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  1. A Few Thoughts About ORBAT... I feel before I head into bed, I should write a bit about Order of Battle or ORBAT. With the possible exception of some Tu-22M3s... the below will be the Russian forces I use from WikiPedia... RUSSIAN AIR FORCE: 11th Air and Air Defence Forces Army (Khabarovsk) (Eastern Military District) 11th Aerospace Defense brigade (Komsomolsk-na-Amur) 12th Aerospace Defense brigade (Vladivostok) 6983rd aviation base (Komsomolsk-on-Amur Airport, Khabarovsk Krai) (Su-27SM, Su-30M2, Su-35S, Su-34) 6988th aviation base (Khurba, Khabarovsk Krai) (Su-24M, Su-24M2, Su-24MR) 6989th aviation base (Vladivostok International Airport) (Su-27SM) 265th transport aviation base (Khabarovsk) 4th Air and Air Defence Forces Army – Southern Military District (former 4th and 5th Armies of VVS and PVO) (Rostov-on-Don) RUSSIAN NAVAL AVIATION: Pacific Fleet Air Force – HQ Vladivostok 568th Independent Composite Aviation Regiment – HQ at Mongokhto - operating Tu-22M3, Tu-142MR/MZ; 865th Interceptor Aviation Regiment – HQ at Yelizovo-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport - MiG-31; 317th Composite Air Regiment – HQ at Yelizovo - Tu-142; 71st Independent Military Transport Air Squadron – HQ at Nikolayevka, Primorskaya - An-12, An-24, An-26; 175th Independent Shipborne Anti-submarine Helicopter Squadron – HQ at Yelizovo - Ka-27; 289th Independent Anti-submarine Air Regiment – HQ at Nikolayevka - Il-38, Ka-27, Ka-29; RUSSIAN PACIFIC FLEET: # Type Name Class Year 011 Cruiser Varyag Slava 1989 543 Destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov Udaloy I 1985 564 Destroyer Admiral Tributs Udaloy I 1985 572 Destroyer Admiral Vinogradov Udaloy I 1988 548 Destroyer Admiral Panteleyev Udaloy I 1991 715 Destroyer Bystryy Sovremennyy 1989 333 Corvette Sovershennyy Steregushchy 2017 335 Corvette Gromky Steregushchy 2018 IF any of you have better ORBAT than WikiPedia, I'm all ears. Please advise sooner rather than later - remember my V1 due date is 25 March 2019 (helps when there's two late March events I'm attending and I need a good chunk of April to edit photos). Now obviously, I'm not going to include all these units on the assumption they all can't be there and clearly any competent military commander would want to save some ships, some aircraft for future skirmishes like when the JMSDF showed up in force. I'm also of the view the first attack will be premeditated, as Putin waits for a convenient casus belli to pick a fight with his neighbors. A few Japanese commercial ships that decided to hug the Kuril Islands hiding from a big but intermittent storm on their great circle route provoking a Su-30M2 (which you can get here) response which would prompt F-15Js (which you can get here) sitting northern Hokkaido alert would suffice... Oh and one last thing, I know it's tempting to try to write into the script US Forces either USN, USMC or USAF going rogue to honour treaties to help Japan out kinetically - but I think that would take away from the simulation and even if not, be highly difficult to predict. Plus take the focus away from the JASDF to the rogue US unit/s and by doing so turn this from wargaming into a Dale Brown novel (and I love Dale Brown novels!) with Megafortresses on the tarmac: Just figured some of you might want to see what's coming - and yes, you will get to take on the Varyag and Su-27SMs too. With that, another screenshot of what actually will 100% be in the single mission pak: Being my goal is realism, sorry to say the F-35A will be spare & rare in the 2020 mission pak. Used more as a Designated Hitter rather than a utility player like the F-15Js.
  2. Thought it was time for me to start a forum thread on my Nihon Hitori 2020 campaign to update all on my progress. Learned a lot so far as to the SF2 engine, much more to learn. Also wanted to start a forum thread to explain my creative process and keep folks abreast of developments plus pose questions. Now the pretext of "Nihon Hitori 2020" (Japan Alone 2020 in Japanese) is a mid 2/2020 campaign where the 201 & 203 JASDF Squadrons of F-15Js hold the line against a red tide of Flankers attacking Japanese ships & Hokkaido airports until JASDF reinforcements arrive to start shoving the Russians off of the Kurils as payback... and then a few F-35As help F-2A reinforcements kick a** ending with an explosive air-sea battle against a Russian surface task force. All within 24 hours, so the JMSDF emergency task force is racing up at 30 knots to have some AEGIS & aircraft-carrying destroyers formate with some older "escort destroyers" out of Ominato base and then sortie together to North Hokkaido from their Honshu bases while the shooting war only intensifies. All without overt US assistance as the current US President is more than likely to tell Japan they're on their own - he's already shown a clear misunderstanding at best of his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief, a clear contempt for NATO, a deep empathy for Russian President Vladimir Putin, there's some open contempt between the current Japanese Prime Minister & the US President as a previous mentorship seems to have fallen apart, and the current US President even openly thinks, "If the United States keeps on … its current path of weakness, [Japan is] going to want to have [nuclear weapons] anyway with or without me discussing it." With that backstory, here's how the first mission is going to likely go: There's still some things that need to be firmed up, but this is the general idea for mission 01. Using WikiPedia for Order of Battle/ORBAT unless tipped off for a better source so Sukhoi Flanker plane color schemes and variants can and will change. When the second mission in sequence is firmed up and the third & fourth one (one of which will have JASDF F-35A), will announce that here also. Please follow this topic and ask me any questions or requests you got. Goal is to drop this mission pak on or before 25 March 2019 - my birthday!
  3. Nihon Hitori 2020 Campaign Testing

