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  1. Man this has me excited.
  2. You and me both, something about the balls recce pilots had.
  3. Really looking forward to this.
  4. Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  5. Hey daddyairplanes good to see you and Merry Christmas to you and yours. JSF long time no see hope all is well with you.
  6. Hey man how in the hell are you? We need to catch up.
  7. Bingo that fixed it. That is on a 34 in wide screen, all details set on balls out.... mucho grass in your asses for the help.
  8. Let me try that aspect ratio....that is the problem I am having not knowing that number.
  9. 2560x1080 is my resolution and I am sure it is text editable and don't call me Shirley......
  10. Bit the big one!

    Kevin Digital Storm....my specs are below and that's a $4200 rig. I went a bit nuts. For $2200 Digital Storm will hook you right up.
  11. Did anyone ever figure out widescreen? I have a 34in monitor and well and its too ugly to play with it all stretched out. Other than that how have you fuckers been?
  12. And right on que, the anti DCS crowd at SimHq is quick to shit all over it.

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