This thread is to be a summary of all we know about Naval Warfare in SF2 Campaigns.   First of all; this post by Wrench is very important.     After that, you need to make your map is a NavalMap. Simply add NavalMap=TRUE into your Terrain ini file. Same for the Campaign. It must be NavalCampaign=TRUE. Add this to both the Campaign ini and Campaign Data files.   The format for Task Forces is as following:     They require their own part; under naval units.   Relevant missions for anti-ship is:   MissionChance[NAVAL_SEARCH]= MissionChance[NAVAL_ATTACK]= MissionChance[ESCORT_JAMMER]= MissionChance[ESCORT_DECOY]= MissionChance[CRUISE_MISSILE]= MissionChance[EARLY_WARNING]=   It is yet not clear if this can be mixed between Naval / Land strikes. Considering the A-7 in the NA Campaign is prone to engage ground targets, I would say they are meant to be mixed. I suppose we have to wait for the patch until we know for certain.   Add your own experiences here; contradict me if you feel its appropriate and always work to improve     I am currently working to adding Task Forces in TSF. Naval Search is Flyable; but lacks mission text that tells you what to do. If anybody knows how to add such text, I would love to know. Also, the enemy task forces are usually just a single vessel.