• Version 2.1

B-52G/H Mega Era Package by Dels via wpnssgt   Update for 14 Jan 2012   1. Changed hanger/loading screens to jpgs.
2. Changed loadout pic to a clear background tga.
3. All LOD's updated to fix a spoiler problem.
4. H model 20mm has more detail.
5. Hanger screens in skins folder.
6. Inside canopy color changed to a yellow gold for better visibility.   1. Updated EVS screen
2. Each year has a specific loadout.
3. The years in which each plane is represented marks an operational era it flew under, or modification.
4. More hangar and loading screens on some.
5. Added the following units, or modified some based on others work. (17 skins total)   93 BW, Castle AFB, California
416 BW, Griffiss AFB, NY (modified from JSF Aggies work)
2 BW, 20 BS and 93 BS, Barksdale AFB, LA
449 BW, Kincheloe AFB, MI
410 BW, K.I. Sawyer AFB, MI   Skins by Pappy, X Ray, JSF Aggie and ST0RM
Loadouts by X Ray and Moonjumper
Decals, testing, ini edits from hell, etc by Dave (USAFMTL), and X Ray
Sounds by spillone.
Weapons by lindr2, FastCargo and Erikgen
Cockpits by Dels   Well here is a better explanation of my breakdown logic.   B-52G_59 and the B-52H_61: The years they came into service and were all nuke and Houndog carriers. So for you SAC fans this is the cold warrior at its best.   B-52G_72: This version went to Vietnam for Linebacker with the ability to carry only 27 bombs and very inferior ECM.   B-52H_75: While the G was being used for a conventional role, the H were still all nuke aircraft. (it could carry 27 iron bombs if needed) This one represents the year it got the EVS, new ECM and its carries gravity nukes and SRAM's.   B-52G_77: Again with the H is received the upgraded ECM, EVS and kept its ability to carry iron in the bay and is set up for a its nuclear missions as well.   B-52H_88: While the G was getting more of the conventional role, in 1988 the H soldiered on being an all nuke bomber. In this year we see it in its new paint and carrying an all AGM-86B ALCM loadouts.   B-52G_82: This is the year the G went operational with the AGM-86B ALCM   B-52H_93: New paint, upgraded ECM and no gun. This one also had the ability to fire the AGM-142 Have Nap.
Note: In the loadout screen it will say it is empty but the black dots next to it will be full. That means they are loaded but there is some glitch in the sim preventing it from showing up in the loadout screen because of the data link pod. It does work though once you are in the sim.   B-52G_89: Here is then it picked up a serious conventional mission with the ability to carry iron on the wing pylons as well. This one also received the new paint scheme and made carpet bombing famous during Desert Storm.   B-52H_03: The current version with upgraded ECM, plus the ability to carry the LITENING pod, all sorts of guided weapons from JDAM's, to LGB's, to JSOW's. Also with the Combat Track II moving map display in the cockpit.  
Thank you each and everyone of you guys for your help and guidance.   Dave USAFMTL