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  1. In Soviet bomber sq formation they fly, in 3, like this: 3 1 2 I want No2 and No3 to fly at the same level as me, like this: 2 - 1 - 3 I tried to change data in formation.ini file but the game crashes. What data must I change to obtain the desire formation please ? Thank you.
  2. Can anyone , please, tell me or point me to the right info webpage, to find out what model could and did carry ECM equipment and countermeasures (Chaff&Flares) for MIG-23/MIG-27 ? I read some infos here in plane files but they don't have the official info label pinned on them so I can't rely on them for now. Thank you.
  3. I didn't touch any of airfield settings, I was just testing some loadouts for some soviet aircraft and when my plane randomly took off from that airfield, it just blew up, without my "help". Then I looked into targets.ini to see what do those airfields have in common. The common thing was they were all DESERT_AIRFIELD5n.ini type. Because I don't have the experience to see into this file what is wrong with them, I just replaced them, they were just four. One more thing, you say they are for neutral cause. I looked into targets.ini and they, all four, are labelled ENEMY (Could that be the cause why they suddenly explode ?). I am confused now to be sincere. Furthermore. After replacing the airfields (which is just one type only) I noticed that aircraft, taking off from THAT airstrip, their taxi start point was far more out than usual and I thought maybe that is why, on the other type, they were exploding. I'm just saying... If you can, just please tell me if you on those "N" airfield type your aircraft explodes. If it doesn't eplodes then it's odd, because, as i said above, I didn't TOUCH any settings. (I just replaced airfield type for four of them)
  4. UPDATE All DESERT_AIRFIELD5n.ini , which are just four (Antung AB 1/Antung AB 2/Dagushan/Qinqishan) cause aircraft to explode on the runway in 2 seconds. I replaced them with DESERT_AIRFIELD4.ini. If you there's a fix for the old one I will replace them back.
  5. I noticed something odd. On ANTUNG AB, aircraft explodes directly in 2 sec, including the wingmen. I'm pretty sure it's not the plane (it was a MIG-23UM) because I randomly took another 5 airbases and it didn't explode. So something is wrong with that airstrip. Any idea why please ? Could you test that airstrip for yourself and confirm if the aircraft explodes ?
  6. I own their first game, LOCK-ON, which I found it very hard to manage. I kept an eye on their work , but I can't understand why are these insane prices. 60 euros for just one plane ??? With 60 euros you can buy a AAA game. True , they look like real thing, cockpits are truly fantastic, but I will never give 60 euros for just one plane. It's a shame, I would have given it a try to this sim, maybe in another life.
  7. yes they WORK!!!. First I thought the effect is inexistent looking from above, but I use CTRL+F12 to take a very close look, both to the rivers and sea. And there are present both, the "flow" emulation movement and that emulation which mimics wave movement. If you want I can make a movie on youtube to see it for yourself. Just say the word. Thank you once again for your wonderful work.
  8. yeah, I screwed up, but I realized it too late. I wanted to test something yesterday and I moved the seasons files and I forgot about them in the tension/heat of the moments. Thus the game was loading Germany tiles and confused me and that is why I was desperate not knowing what is happening. Thank God you have a clear, cool mind! Yes , now after your adjustings, the map work flawlessly. God bless you Kevin, I am really happy I can play this map.
  9. I took closely looks at the tiles in question and their behavior. They look in game as if they were stacked, one on top of the other, but two of them look like they are not from that area. Example: the one which should fit is a field tile, but on top of it (or below, depending the angle you look at it) there is a tile, (and all these are happening in the middle of the map section), that has a river section. I saw one (in the middle of the map section), too, which had a sea blue color and pier-like bars. I guess they are not from there and the Germany map tiles were somehow matched to be aprox a match. I also think that water appears in interior (airfields) because the level/height of the water was increased above of some threshold. Oh I wish I knew how those values affects what's going on on the map.
  10. I've run it , here's what I noticed: - river banks flickering - GONE - sea tiles flickering - GONE - white chunks instead of airports tiles - GONE Your magic did work Kevin, as always, and I am gratefull for that. Thank you. However I noticed just a single abnormal behavior.(Please see the pics) When you are above of an airport (or even on the runway) and you just slightly rotate the angle you get, not one, but three "versions" of how the airport can look like and of course , just one of them is the right one. Can they be adressed as well ? PS -With the sea look I've managed, I have all the waternormal bitmaps ever produced. abnormal_look.zip
  11. OK, thank you. I will wait. I tested into WOE, as you did, and the issues are the same, but I decided not to bring this up, but since you showed up letting me know you work the problem, I let you know that, too. I will keep finger crossed.
  12. I have a very powerful card, GTX 1080 (I always had the best for that present whatever it were), and drivers are for certain NOT the problem here (I am a 25 year experience hardware engineer and I know one or two things about this matter). I reversed-engineeried two terrains from SF2 and they work flawlessly. That is why I didn't expect this problem and that is why I turned to YOU for help. The only thing that stands, for the peace of my mind, is what you said about internal coding. I will delete that terrain, but I'm telling you, I will do that with a heavy heart. Thank you for reply.
  13. For me it doesn't work. I did everything you said in SF1->SF2 terrain transformation. Near the rivers everything is flickering, the same when you are near the sea. The airfield's chunks look as the texture is missing (white/grey). Everything else (hill, mountains, fields) looks good. I use WOI and of course I have the GermanyCE CAT into the terrain folder. I really would like to play Korea ver 3.0 , I really like how big this map is and what is covering. Maybe you can help Kevin.

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