests and I can confirm now that game won't crash after this changing. Thanks once again for help and ideas.
  7. I wanted to test some distances for some cruise missile and I hooked up a cockpit for the stock Tu22M3. When I tried to order something to the wingman, games keep crashing (in 50% of situations). I thought it's something with the map, but it's the same on every map. I said, well maybe it's something with the stock model. I brought a TU-22M3 from SF1, which basically it's the same model. I modded it and try it. The same thing, game keeps crashing in one of two cases, no matter what map I choose to experiment. Did anyone encounter this situation please ? Any idea what is causing that ? I think maybe it's not the plane itself, maybe it's something I can't pinpoint for now. PS - I didn't change anything on maps or anything. Also I didn't load new drivers for the graphic board either. For now this is happening with this plane only, the other, included fighters brought from SF1, all work fine. I tried the Tu-22M3 in SF1 environment, and there there is no such issue.
  8. Thank you very much for your help Sir.
  9. So, is mandatory to declare them in both files, in order to appear as targets ? I know how to put them in Types file but I don't know to put them in targets file, I don't know to write the exact coordinates for them. One more problem if you please: I downloaded a static aircraft but it has no data.ini file, it has just the ini file, the LOD and the bitmaps for it. I never saw it in game. Does it need a data.ini file manadatory ?
  10. What is the difference between a ship and its static twin on a map/terrain? I noticed the static ones have the same weapons. Thanks
  11. Just a quick question if you please... I saw that a cargo ship that has StructuralFactor=5.0 goes to the bottom in aprox. 30 seconds with one missile only. Warships have StructuralFactor=1000 (hundreds/thousands of time bigger!). What value (apox) should I put to sink a warship with just 4 antiship missiles ? "20" would be enough or it's not working that way ? I ask that because I bet this issue is old now and everybody already set their own ships long time ago and they know these values/ratio very well. It also would save me time to try it for myself. (What is the relationship/ratio between any ship's StructuralFactor value and how many bomb/missiles/rockets needs to go to the bottom ?) Thank you!
  12. This is a bargain for people who never had all these, not for me. For me means to pay extra 1/4 for something I already paid and that, long ago and no Win 10 (officially) support. I don't think so.
  13. I read that the missile were introduced after hundreds of tests with MIG-29 just in 1988, but, of course I didn't find a second source to confirm it so I don't know what is true and what is not.

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