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  1. Video is set to private, but other than that sounds pretty cool!
  2. Go to your C Drive and find Users and there you will find your name as a folder (the one you setup). Open that folder and you should see "Saved Games" at the bottom. Then when you open that folder you'll see Thirdwire
  3. That could be the reason why you're having to do that. Install all in the same directory and then just use one game to play. It'll automatically "sense" the other content from the games and then you'll have a merged game.
  4. Yeah that's where you put all your downloaded aircraft and other things that modders have done here so you don't mess up the original game files.
  5. You have to add that stuff to your Mod folder, as it doesn't have anything to add. You add the mods yourself (with a structure that should be outlined in that topic) and the game will add it to it.
  6. If you buy all five games you don't need to use more than one specific game, you can use one game and it'll have the content of the other games available. Probably you're having the issue because you're doing that, you're confusing the game itself with the keybinding and joystick mapping.
  7. Cool to hear on the Pantsir, can't wait to download it.
  8. Good point, though I didn't say he'd reply any time soon
  9. If my mind serves me right its Prowler1111 or similar that you can contact and ask permission to do so
  10. It requires the original model and a template to do. You need to contact the mod author (bazillus if I'm reading it right) to see if he can't fix the skin to your parameters.

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