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  1. My turn... Russian Tu-22M3 Backfires on the hunt for the Hasagiri...
  2. Well I am very much overtime on releasing something that does have MiG-31s packing old IR missiles...
  3. There's something for you guys in the DACT forum...
  4. F-35A vs. Su-30SM Well I decided to finally dive in here after I got some video. But I have this mission between four F-35As, a whole load of Il-72 Candids and two Su-30SMs. The Su-30SMs over their forward base on the Kurils... AIM-120 away! One Flanker still there. Decide to close in and turn on the gun camera: Scratch one Su-30SM Flanker! Really amazed I got the kill in a head-on pass and not a single Su-30SM missile or bullet fired at me. Expected to be in a swirling dogfight there!
  5. I like this as a J-DAM and B-2 target... very much. But also needed are surface-to-ship missile targets like one or both of these please: K-300P Bastion-P / SS-C-5 Stooge Bal/Bal-E - Coastal (SSC-6 Sennight) missile complex with Kh-35/Kh-35E missiles Thanks. One of these was in "Hunter Killer" and I really think they'd make great targets as well as weapons...
  6. Thank you @KJakker that seems pretty comprehensive. Problem is, sometimes in fighters I can't get enemy systems ID'd. See this F-35A screenshot after I installed your list: So what I have to do is check the radars of the enemy planes and ensure there is a RadarFamilyName= entry. If not, add one.
  7. Humpday Heavies

    Sure but this game isn't Microsoft Flight Simulator...
  8. Yes, and to check I noticed I didn't add some time to the ServiceEndYear. You probably should change the ServiceEndYear to 2035 if not 2040. Yours right now is at 2020.
  9. Sure I can help with this...
  10. MiG-31 action.... Yup, just how Russian Naval Aviation would operate their Foxhounds against the JASDF in a real shooting war:
  11. Before it's too late in my time zone... Su-22 Fitter: Su-27 Flanker at Night Hoping the Flares Work: Su-24 Fencer Getting Some 20mm From A F-15J:
  12. Well if I had the time, I'd definitely create a Canadian Su-30 or Su-35... ;-). Canada would be fools not to at least give Sukhoi a good, hard look.
  13. Thanks for your work on this. I would let others worry about the skins...
  14. Ha ha, so maybe the Brits stole the Russians' plans for the Fencer.......... and for some reason liked it @fallenphoenix1986. I would think as to repurposing Russian jets for NATO, maybe try a Flanker variant for Canada? Or Spain going for the Yak-141 Freestyle and/or the MiG-29 Fulcrum? Just a few thoughts.
  15. OK, serious question... why would you do this? It's unmistakably a Su-24 Fencer and if the Brits wanted another swing-wing to go with their Tornado they'd get a F-111.

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