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  1. Are they ? Where ? Could you point me in the right direction ?
  2. Oh man, I'd love to see a skin like this. Please give me a buzz if someone feels inspired ;)
  3. Maybe this could help: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/91268-campaign-building-tutorial-location/
  4. I knew you're gonna see my way kid ;)
  5. Well they look, to me, as a grand-grandson and grand-grandpa but only if grandpa was a Klingon and grandma a Romulan, with a little bit a native indian blood.
  6. take a look here, it might help in your situation: I suggest you read carefully what MigBuster advises. Also it might be a good idea, if you screwedup the installation and now you don't know what is what, to uninstall completely everything, and I mean... EVERYTHING with Thirdwire label on it, and reinstall after the model indicated in the KB thread by MigBuster. I hope you know to work with Windows registry, if you don't PM me and I'll help. Pay attention, too of what WRENCH suggested in his last post.
  7. When you are not sure/don't know what you're doing, keep very close an eye of what you are actually doing.
  8. Better luck next time. Didn't you learn anything about how facebook makes politics on their website ? They make out of the blue 10.000 more trigger-happy accounts and put them to vote against everything that moves on the website. Easy as pie ! LOL
  9. As far as I know, it wasn't. I never saw it here.
  10. Weapon parameters are the key here. Use weapon editor and adjust them accordingly if you are sure that you know what you're doing. Don't toy with them if you don't know what you're doing. Usually weapon packages, made here by CombatAce veterans (Ravenclaw is one nick that comes to my mind now) around are adjusted and realistic. Use them and try resist temptation to do things...better.
  11. Does that happen ...on the laptop you just have plugged a...USB mouse ? If so, try a cable one and you'll see that the lag will disappear in...smoke If you are wondering what has a USB mouse got to do with that, when you are touching just the keyboard, think again, I has to do with that. USB cheap mice have very big lag , especially if you are using in swift succesion keys on its keyboard. A professional USB game mouse doesn't have these problems, who would pay 100+ buck for such device ? Part of the problem are IRQs and the device controller. An interrupt request (IRQ) is a signal sent to a computer's processor to momentarily stop (interrupt) its operations. The signal is usually sent by a hardware device to interrupt the processor so the device gets some time to run its own operation. The device controllers for each device (the USB mouse here) you have plugged into your motherboard and the IRQs work together. So...
  12. If I were you and have the means, I would try to see if it works flawless in Win 7. My opinion is that It should work. And if it's that , well...you will know at least how your're standing. In matters of games you don't get anything (except Direct X 12) extra from Win 10. If you are a practical guy and you straigthen up your priorities, you'll notice that what is the simple path you will have to walk on. Good luck!
  13. Last time I've tested my joystick was when I was playing the game under Win 7. I never tried with win 10 or 11. Win 10 is not that forgiving as Win 7 was with some old software/programs. They kinnda eliminated almost all sorts of compatibilites without asking anyone if they would like that. If it wasn't for Direct X12, I would have been still running Win 7 even today on my pc.
  14. That's an issue which will remain to be seen...AFTER the releasing of the SU-34 and AIDC F-CK-1 Ching -Kuo. ;) Until then my plate is ...full. We'll talk about how difficult is then, also.

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