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  1. EricJ Release Thread

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// New Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S833wMYprLCSTWh5a-RbveqsechecdZz/view?usp=sharing ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// AH-1Z RC2 - Added a non-AA version just in case, same loadout as the other versions
  2. That's cool man, as the appeal with the Intruder is that you move pretty good,; or it has a good speed where you can go low and fast, or high and fast and get to the target. It's just one of those planes that never got much love in the real world (in my opinion) and all around a good plane.
  3. Back when I flew the A-6E that was secondary to the Super Hornet as far as A2G goes. The Intruder is a great plane for those who like the old mixed in with the spoiling of LGBs and just iron bomb fun.
  4. Okay so I'm at the bad phase where my WIn 10 won't like it but other games work fine then. I'll just have to run WIndows update then or let it do its thing.
  5. TW site, as I didn't back up the exe files. I don't think the Saved Games folders are creating, which may explain the CTD, it may be trying to create them and not. All of the games are CTDing, not just the base game, but I'll try the disabling optimization.
  6. Okay woke up this morning and after awhile, decided to see what the old game would do (stability test really) and it's back to CTDing again, with no modifications, just vanilla SF2 and no joy. I really think something is missing as I created a Saved Games folder (maybe it's not creating that?) and no luck. So for my Saved Games (or My Games?) folder do I have to create a Thirdwire folder and then add my mods?
  7. Thanks man, apparently I got it to work by simply restarting my computer. After reinstalling at least three games after deleting them it worked as normal. Now I have to get the rest of my bought content to download.
  8. Never mind, a computer restart fixed the issue somehow. Was a slight hiccup but now I'm slowly putting things back together.
  9. Thanks both as I wanted to get that back working just in case... Nah, the installer doesn't install NA, even though I had bought that. Not sure if that's the reason why it CTDs. The installer seems borked as it didn't install NA and Israel as well as the two Expansion packs. I'll rerun it tomorrow and maybe it'll do it right.
  10. I've installed all the SF2 series, and no luck as when I start the game it automatically CTDs upon startup. I tried compatibility mode for windows 8 and still crashes. Any suggestions?
  11. Shoot, delete this topic as it's a duplicate of one I just found by searching.
  12. I recently reinstalled SF2,E,V,and I (NA didn't install for some reason) and been getting constant CTDs when opening all of them. Any help would be nice as I can reinstall it but fear that Windows 10 (I tried Windows 8 compatibility but no joy) is the bane of SF2.
  13. EricJ Release Thread

    This should be a good decent version. Unfortunately due to the Internet I use, it considers the Steam Interface as "Gaming" (true) but won't let me access ANY pages on Steam (But I can download files, weird) AH-1Z Beta https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8BGm0Pi3Umtd3VfTHBHVDNZaTg/view?usp=sharing

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