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  1. Yeah I future proofed the hell out of mine Caesar my suggestion is get them all as non steam. Even if you have to buy them again because all you're going to do is give yourself a coronary on hoping if they even become Steam compatible.
  2. The Hornet is bad ass to fly. I will get really into it when they are done with it and I get my new rig.
  3. I already have one on the way....this one cost me $4200. Cant wait to see how DCS runs on it. System Configuration: Chassis Model: Digital Storm Lumos Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X (8-Core) (Boost Up to 4.0 GHz) Motherboard: MSI X399 GAMING PRO CARBON AC (Wi-Fi) (AMD X399 Chipset) (Up to 4x PCI-E Devices) System Memory: 32GB DDR4 3000MHz G.SKILL TridentZ (RGB Light Bar) Power Supply: 750W Corsair RM750x (Fully Modular) Storage Set 1: 1x SSD M.2 (250GB Samsung 970 EVO) (NVM Express) Storage Set 2: 1x SSD M.2 (1TB Samsung 970 EVO) (NVM Express) Storage Set 3: 1x SSD (500GB Samsung 860 EVO) <-------------------------For flight simming only. Internet Access: Wired PCI-E ASUS XG-C100C (10 GbE) (1x RJ45 Connector) Graphics Card(s): 1x GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB (Performance Edition) (VR Ready) Sound Card: Integrated Motherboard Audio Extreme Cooling: H20: Stage 2: Digital Storm Vortex 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler (Fully Sealed + No Maintenance) Cable Management: Exotic Cable Management - White - (Cable Combs with Custom Color Sleeved Extension Cables) Chassis Fans: Corsair HD Series (RGB Fans) Internal Lighting: Remote Controlled Advanced LED Lighting System (Multiple RGB Color Modes)
  4. Caesar you can be my wingman anytime. I haven't fapped so hard to a plane like this in years...
  5. October 7th....an unveiling...I hope that means it will be released because I will put the Hornet away and be in the Tomcat all the time.
  6. Negative.....glad you all are still enjoying it. Just was thinking what if...
  7. If we could only get DCS graphics in SF2........
  8. Linebacker II: The Cunning Plan

    Outstanding piece!
  9. I am in love with flying again....can't wait for them to finish this thing.
  10. Top Gun Maverick

    Yeah, I love the Navy trying to take a dig at my beloved Air Force...but at the tweet says, we know nothing about 2nd place. F-15 - 104-0 And if they screw this movie they will be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.
  11. Some sad news regarding a former modder

    Mike was a really good guy. RIP sir.

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