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  1. Parani Mig-17F

  2. EricJ Release Thread

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// New Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8BGm0Pi3UmtRWlvdTFrYjRhUVU/view?usp=sharing ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// RC86_2 - Fixed the sound configuration for a lot of weapons, now has full sound - Put the AA-12 back in the listing - Fixed the AA-12 sounds so it doesn't sound like an HK416
  3. EricJ Release Thread

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// New Download LInk: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8BGm0Pi3UmtUHIzT19pSDJIVnM/view?usp=sharing ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// RC86 - Added black versions of SCARs - Fixed Hiddenselections on the SCAR STD CS - Fixed the SCAR-H (CS), now loads the proper magazines and inherits from the proper weapon class - Added a black EGLM texture - SCAR-P SD now shoots suppressed sounds only - Requires Game version 1.64 - Added a Black River PMC LMG unit - Added a Desert Tech Covert SRS in .338 Lapua, has a five round magazine and the round used for the game is the Lapua Scenar GB488 VLD round on the Covert SRS 16-inch barrel. It is available in four colors, Black, Khaki, Forest (original texture), and Tan. - Raven PMC units spawn with the correct headgear - Changed the Raven PMC Soldier optic to an ACO (Red) - Added a Black River PMC Sniper - Added a Black River PMC Squad Leader - Fixed some M68 optic windows
  4. EricJ Release Thread

    Sorry for the lack of updates but again Karen Libera Smith is harassing me again so it'll be some time.
  5. EricJ Release Thread

    And changed the weapon on the Raven PMC Tactical Light Sniper Rifle:
  6. EricJ Release Thread

    Gun pack: - As for the rest I have a few units to tweak (the Raven Warfare Group may get this in lieu of the MAR-10. Note that ballistic performance is similar (one shot, one kill on average, high average) to the MAR-10 so it'll do it's job. I tested mainly on the AAF which is so far the more armored (or better body armor anyway) compared to the CSAT forces. Again this is based on vanilla armor and needless to say other mods will have varying performance. I have also switched out the Barrett .50 sounds for the MAR-10 sounds, so I'm not sure if the DLC is needed but RC86 will start out and if it becomes a major issue I'll stick with non-DLC sounds. The SRS is pretty much finished though I may add some stuff but other than unit work I'm probably going to release end of the weekish. AH-1Z - Still ironing out some major issues which the testers have done an excellent job in going over various bits and allowing me to rectify them as best as possible. Kiowa - Still on hold UH-60 - After my gun pack is released going to focus more on that and get the FM fixed so it's better than it is now.
  7. EricJ Release Thread

    Tweaked the textures a bit: Black: Forest: Khaki: Tan: And the requisite shot for the laser/light position: And fixed Readme: http://562.50megs.com/Arma3/Doc/Ultimax100readme.pdf Note that the readme has the upcoming classnames so should not be construed as a release, yet anyway.
  8. EricJ Release Thread

    Some more SRS work, as apparently I used the wrong diffuse texture (will brighten it up, as it needs to be): Tan: Forest (supplied texture and will brighten it up a bit): And some field testing against some AAF participants: Unfortunately I forgot to mount the Ibex laser but yes it will take flashlight/lasers on the right side.
  9. EricJ Release Thread

    Also another annoying issue: "No entryconfig.bin/CfgWeapons.Burst" Again for the millionth time it is not my UH-60 mod that's the problem. I have followed people's suggestions and still managed to create this error, even though the equipment is the same on all the birds. The fact is that there is some issue with the Independent side (the error pops up mainly with AAF gear and not my helos). What I would suggest is going to the A3 feedback tracker and submitting a report on this issue, as I have no control over what BIS does (they don't work for me, etc.) so I understand I thought I had fixed it but it started with 1.64, and not exclusively my mod. Again please refrain from complaining to me and going to the Arma 3 Feedback Tracker site. Thank you. As some of you may know, I also play The Division (the only 3rd person shooter I tolerate in all honesty) and through gameplay I have pretty much set my isghts (no pun intended) on the Covert SRS: Right now it is actually this from TurboSquid: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/sniper-rifle-srs-dta-3d-model/810924 So it is a bought model and converted it for use with A3 as the video shows. Right now I'm only planning on having it set for .338 Lapua (that was just an accuracy showoff video) and generally showing it's ingame and works. Ballistics is from a 16-inch barrel with Lapua Scenar GB488 VLD as the basis for the round modeled. I may allow BIS ammo but right now feeds (as in real life) from a 5-round magazine. It should be noted I had to tweak the geometries a bit so it would look fairly presentable for game use (animation mainly as well as other graphical stuff). But it shoots, and also plan to do some camo variations, Tan, and Black (as also in real life). So that'll be the addition to the mod as far as weapons goes.
  10. EricJ Release Thread

