As in the F-35B topic, FC is helping me out. He stated that he got it finished in MAX and has to map it this weekend. From FC:   - F/A-18F - F/A-18G - F/A-18E (derived from F model)   So right now, first will be the F model, with the G model behind it, and the E model, due to the fact that the fuselage has (the model) to be modified so it can be an "E" version. ETA is two weeks as usual. Yes FC has other commitments, and honestly I'm impatiently waiting for it, but we're on his schedule, not ours. Part of the reason he had to do a lot of fact finding so he can produce a good rendition. Components, especially the airbrakes need some research, but overall FC I'm sure has figured it out, so keep it to this topic, and keep Klavs81's "pure"