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Falcon 4 Allied Force 1.05 patch news

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This is the changelog so far for 1.0.5 -- this is just to give an idea on the stuff that has been fixed. It should not be taken as the definitive changelog for the final 1.0.5 release because things do change [Wink]


As I've said before, this is more of an "optimized" version of 1.0.4 with a few little extras and will be roughly the same size as 1.0.4. Again, no release date confirmed.


* CTD on maverick zoom with no mavericks loaded


* Ghost missile on wing when firing final missile (likely fix for buildings loaded on Hardpoints, and also some crashes)


* Force Feedback reenabled


* Further CTD on eject fixed.


* Fix Missile and Threat Volume knobs resetting themselves


* Fix Maverick CAT Config bug


* Fix Centerline Tank to be CATI config


* Fix to stop ACMI recording whenever any AI pilot ejects from the plane.


* Fix for Mig-23 icon showing as mig21 icon


* Fix for Mig-29SM, Mig-21-93 and SU-33 turning into mig21


* Adjustments on CAP roles so Mig-21 gets fewer CAP missions compared to Mig-29


* 2D cockpit corrections


* Fix issue where logbook for Viper callsign was being overwritten after patching


* Fix issue where the AS-30L flame model showed as a SU27 (whoops)


* Fix inconsistent HUD symbology for weapons in certain scenarios (AIM-120 showing AIM-9 info)


Just to stress: this is a GUIDE only for 1.0.5, not definitive [Wink]




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