Brought Over From the SF1/Wo* Forums ... it's still valid! ---------------------------------------------------------   Important Information on File Upload Policies and the Minimum Requirements Thereof:   (a small edit, as the post that was originally linked here has mysteriously vanishing into the ether...)   At the very minimum, the following is required for an upload here at CombatAce   1) A screenshot of the mod; not a photgraph of the RealLife ™ item, but an in-game shot, so people can see what it looks like. For terrains/terrain mods, a shot of your favorite aircaft flying over the terrain, highlighting terrain features is a good one.   2) A quick, simple description, this is what shows in the Announcement Threads below, describing for WHICH 3W Game series; meaning if for ONLY SF/SFG/WoV/WoE/WoI, or Only SF2 Series, OR is usable in both; what the purpose of the mod (is it a "What If..", or a mod of an original aircraft or mod of another mod, etc) Generally, explain the purpose and intent of the Upload.   3) Inside the uploaded zip, a COMPLETE readme with full instructions on How To Install, if other parts are needed and where to get them; etc. There are several dozens of REALLY good, clear conscise readmes around that one can base theirs off of (I should know - I wrote most of them!) Also, list sources and if using someone else's as a base PLEASE make sure you have permission (as in for TMF Products). If the mod is from someone that has signed the Freeware Accords, PLEASE make sure you list their name, and Thank Them for their Original Work. It's the civilized way, doncha know!   Thank you all for you kind attention to details; working together we can only create better mods, and a better 3rd Wire Community!   Wrench kevin stein