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  2. Yes, thanks a lot for your video. That is precisely what I am asking for. Again, thanks for letting me know this is not available in SF2.
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  4. And the french called one of their helicopters Panther.
  5. We all know what he's asking for, but it's just not possible with the current game code.
  6. Any release chance? I´d love to add it on my SWOTL install.
  7. Also, there is an animal called Panther (who knew?) and an early jet fighter from the Bethpage Ironworks.
  8. Panther is a name of german tanks. This is the newest one: KF-51 Panther It's in the test phase since last year. It's expected to be combat ready in 2025.
  9. In real life there is no need for such a technology for air-to-air combat. The pilot has a head-up display in his helmet (go take a look on youtube to such technology to get an idea how things work). Even in Vietnam era the plane forward display "knew" to recognize an air target. So in other words it would be an "overkill" to build target pod for an air target. The same goes for a simulator (game) If you saw a seqoence how a pilot is targeting a ground one, you will notice, unless it has a GPS bomb or the bomb is laser guided, that he has a little joystick with which he guides the bomb to the target. Now think how complicate it will be to maneuver the plane and in the same time to handle a joystick for precision, let alone firing the main gun. Personaly i don't know any pod for air to air targeting, but I might be wrong.
  10. Some targeting pods in real life have an AA feature so it's not unrealistic, just can't do it in SF2
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  12. going off the phrase "visualize" if you can extend the range by which an EO sensor can see, i dont see why not. Mavericks and the BUFFs TVS systems can see things in the sky if they are pointed in that direction and if they can see out that far then they show up on the little screen. Tomcat in theory too although ive never actually tried it out now, if you mean TARGET, like Eric said thats a hard no. but they werent meant for that in real life anyhow.
  13. Nice. Expect you know that c.1970 the original name for the MRCA* was to have been the Panavia Panther? I have a drawing somewhere with that title, showing a more streamlined/less boxy ac, with round “half-cone” intakes like the F-104, Mirage III & TSR 2. *MRCA development was taking so long that in the 1970s the RAF believed that the acronym stood for “Must Refurbish Canberra Again”.
  14. Just because

    Just sharing some pics from the Colorado Springs airport. More to come! Mig-29 today!
  15. Hi everyone, I have a question about targeting pod. Is there any possibility that we can use the targeting pod to visualize the air-to-air targets just like the way the targeting pod locks on ground targets? Thanks.
  16. Panavia Panther - MFG1, Deutsche Marine, 2009 Template Credit: Heberth (the template is with the 3D model)
  17. I did know - that's why I used it!! Everytime I put serial numbers on a RAF/RN 'what if' I check in on the UK Serial Numbers site to see where there are gaps and/or oddball one-off's like TS472. Mandatory Screenshot
  18. @Spinners Something you need to know, TS472 was a JU.88S-1 -------------------------------------------------------------- Dhimari intercept with Mighty Mouses Dhimari intercept with AIR-... err... Well, a more powerful rocket
  19. So beautiful! For me together with the Hunter one of the most beautiful RAF planes ever.
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