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  1. It's the flying battleship Canada, Saudi Arabia and Israel need to seriously consider.
  2. This is an opinion I share also. I'd be willing to pay $50 for SF2, especially if it was made clear purchase of SF2 on GOG or Steam helped pay for SF3 development costs, full Flanker series inclusion, a good F-35 series, and more dogfights.
  3. It's Sukhoi Sunday!!! Today we celebrate all the jets of Sukhoi... especially the Flanker family! Yes, the Su-27 can still lob bombs - in this case anti-runway bombs... Yup, the Flanker's a pretty decent fighter-bomber for those sunset raids...
  4. I personally think SF2 belongs on Steam or GOG. Word of mouth is so key to games and unlike DCS, there isn't a steep learning curve to fly the planes. Nor a relatively few planes and especially maps.
  5. Really want legal Su-34 and more late-model Flankers. That's why. Also J-20 and such... we have a great JF-10 that just needs some skins.
  6. Waiting patiently for this very project. Update please?
  7. I think it's safe to say the new Microsoft Flight Sim and P3DV4 will be DirectX 12. That's good enough reason to upgrade I would think.
  8. I chipped in what I could. I wish the fundraiser stretched into October, when I do not have two out-of-state trips and can chip in more like $75. I am hopeful we'd see at the least the mobile objects from the mobile games transfer over to SF2...
  9. PTI, but thanks for upgrading the F-35B. Hope for a JASDF version too plz!
  10. IL-76 Candid

    Fine target in SF2. However, I wish the tail guns worked a bit better and there were more liveries & registry #s. However, they have a good damage model as these pictures can attest:
  11. Blackburn Buccaneer S.22 - RAAF

    I would think the RAAF would go with the Strike Eagle, but that's me. Quite frankly that's what the RAAF should have gone with to replace the F-111 - and I love the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. The F-15E is an air superiority fighter that can also pack an enviable load of air-to-ground munitions.
  12. Redoing the initial missions to Nihon Hitori and then adding one more - perhaps or not implausible - where the PATRIOT SAMs just magically are jammed at the same time the EC-767 had to land... so of course a couple jets with barn doors for tails can quickly swing around and get close.... The above was your primary runway. Oh and this isn't all of the mission... you'll also be supporting these guys: Stay tuned,....

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