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  1. Russian Navy Su-30SM(by frtn) Skin

    Thanks much for adding the paints the @frtn model desperately needed. I will write a review once I find the time to test & play a bit.
  2. Wondering where the best place is to post this Naval News article is. Hoping it's here. First, recently I posted here a SF2 missile file that is the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile or LRASM. It's intended to provide a long-range stick - like over 300 miles - to deal with modern warships. With that, this might interest us all: The whole article is worth a read.
  3. Clearly I am going to have to replace and add some aircraft. Especially after this: New ETA of a beta is late June...
  4. PS - I also mentioned in an earlier update about "WHAT IF". Let me update that list a bit: "WHAT IF" Also I've had some ideas of some "What If" scenarios that will be uploaded separately. Scenarios like: What if there was a JMSDF AEGIS destroyer helping cover the cargo ships getting away from the Kurils? What if that same JMSDF Aegis Destroyer was returning when the Russians mounted their alpha strike, lending its significant SAM battery to the fight? What if a JASDF F-4 Phantom attempted a photo recon run of Russian ships? How close could it get before getting shot down, even with say... F-2A and/or F-15J escort? What if the JASDF bought from the RAAF as an interim strike-fighter the... RAAF F-111. To keep the F-111 airworthy for 10-15 years until sufficient F-35As would come online, the F-111 would be only for maritime strike and maritime reconnaissance with a Japanese F-2A radar & such to support the latest JASDF weapons. Rarely flown as the F-111s serve as JASDF's "big stick" against invasion attempts of its outlying islands to replace the F-1 + F-4 + a significant number of F-2Bs destroyed in the 2011 tsunami at a bargain basement cost. What if the Russians somehow got their Kirov-class Battlecruiser in Pacific Fleet reserve status into the fight... What if the Japan Coast Guard was more engaged...
  5. I think we're due for another update. Some of this is very much the "Do Admin" of "Fly-Fight-Do Admin" mentioned in one of my favourite books. But here we go. New Mission - A Mission 00 If You Will... Just got my hands on a trawler that can serve as a nice prequel, a provocateur. Really basic and not "The Battle of Hokkaido" but a good way to get started. Here are some preview screens: The Intro I've gone ahead and decided to call relatively done the intro to this mission pack. Here is that intro: So there's your geopolitical backdrop. Another New Mission... There's going to be a wild F-2A mission that involves a surface action group and also some air-to-air action. By the time this mission takes place, the Japanese Prime Minister has authorized an exclusion zone around Kunashir & Shikotan Islands to reduce the risk of invasion & further violent action against Hokkaido residents. Here's a few screenies: Stay tuned... more to come.
  6. C-130H JASDF

    This is a nice, realistic repaint pak of the JASDF's C-130s. Certainly a must-have for immersion.
    I sincerely appreciate this modern addition to SF2. They are good support aircraft to help write missions with. I've had this aircraft for a while and sorry I didn't write a review sooner. However I wish I could zoom out more. Some requisite screenies:
  7. Or try to take off before RBK-500s break open from Su-57s...
  8. Hey @russouk2004 how are you coming on the Predator? Maybe this autumn?
  9. J-31 (Bandidos) For SF2?

    Thanks, this is one jet make that could use a SF2 from SF1 portover.
  10. Thanks for all your hard work, but the pilot is... a black dude. Not an issue if USAF or USN or USMC, but... Russian? Clearly this series is going to be well worth the wait. I can see this jet sneaking up to smack down AWACS and Patriot SAMS very easily.
  11. I sure like that idea... piracy and poaching on the high seas escalating quickly to this:
  12. Whatever ship that is, I want it @guuruu. For now...
  13. @FLOGGER23, @russouk2004 take all the time you need. Grateful; JOE
  14. Rad, way better effects @ravenclaw_007. Wish you could drop one on the lab that created Covid19. But for now, this will have to do for a screenshot showing just how ineffective flak is:

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