    Testing of a "Nihon Hitori" (Japan Alone in Japanese) 2020 campaign where the 201 & 203 JASDF Squadrons of F-15Js hold the line against a red tide of Flankers until reinforcements arrive to start shoving the Russians off of the Kurils... and then F-35As & F-2As kick a** ending with an explosive air-sea battle.
  4. Well since @kblomkvist is working on a F-35A skin for the JASDF, I decided to see about the feasibility of a F-35A mission in the upcoming first version of the Nihon Hitori 2020 single mission pak. I can think of just the perfect use for the F-35A with the current (publicly available) weapons load: Air Defense Suppression. Especially since the 8 SDBs and gun carried internally can take out a lot of air defense vehicles & guns with some substantial stealth. The Mitsubishi F-2A "Support Fighter"? Not so much. With that, here you go:
  5. Well then, I guess I'll have to write a F-35A mission into V1 of my project. ETA is 25 March (my birthday) or sooner. V2 will have more goodies, but it will take substantial time to deliver them. Learning curve!
  6. Well I've became aware that someone is building a FSX/P3D version so I have a plan using ModelConverterX & more... problem is, it'll take some time to convert and that's if I get permission to do so. So that will go into V2 of my single mission pak plus more goodies. V1 ETA is 25 March 2019. Or earlier...
  7. Sure wish I could find them! Please help!
  8. My plans are to finish off a JASDF single mission pak based on @Gepard's Kuril Islands. Using that to learn a lot of small things about SF2... that will add up. As proof I'm working on this... see below: Only then, get back to a JAS-39 Gripen-based campaign fighting off the Parani! =========== Finally, wonder if/when/where the JMSDF Izumo-class Destroyers will become available for SF2. Especially now that they'll be packing JASDF F-35Bs...
  9. Hey @japandukeI'm trying to find this ship - no luck. Feel free to message me if need be. Also grateful for @WhiteBoySamurai putting in real Navies into SF2. Makes the game... real!
  10. I sure wish I could learn how to build an airbase!
  11. SF2 USAF F-35 redux

    This is a fine redo of the F-35A. Really grateful to be able to fly a F-35 in SF2, but I do wish there was a fuel readout on the dashboard. Hence four stars out of five. That said, sadly somewhat aware the SF2 engine isn't as friendly for making cockpits as say... P3DV4 where you can click on the cockpit. Do hope for this fixed please, and then a similar treatment on the F-35 B & C please. Thanks.
  12. Did some playing around with a possibility of adding the F-35 to my JSDF 2020 mission pak, found it just didn't make sense with the current SF2 weapons load. That said, did automate F-2As attacking simultaneously to send sinking the Udaloy & 2 Ro-Ros just right on their own...
  13. Standing by for the final product... looks promising. I could also see other nations - especially the Parani - interested in such a J-10 upgrade.
  14. Good thinking! The Indians could really use a low-level attack jet. I suspect the Brits would be happy to sell their leftover Tornadoes for a bargain basement price...
  15. SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018

    I really like how through and detailed and accurate the F-15A/B/C/D/J Eagle pack is. Covers USAF, US ANG, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Japan plus aggressor & Tiger Meet paints - for starters. Also comes with weapons too.

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