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  1. I couldn't remember how to math it. Good to see you Nyghtfall.
  2. I can't remember how to fix this stretched looked. Options.ini below [GraphicsOptions] DisplayDeviceID=0 DisplayWidth=3840 DisplayHeight=1600 DisplayDepth=32 AspectRatio=1.777778 AntiAliasing=4 UseAdvancedShaders=1 ForceDX9=FALSE ForceVSyncOff=FALSE LensFlare=0 DetailLevel=4 ObjectDetail=2 ObjectTexture=3 CockpitTexture=3 CockpitMirrors=1 CockpitReflection=1 EffectsDetail=3 TerrainDetail=2 TerrainTexture=3 HorizonDistance=3 GroundObjectDensity=3 WaterDetail=3 CloudsDetail=2 Shadow=3 Use32BitZBuffer=TRUE ObjectsFade=TRUE
  3. Screen Overhaul - (1920 x 1080)

    Man I lost months and years in USNF and ATF. Wrench was doing mods for it 20 years ago and that is how we met.
  4. Ravenclaw is like a fine wine, he gets better with age.
  5. Operation Darius was a fun mod to work on.
  6. And still no word on the Win 10 version? I remember the early SF1 days well. Good time indeed except for all the bickering between modders and sites. I dont miss that.
  7. And I remember this commercial playing all the time.
  8. I love it. I love the immersion it brings. Here are a couple carrier templates with e battle group and deck full of planes. Put them in your missions folder. One is set for 0515 and one for 0815. Carrier_Hornetnitemsn.zip
  9. My installs of DCS are too heavily modded for multiplayer and honestly I like doing my own thing with DCS anyway. Right now my ride is the F-14. I got the Viper and I like it but like you Streak the Tomcat is stick and rudder and I love it.
  10. Simming Area Now and Then

    So I was going through some pictures and I found my simming rig from 2004.....so I thought it might be fun to see if anyone has pics of their setups from a long time ago and what they look like now. So I have one pic from 2004 and one I took earlier today. Look how far we have come.

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