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  1. Thanks @daddyairplanes for the prompt.  Stand by for something out of the boneyard soon... and then don't I have another project that needs to be unfrozen and renumbered?

  2. Not in real life, but frankly a lot of air bases could use such a unit.
  3. Still waiting... maybe some of us should offer to buy SF2 from the developer and fix it.
  4. @Eagle114thfor my peace of mind, can you please show another terrain in the mission editor? Say the North Atlantic one. Thanks!
  5. I just wondered what nations you were doing and found out!
  6. For the first time @UllyB I'm stumped on roundels. What air forces are the first two w/ the Bangladeshi? Good to see Myanmar and Laos as WIP!
  7. I think an all-black jet might be worth considering...
  8. I might need to find the time to update this file with a darker skin and more after this reliable news report.
  9. What's in this new update for 2021?
  10. Looks very nice, but I'd like the option in Photoshop of changing the sectional map from Vietnam to say... the Kurils or the Middle East :-). Otherwise, perfection.
  11. A few thoughts: a) I prefer the USN/USMC approach b) I think you're onto something. c) Yes, I know an F-15I is a Strike Eagle for Israel, a Su-30MKI is a Su-30 for India but this is a helpful list. d) I DM'd you about how to run SF2 off of an external SSD.

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