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  1. Negative.....glad you all are still enjoying it. Just was thinking what if...
  2. If we could only get DCS graphics in SF2........
  3. Linebacker II: The Cunning Plan

    Outstanding piece!
  4. I am in love with flying again....can't wait for them to finish this thing.
  5. Top Gun Maverick

    Yeah, I love the Navy trying to take a dig at my beloved Air Force...but at the tweet says, we know nothing about 2nd place. F-15 - 104-0 And if they screw this movie they will be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.
  6. Some sad news regarding a former modder

    Mike was a really good guy. RIP sir.
  7. This Cracked me Up....

    Have you been to Kiev lately?
  8. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO throw the bum out......:p
  9. Well can someone tell him what it is? Because for the life of me I do not remember. I don't even have SF2 installed to give him an answer. So someone hook this guy up with the answer because it is still a problem.
  10. It looks like they are addressing your concerns. "DCS World 2.5.1 Update Version 2.5.1 for DCS World is currently in external testing and includes the new Offline Mode and improved memory management as its primary features. Now that it has been built, our valued 3rd parties are updating their aircraft to operating in version 2.5.1. Once this is complete, we will first move this version to the DCS World 2.5.1 Open Beta branch. Until we can release 2.5.1 with improved memory management, we suggest looking at your System Options in DCS World. One setting that has been found to help out considerably is the Preload Radius setting, cutting that value in half can make a huge difference in load times for multiplayer servers, we suggest tweaking this setting and find what works best for you."
  11. If I recall correctly that pilot in the F-8 didn't make it.

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