    Some more gun pack work: Black River PMC Light Machine Gunner: I'm looking to do a Sniper, Squad Leader, and AT unit and that's fairly about as far as I should go, as they're designed to be a light semi-airmobile force and not too much vehicle work. I may end up moving the Black River PMC to the helos and making it that way, but not sure yet. UH-60 pack work: DAP IR Sensor work: And thanks to Aduke328 for UV Mapping the MQ-17: - FM tweaking is ongoing as slowing the DAPs down jacked up the pitch (and as well as yaw). Once some testers give me feedback I can get another updated version with an FM tweak out so nobody is crashing my helos because I screwed it up. I'm trying to keep it incremental as I want to just focus on some more gun stuff even though I peck at the helo stuff as well. Also a few things on the mind: - An American version of the Hind. Out of the question with the Blackhawks given the nature of current horsepower tech and even engine performance. Besides the couple SMEs say that while essentially they may be able to squeeze in a couple dudes in an emergency, there is no decided capability to have an American Hind and the DAPs will always remain so. It's what I did with the MH-92 (Assault) given that it would have at least more power to get at least a fire team lifted, and that's about it.Given some model references i may add some more stuff in the back but overall this dream of an American Hind has to be let go, as it's not happening. - Breaking off small bits here and there from my weapons pack. I know its quite a lot of shit in there but the flat out answer is no, it's not going to happen for the foreseeable future. As other than other modders various donations I do all the work, and now I have to maintain not only one version, but another version, i.e. I do all the work myself. Given I'm more independently owned and operated I don't feel like monitoring more than I have to. I may change my mind in the future but that would just swamp me anyway. I may have some time on my hands but believe it or not I don't want it to be dealing with maintaining smaller versions of the same mod, i.e. I hate duplicate work. I only did the Containers because I knew a lot of milsim units would like the capability to lift support containers without liking my helo mod. Other than that even that has fairly fallen by the wayside as I have a shitload of DAP work that is the main priority over most mods. - NVG stuff. Out of the question. A lot of people keep pestering me about separating the NVGs that Warlord554 donated. Given his guidance making just a separate PBO for the NVGs is out of the question. He gave me them and therefore he can dictate how I include it to a degree. There simply is no hope for this to happen so I would advise letting go and dealing with it. If he allowed a separate NVG mod then I'd do it in a heartbeat, but I took his guidance and feel the way its setup is good enough to honor his guidance on this matter.
  11. EricJ Release Thread

    Some gun work, adding some more requested black versions of the SCAR family: UH-60 pack: - Aduke328 managed to fit in his schedule UV Mapping the MQ-17, so when able I'll post some WIP shots. Right now I'm going for a basic "NATO" scheme (Green) and may do others. I really don't know if SOAR would go for it given their line of work but may or may not do a specific version (but who knows depending on SME guidance) for that org, but overall all will look the same. - More fixing of errors as well as more SOAR specific stuff will be done and possible redesign of the MH-92 birds as well depending on what comes to mind.
  12. EricJ Release Thread

    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// New Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8BGm0Pi3UmtSURTX3YtRjBxa0E/view?usp=sharing /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 27.3 - Again fixed missing Hellfires on 4-pylon DAPs - Fixed a FlIR Ball geometry on the DAGR/HF DAP.

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