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  1. Thanks to Wrench, this topic is now pinned, so it doesn't get lost in the normal topics. Again this is for skins only, not aircraft requests.
  2. I think we'll be alright, ravenclaw when it comes out.
  3. They're all missing a rivet, so you're not doing anybody good with your "progress" Seriously they look good FLOGGER23
  4. Coming in after a free flight of gerwin's new Korea terrain.
  5. Okay I see. Well No. 3 is working, I'm able to load on a carrier and fly, just having graphics issues with the planes so far, and object textures. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don't for now, and figure that's a graphics card issue, because I can't select my AMD chip. Anyway I'll see with each addition you make, so things out to settle down once more iterations are available. EDIT: I managed to switch it to the AMD chip, and it has no problems showing the textures and the like, but I'm unable to record a session to show off the terrain, but I'll find something.
  6. Okay there's something up with the carriers and water as I started from a land base, and it worked fine more or less (Loaded fine, though it seemed to hang), but I didn't fly the mission because I wanted to see if I could load into the mission. So I can if I start from a land base. One thing I noted that the game for this terrain automatically places a CBG on the map, so you can take off from it. There's something going on with the water or something, because NAVALMAP=FALSE for my install. I mean I could have flown the mission starting from the base, but you havc to select a plane that automatically starts on a normal airbase, and not a carrier based plane.
  7. Okay thanks Gepard, I'll try and figure out what the issue is then. Maybe a Naval Map issue (though I disabled it) with the carrier, I'll try and see if that's the problem.
  8. I don;t know if it's the map, but with your latest version it hung at 80% and froze up with your new map. It could be the mission itself (I was going off a Naval formation) as I was going to make a short video of me flying around it for marketing sake (and I haven't flown in a long time). Just thought a heads up would suffice if it wasn't me and something that I didn't think of that caused it.
  9. Well I could needless to say afford two pairs of boots, but I never bothered. I could fly other missions too, but I tend to fly strike missions most of the time. I do carry air-to-air missiles as much as possible, so I'm not totally defenseless. And agreed bomber intercepts aren't bad either.
  10. I always hated Motor Pool Mondays when I was Heavy. Tore up my shined boots, and liked when I went Light and had a Hummer to worry about. Anyway, I mean I'm not expecting a full on targeted map, but it would be nice as I can maybe get back to flying missions again, rather than just fly around and such :)
  11. Okay, I'll have to shake off the rust with that then, thanks!
  12. Yeah will I able to change the date range though and it still be viable?
  13. I'm all for big terrains, but the targets have to support it. I know it's harder due to the large size to fully populate it, but the gameplay value is worth it if done right.

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