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  1. I bet the range on that is abysmal, but as a point-defense fighter it has potential!
  2. Honored to have beta tested as able. I can promise you the material within is going to be a delight for those who like creating single missions...
  3. All I can say is a) BE PATIENT & b) Sorry this isn't Operation Enduring Constitution where we fight for the soul of the nation & c) See a please & d) expect Dogfights!
  4. Want to respond to multiple posts with screenshots... @Veltro2k is that an A330 there? @russouk2004 Nice to see more militarized 737s in the sim. Desperately need P-8As... @FLOGGER23 Nice FrankenFlanker attempt. But hey if you can have thrust vectoring + the IR ball to the right you can be well on the way to a Su-35... there's a lot of Su-27s and Su-30s already in SF2.
  5. Try the ability to play more than a few missions without the graphics stopping to load. I have a Nvidia card.
  6. A Christmas to Remember

    I sincerely apologize for the times my subscription has lapsed this year...
  7. The Corona Virus Thread

    At this point, President Biden at 12:05 PM, 20 January had better activate the National Defense Production Act and get those vaccines cranking out... for all we know this is the People's Republic of China's great gamble to handicap America to take Taiwan and turn Southwest Asia into its own lake. I'm not exactly convinced the PRC is 0% complicit.
  8. A Sukhoi in the Royal Air Force? Unlikely.
  9. @GKABS, looks ready for precision weapons to me. We're going to be flying too fast to count rivets on a squadron of cute attack drones making a swarm attack.
  10. Thanks, looking forward to a nice fully armed OPFOR drone fleet to worry about :-).
  11. Really going to be nice having a Falklands Islands (are British) update!
  12. Sure hope to see an arctic splinter scheme on the Super Hornet like VFC-12 has on their classic Hornets... but that's me partial to dazzle.
  13. I would like to see SF2 get on GOG in that event. I just really believe SF2 can simulate a lot of strategy and do more for air combat... especially as DCS might be the best air combat sim but not enough platforms & targets & maps.

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