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  1. My rig is ready. And my plane too. F-14 vs Viggen Dogfights coming right up :D
  2. The Saab 39 Gripen-C for Strike Fighters is one of the better models out there, especially if you use the The Scandinavian Front version that have realistic high fidelity weapons and updated textures. I would prefer any 3D artists we have to work on planes that do not exist in SF2 rather than try and improve something that honestly does not need to be improved upon.
  3. The Scandinavian Front 2: Final Release

    Download ALL THE FILES into THE SAME FOLDER and Unzip TSF2_Final from TSF2_FinalPack.7z.001. You need 7z or Winrar to do this.
  4. Before anybody asks; yes we are working to adapt TSF to this map. Right now, they are however NOT compatible with the Campaigns. Single Mission will work fine.
  5. Before anybody asks; yes we are working to adapt TSF to this map. Right now, they are however NOT compatible with the Campaigns. Single Mission will work fine.
  6. At some point I will have to learn to fly in DCS...
  7. Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for!
  8. Thank you! Is that for Cruise Missiles as well? Or just bombs?
  9. Both aircraft are already toggled in those roles.
  10. Straight to the point: I have aircraft who launch their cruise missiles flying very high and too late. No adjustments I make in the aircraft seems to fix this. I want them to fly low and launch. Anybody know if there is a way to put that into the flight model? On the same score, my Soviet AWAC planes are flying really low. I would like them to fly very high. Any idea on how to change that?
  11. Possible Meteor breakup over Detroit.

    Imagine if that would have gone off over Hawaii right after the fake missile warning :D
  12. Actually, the pit was a mistake. There was never our intention to use that pit - I forgot to take that extra look because I rushed the release :D Currently busy looking into alternatives as well as finding a suitable pit for the Viggen Pack so we can get that one out the door. Also because I like having fun with some older stuff...
  13. @dsawan Go into Terrains/Sweden. Go into Sweden.ini Delete the line: NavalMap=TRUE Save file. It should work now. This is on me. I forgot I needed to remove that part for the "if you do not have SF2:NA" part. I will fix it with Patch 2.
  14. Patch 1 is uploaded. I will not be updating the main package, instead I will add patches and update the file that way. - Terrain Bug Fixes by @Menrva added. - Helikopter 1 (AI Only) by @yakarov79 added - Added due credit for Nordic Airliners by @daddyairplanes, @Veltro2k & @Marcfighter - Fixed missing start text in Gjallarhorn Campaign - Fixed SK60 Loadouts for non-European systems - Fixed missing skin for SH 37 - Fixed Riga / Sovremenny Black Ships.
  15. Speed Brakes are not modelled.

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