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  2. alright, I'll do that, and tell you what happened after. Thanks for staying with me.
  3. Today
  4. New Aircraft

    Today, made good progress on the D.IIIa fuselage.
  5. New Aircraft

    looks great !! love the wings
  6. Want some guys in the USA to rename the capital?

    Haha, no way! Well, thankfully I am not from Rome, LOL!
  7. Want some guys in the USA to rename the capital?

    As a French, I demand reparations from Roma inhabitants because off all the things Rome did to my gallic ancesters in Alesia back in 52 bc !!!!
  8. My computer died.

    If you want a lucky story, i can tell you one! My wife have the good habit to drink water while working on her laptop and guess what happened... She hit the glass and water spilled on the keyboard. She react quickly but hey it's water! All of a sudden everything stopped working (motherboard shortage). While i was at work she called me to tell me this and told her to dry the surface as much as she could, unplug the power cord and leave the machine alone. When i got home, i could see water still in the button cracks. I opened the laptop, removed the battery get the air dryer and it was hope time... unfortunately nothing worked... I removed the HDD and installed it on my rig as an external drive and nothing was lost (phewwwww) :) So i let the thing opened for a week by the window so sun and heat would dry it out bo this did not worked either... I reinstalled the HDD and closed the laptop as it was a repair thing now. Plugged the power cord to check if the power button would light up and.... no... so it was dead. I left the laptop there for 2 weeks as we were going out of town and when we came back home... power light was on on the Laptop! Fired up the thing and it came back alive without damage!?! It's been 3 months now and works like a charm and a great lesson learned by the love one :)
  9. It will still take alot of time... tons of skins still need to be done....
  10. Another great mod from you! Thank you Jarek!
  11. Special Hercules Over Vietnam

    Are the Fulton recovery system hooks deployable?
  12. Special Hercules Over Vietnam

    Excellent as always, thanks a lot!
  13. New Aircraft

    Nice to see !
  14. My bad, shd be for p3d not fsx, though hope they make a version too.
  15. http://milviz.com/flight/products/FG1D/index.php
  16. A First: A US Military Facility in Israel

    I'm surprised it took this long, to be honest.
  17. @Strider Hello! That was invoice #1 and during those times the site was new new some funky things happened as required tasks hadn't run yet. Regardless of all that I have corrected the problem and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. You were absolutely right but the system was saying something different. All my best, E
  18. My computer died.

    ...all seems to fit the qualifications for "Second-luckiest Pilot"!
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