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  1. You can add it to the Soundlist.ini and see if that will fix it. But you'll have to extract a default one from the (If I remember correctly) Flight.cat and modify it. It's pretty easy to follow how to do it and may produce a sound. I don't know if it does for other people who use nukes but as far as I know that may not work either. You'll have to see.
  2. I have two nuclear explosion sounds in my Sounds directory, maybe if you put them in your own mod folder it'll work (I can't guarantee as I don't use nukes in the game). If not then the sound may be the default bomb explosion and therefore you can't hear it (but it does work for the explosion sound) as you would a nuke. Sounds.7z
  3. The .cat file is a default file that holds all the objects (I believe if I remember right) for ground objects like hangars, and textures. I've never opened one up and looked inside (I don't know if it's even possible really). You don't really need to worry about it other than linking it on the respective .ini so that the game can load the files from the .cat file for play. Some times you can use different ones but the most popular one is Desert.cat but the file can also be found in the main install directory, but really don't mess with it, etc. This is taken from the Panama.ini: CatFile=..\Desert\Desert.cat //CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat //CatFile=..\VietnamSEA\VietnamSEA.ca The "CatFile=" is what you should worry about, and the other two are commented out. If you have just SF2 then you don't have to worry about messing with the file.
  4. Nah, hardest part is just making sure that the .cat file is easily referenced.
  5. Go into your mod folder, create a Terrains folder and drop the terrain folder into it. You may not have to link the .cat file if you got a full 5-merged, but you need to make sure that the .cat file is referenced based on your install. That's a default directory that the game will reference for ground objects and the like. I mean it's pretty easy to do and not that complicated.
  6. You'll have to do it every once in a while too, as for some reason Firefox does it to me. And clearing the cookies works fine.
  7. I think you need SF2: NA for that to work. Since you got the Editor Solomo you need to open the Single Mission screen and look at the bottom right for the pen icon. Click on that and you'll go into the selected mission. You can add a deck by moving the map and putting the crosshair on some water. Go to the upper right and click on the ship icon, and that will place a ship icon on the water. Scroll through and find a carrier. I know Nimitz is SF2: NA but another deck (as well as a third--party deck) will work and you will place it on the map. Go to the Aircraft icon and select your flight. Change the takeoff base to the deck (as well as landing there if you prefer) and you will take off from the deck. Remember to adjust the waypoints as preferred and go fly.
  8. There is no way that I know of that you can enable supercruise into the aircraft. Remember the focus was on pre-supercruise aircraft so there's no option to do it. I mean I have never seen it discussed so I may be on a limb but overall as far as I know the answer is no you can't.
  9. I mean SF2 isn't exactly graphics intensive so it would be able to handle it with no problem. It could be resolution too but after that I'm not sure. Or did the update fix the issue?
  10. I'm pretty sure it is (I didn't look honestly when it updated) as it was put out last night. EDIT: Yes I am on 511.23
  11. Is this an un-updated video driver for your card? If so then try GeForce Experience and run the update. I have the latest NVIDIA drivers and no real issues, so it may be a driver issue rather than a game issue.
  12. Then you can't do anything until you get the Mission Editor, sorry. The Complete version will set you back one hundred dollars but has all the DLCs, including the Misson Editor DLC so you can do carrier ops in Single Missions.
  13. You have to have the MIssion Editor DLC to set up carrier launches as there is no default way to do this. If you have the Complete version then you can do that through there. I don't know what you have so if you have the Mission Editor and the full install then I can help, or someone else can, etc.
  14. I think there was an issue with the downloads with Insky (pirated if I remember) though I figure Julhelm's would still be there.

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