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  1. Some good news for you all... feasibility testing/operational testing has gone to a new level...
  2. Operational Testing w/ JAS 39 Gripen

    Operational Testing w/ JAS 39 Gripen in future Dharani-Parani campaign.
  3. Fictional Saab/BAE Gripen FGR1

    Not the best Gripen available, but the paint jobs are nice. Problem is, the VC cockpit has an extra canopy rail.
  4. Thanks @daddyairplanes I just added Sweden and the math is below the mass limit. Thanks @Wrench, the GBU-40 bomb set was. I changed the BRU-61 rack to such. Really obvious the rack should always be available when the SDBs are too since I've never seen a single Small Diameter Bomb stuck to a jet but always with the rack. See my panorama from an airshow with the F-22...
  5. A few more photos from my WIP... note I have the RWR finally working in the Gripen so you know what you're up against. I've asked for help to add SDBs to the Gripen though: With that, here goes:
  6. Really doing my damndest to put GBU-40s on the Gripen. First, let me show you why: With that for inspiration first, I programmed this loadout in the JAS39_LOADOUT.INI: Second, I went into the JAS39_DATA.INI and made a few changes: So I'm a little, er, shocked I'm not seeing BRU-61 racks like above! FYI @TempestII @viper63a @Stipe @JuanchoGomez @JonathanRL
  7. Lots of MiGs burning around a F-15 Eagle...
  8. Well folks, I'm working slowly on a What-If campaign if the Dhimaris got Gripens to fight off the latest aggression... so here are some early Work-In-Progress photos. I've also decided to give the Dhimaris some digi-camo. Why? Tired of grey airplanes.
  9. This is definitely a work in progress folks, but the Dhimari Gripens sure look better in digi-desert, right?
  10. Super Hornet Skin Template

    The paint kit couldn't be done better. Will definitely use this winter. Thank you.
  11. Be awesome if we had a 201X version of this campaign... and maybe a 202X too with aggressor Gripens.
  12. Thanks, then I'll just take a deep dive at one of your campaigns and recode. Don't be too surprised come November & December to get DM'd a lot of questions.
  13. The answers may be in this forum and I missed them but figure this group would know... a) Is there a How-To somewhere how to write a campaign? b) Is it possible to make single missions and port them over into a campaign? If so, how? I'm asking because I intend to release by 3/2019 a BETA of a 10-mission campaign involving the SAAB Gripen vs. Dhrani Fulcrums, Frogfoots and more so will soon be starting a thread just on showing my progress on that. Really like the Gripen, just wish it was perceived as the kid sister to the Typhoon due to lack of hardpoints.

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