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  1. I run SF2 on Windows 10 and so far no issue, though it's the Complete version.
  2. I took a test flight in the Rafale-C and had issues when locking up a target, which is probably the problem that your having. I don't know much about cockpit modding but you may want to look at fixing the MFD (or getting a hold of JAT81500) and fix the radar MFD. I flew against a QF-4E and didn't get a hit, nor was I able to reliably track the Phantom when I locked ont to it with MICA EM missiles. I fired once but it didn't travel far before exploding on it's own (no range indicator for a good launch. I looked up the missile on Wikipedia and increased the range of the MICA EM but I suspect the issue is the MFD not correctly showing that you're locked on to a target. I mean you have to get within dogfight ranges (killed the Phantom with a MICA IR) to do anything so I'd recommend talking to JAT81500 and see if the plane be tweaked to work a bit better for BVR use.
  3. Which mod aircraft are you having issues with? It seems odd that you can't fire at aircraft beyond 10NM.
  4. Here's the list of downloads in the Downloads section: https://combatace.com/files/category/733-pilot-mods/ As you can see there isn't a long list, so you may be out of luck unless you just want to modify the TopGun ones.
  5. SF2 still uses CGR for anti-ship missiles.
  6. A) It would be nice, but probably not going to happen B) Probably not going to happen, TK would have to give his blessing for it (much like for the code) C) A lot of the modding is free (There's YAP) but the community would probably up in arms about it. Granted it would be nice but I don't see that happening personally. I don't have enough disk space on my laptop to run DCS, and even when I had it installed I barely flew it, not interested in it as much as I used to be.
  7. No, unfortunately the game doesn't support JSTARS type imagery or coordination. The closest you get to "AWACS" is the occasional call by Red Crown of bogies and so on. But no real AWACS or even Link-16 style datalink.
  8. Small update for the Super Hornet Pack for SF2: Change the current BaseRCSmodifier=0.9 to BaseRCSmodifier=0.083. This can be found in the Data.ini of all the aircraft (to include the EA-18G) under [DetectSystem]. I'll reupload the pack when more updates force a re-upload. Work is courtesy of dtmdragon who figured this out.

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