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  2. ......4477th_Test_and_Evaluation_Squadron_MiG-21
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  4. FW-190 A8 (1.0 BETA)

    excellent mod
  5. The Corona Virus Thread

    And you and yours as well my friend.
  6. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    nuevo ARA 25 DE MAYO, en construcción
  7. if you want 1 mesh to do 2 things...say yo need a cylinder to go up and down......and rotate at one end ..animate the mesh to say rotate..anim slot 1 ..then create an invisible mesh or even 1poly....hide it in the mesh make it transparent...then link the main mesh to that poly and animate the poly...anim slot 2 .so you have now 2 animations for the same mesh....
  8. another beautiful skin. thank you
  9. Did the Wings of Fame index ever get created? If yes, where can I find it? John
  10. I am trying to animate 4 different nodes separately, can I do animatin just fine but the problem is when I exported it comes in in as 1 animation ID for the model. I have been looking some Jet fighter for example there are more than one animating ID for different nodes. So my question how to make separate animation key in Max for each individual one so they can be animated separately or do i just animate all 4 and they in the data file I set the ID? It is confusing and I am having hard time explaining my self I hope I made some sense.
  11. Mi-24 book written by me

    My child dream is to fly the Hind as well, but being in Spain was specially hard. At least sims made the dream a bit closer.
  12. Oh yeah, we need a better cockpit too, the huey cockpit is just totally wrong.....just saying.
  13. Nice !! dont worry about skins, thats my area of , I hesitate to say expertise, but yay !! As you saw I did skins for the standing Wessex , but its a horrible mesh to work with as its only 2d rather than 3d, and the clipping is horrible, looking forward to getting my teeth into something a bit more up to date and accurate !!
  14. Mi-24 book written by me

    For me the Mi-24 was a childhood dream. To fly this helicopter was my desired career. But i was unable to pass the medical checks and was phased out. When i wrote the book i asked the Museum at Cottbus airport (Flugplatzmuseum Cockpit) whether they would allow me to make a walkaround photoshoot of their Mi-24D. They agreed and opend all doors and hatches and cockpits of the Mi-24, especially for me. So i could climb into the cockpits for pilot and gunner. And i felt comfortable there, like in a very good car. I had an excellent view forward and sideward. The side armour protection was up to my shoulders and the front cockpit glas was thick, very thick. The cockpit was compared with soviet fighter planes spacious. A very good feeling. Thats the Mi-24D at Cottbus. All doors open for me. Some years later i had the chance to climb in the cockpit of the Eurocopter Tiger. One prototype is now displayed at Bückeburg Helicopter Museum. I asked the guys there and they opened the cockpit for me. And i could climb in, could sit where Pierce Brosnan was sitting some years ago! Yes it was the Tiger prototyp you have seen at James Bond movie "Golden Eye". I was sitting in James Bond seat! Wow! But to be honest. The cockpit of the Mi-24 is better. It is bigger and you felt much safer in the Mi-24 than in the Tiger. Here a photo of the James Bond Tiger What i want to say is, there are special days in museums. Days where no much visitor traffic is and the staff is bored. At some days you have the chance to make special experiences. Perhaps you will get the chance to sit in a Mi-24. Its worth trying.
  15. Hi guys we'd love to.....

    .... Try to start a online session but we completely forgot how to. Ah, we are Italian, can anybody remember ID(io)T Team and our MB-339A?
  16. I don't know if TODs from EAW can be imported to SF2. EAW used a file format with the extension .TER for each tile. I don't know if this .TER includes trees, buildings etc.
  17. View File Papenmeyer Albatros DIII(OAW) skin Skin for AlbatrosD3OAW. This is the skin of WW1 German fighter pilot Wilhelm Papenmeyer. I tried to add some "photorealistic" textures for more impressive image of this aircraft. There are two skins in this mini-pack - with ("Papenmeyer" folder) and without ("PapenmrClean" folder) "Red Eagle". Eugene Submitter Eugene2 Submitted 03/28/2020 Category Albatros Skins  
  18. And we lose the TOD files in the process?
  19. Yes that is exactly what I want to do.
  20. Do you mean they are all linked to same object and you want them to animate seperate ? not quite sure what you want.....post pics of it in normal view from a few angles so can see better each part
  21. working on it...theres a HRS-1,HAS Mk22,H-19,HO4-S and a Whirlwind HAR.4 in the freeware pack im converting.. ignore skin on this version its for remapping\moving textures reference for e as its the brightest skin lol wont be while as imn trying to get a helo pack together Kamov 27 \ 32 This....the lynx ,Merlin and Wessex.Mk5
  22. Yes it's easy This is a tileset I use for an upcoming terrain.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Skin for AlbatrosD3OAW. This is the skin of WW1 German fighter pilot Wilhelm Papenmeyer. I tried to add some "photorealistic" textures for more impressive image of this aircraft. There are two skins in this mini-pack - with ("Papenmeyer" folder) and without ("PapenmrClean" folder) "Red Eagle". Eugene
  24. ....Hello FROM ALL Prisoner's...... Mandatory pic:
  25. The Corona Virus Thread

    Good efforts there, promoting their martial law / police state protocols. Getting better with the day. Unfortunately it is still unconvincing, so i'll go outside now to catch some more spring sun.
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