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  2. Russian Carrier was on Fire ... any news about that?

    If it sank tomorrow, this^^ would be the Kuze's epitaph. They asked it recently when a crane fell on the ship whilst at dock, puncturing the flight deck and several decks below and causing a small fire. They asked it when the arrestor system failed repeatedly during it's tour of Syria when they lost a freshly upgraded Su-33 and a spanking new Mig-29K over the side. During that same tour, there was apparently a fire in one of the turbines and it was limited to something like 10kts, and even before the refit for Syria, there were previously existing issues with hull fatigue, reliability of the turbines and with it's electronics. And yet, she lives. Kinda makes me wonder if you even can kill it. Probably wouldn't hurt to sprinkle some garlic, silver and holy water into the warheads of anything you potentially throw at it, you know, to be sure...
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  4. Great! I'm glad to help, Kevin! When you feel like the terrain is ready for release, and if you wish, I can worry about fixing the tiling of the missing Mekong Delta area and make a few other of my usual adjustments.
  5. WIP - Halberstadt CL.II

    Stephen 1918, don't forget to put templates in Your Halberstadt CL.II file.
  6. Maybe this will be useful: https://we.tl/t-k9Grzmspos
  7. Menrva, I don't know what you did brother, but that water bmp works!!! Gotta be how my photoshop was not saving it correctly. proof below, Seafire departing Arromanches! (SBD, SB2C, F6F all tested and working!) This is a GOOD thing, as most people love to play the single missions, and with operating bird farms!!! Oh Yeah!!!
  8. If you're up for it, brother! I say go for it! (don't forget to redo my KAW skins!! <gri>)
  9. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,62942.msg692459.html#new
  10. What an albatross. They've been trying to sink her for decades and she refuses to take the deep sea nap. Not sure if that's good luck or bad.
  11. I got tons of new & reworked Skins Ready for the T-33A, Maybe I´ll do a complete Reduxe pack with jpg textures...
  12. Russian Carrier was on Fire ... any news about that?

    I cut my cable off and run antenna TV I keep forgetting to check their websites.
  13. Russian Carrier was on Fire ... any news about that?

    Yeah, it was on CNN, The Independent, and a slew of other sites.. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/12/europe/russian-carrier-fire-intl/index.html https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-aircraft-admiral-kuznestov-fire-missing-repair-murmansk-video-a9243406.html
  14. like I said, it's seriously messed up!!! Most places aren't with 25-50 km of they "Real Life" positions. I"m not going to change too mcuh, just in case someone (years) down the road wants to re-add all the 1960s stuff back into it. Another thing I'm not going to do is make the swamp/cypress grove type of tiles, like I did for CubaOTC+ -- not that hard, but I don't feel like making another couple dozen tiles (tgas) Sometimes I think I'd have been better off using the CBI map, and just clear out the stuff that isn't in Indochina!!!
  15. Humpday Heavies

    A B-24D 98th Heavy Bombardment Group) on a dusk mission in the MTO, 1943:
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  17. So I heard that Russia's only aircraft carrier is caught on fire today... So is this something you put out, patch up and move on with, or just say screw it, and build a new one?
  18. High aspect and high closure speed is good for AIM-7/-54 shots. Some of the Russian planes have internal chaff dispensers. Another cause for failing missiles.
  19. WIP - Halberstadt CL.II

    About the Tripe. Could it be the early and late tailplane?
  20. Nope, what I am talking about is even worse, look below; I reckon that I was wrong in saying that this is a small peninsula; it's a rather important part of the terrain. In fact, some stock target areas/cities (you can see those small blue dots) are over water, where instead there should be a huge portion of land. The whole Mekong Delta is not there! TK should have doubled check.
  21. For those who have Thrustmaster MFD Cougar will appreciate this thread. Author’s Name: bobrpggamer Thrustmaster MFD “pretty looking” Templates. Some PSD (photoshop) and Jpeg Templates for The Thrustmaster MFD. Look at the ready to print images for info on how to do it properly. Download file @mission4today.com
  22. You're preaching to the choir, my brother! The stock map, to put it gently, is seriously fucked up. as to the "island", you're talking about the 3/3 section of map, near the label "Gulf of Siam"? . That would explain a great deal --- and means I have to move 3 cites, reroute the reads, and rewrite a couple of truck routes. No wonder I couldn't resolve the placement based on my charts! Well, that's only about an hours work retileing .... I'm not going to fix everything on this map, just as many of the major faults as necessary.
  23. Yes, but you're all forgetting that you need (read: MUST) hex edit the LOD to now look for the jpg files. Just converting the skins don't work, as the lod can't read them. Another fault in the dds skinned lods. (having just converted the A-26 & F6F from dds and tga, respectively, to jpg. They work much better!)
  24. Yes there are random weapon failures........... TK did originally try to make things behave as they were historically especially the Nam era where there is a ton of info on combat firings....and reliability was a massive issue. I can't tell whether what you are getting is due to that from what you have written. Will say that even in 1991 AIM-7Ms were dropping off without firing on occasion...and the AIM-54A was an AIM-7E era missile and probably just as reliable although even happened to the last AIM-54C+ variant when two were fired in 1999 and they both dropped without firing (however cause might have been Human error but not sure). There is a weapons editor for SF where you can tweak most of the things to how you want them......
  25. I can only get windows paint to open them...dds DTX1 (no alpha )no mips works... anything else wont show... open them in paint sve as jpg then save in ps to new dds is all I can suggest
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