In the wake of the news that Strike Fighters 2 is being bundled up into one and some of the comments on the forum, maybe we should list what should be in a Strike Fighters 3.  I don't speak for or from the developers so don't get excited.  But this can only help, urge them to please make a SF3. Here goes my list.  First, the must-haves: Backwards compatibility with SF2 aircraft & terrain The ability for aircraft to target more than one target in missions & campaigns due to modern precision weapons The bug removed of telling a bomber wingman to attack a target The ability to control a two-ship formation the same as a four-ship True stealth/RCS capability for fourth & fifth gen fighters A Su-35, SU-34, F-15EX and F-35 modern warfare pak Now for the fantasy stuff... and don't ask me to prioritize this just yet: Some serious modern fleets - I'd start with the USN, PLAN, Taiwanese, Russian, British, French, Italian, Australian, and yes Japanese. More detailed maps and mission planning The option to use photoscenery in making maps. A tutorial how to write a campaign The ability to see in 3D where you place objects on the maps - Jane's Fighters Anthology had that ability in the late 1990s. Situational awareness plummeting without an allied AWACS in the air A helicopter sim mode with Seahawk, Knighthawk and Blackhawk models - for starters. Real Environment Xtreme (REX) weather goodies - even if just better textures and a simple weather control interface.  But the freeware third-party mod I got are almost REX-quality. Aerial refueling Artillery that can be controlled from the strike lead or division lead aircraft...  Good start, eh?