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  2. I just snagged a used GTX 1080 from ebay in anticipation of this bird, upgraded from a GTX 1060. She is running pretty decent now, not that I had any major issues with DCS before other than view distance and shadows killing frames. My major issue has been HDD space. I still have old windows files on one HDD (and 10 is funny about me completely removing an entire old install). Out of sata connectors and I have moved everything I can over to my externals. I know once the F-14 comes, I will probably push the video editing section of my install into overdrive
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  4. That's an impressive list indeed.
  5. What is also amazing is the evolution of aircraft during the 8 year period from 1938 to 1946. You can experience this evolution for yourselves if you use the 1.6 development line since we have everything from 150 MPH biplanes to 650 MPH manned rockets. And speaking of weaponry, we have everything from light machine guns up to X-4 unguided air to air rockets, to Dam Buster bombs, to torpedoes, to naplam. Sorry no hand grenades.
  6. HI everyone, I'm late to this sim (I happily have Il-2,WOFF, and Rof), and got it for the sole purpose of flying WWI in Italy and Palestine. But, I can't get any mods to work, specifically the Italian campaign or the Palestin terrain. I'm running Win 7, and have indeed placed the mods in my (me)/saved games/thirdwire/firsteagles2 folder, but nothing shows up when I start the sim. I even at one time placed all the files directly into my main install, but no good. Reinstalled vanilla, and still nothing. I am obviously missing something, but I'm da**ed if I know what. Any ideas please?!?!
  7. Says a lot about how some of were bringing pistols and shotguns prior to the ability of firing through the machine gun arc.
  8. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    Fan Bingbing? great name - wont be forgetting that in a hurry
  9. DCS Weekend News - F-14 & MiG-29

    Unless you have a lot of time on your hands (no family or responsibilities) it would be misleading to give the impression hard core games like DCS are a formality to get into. People may not remember the learning curve they even had to spend on older sims like SF2 with the cold war specific combat and specific flight models. Some of the DCS modules are very in depth and it is not just about time it is about getting the understanding of concepts that you wont find in the basic instruction manuals. Then comes the time commitment....even just ramp starting before every mission. DCS could do with some fun arcade type gameplay injecting into the single player mode if it wants more players - granted it already has some arcade type AI and damage modelling but wouldn't really call that fun.
  10. Not too bad, that's for taking the time to help me demonstrate the superior abilited of the 1.6 line. It almost makes one wish for a WWI scenario. Almost. I'm sure everyone, well the SimHQ crowd anyhow, is aware that I am wholeheartedly against turning the best WWII flight sim ever produced into a halfway decent WWI flight sim. Biggest problem is that none of the WWI models come close to being R/S compliant, with wheels and struts showing through wings and fuselage. I have solved the problem on the pre-WWII models but I just don't have incentive to tackle all the WWI models. That's not to say it isn't a lot of fun and I guess if you squint a bit you could see the Red Baron in that B354.
  11. It made me re-load my Western Front theatre which has only a 256x160 tilemap, with targets positioned for multiplayer groundstarts and slow planes. I loaded the "26-DAW biplanes" planeset
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  13. Like 'em low and slow, 1.6 can accommodate you too: German B354 - Czech BH33 - Italian Cr32 - French D510 ( I know, not a bi-plane, what ev ) British Demon - British Fury - British Gauntlet - British Gladiator - German He45 - German He51 - Japanese An4 - Japanese AXH Type H British Swordfish - Italian Cr20 - Japanese Ki-10
  14. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    This was....interesting. https://www.sfgate.com/news/crime/article/Release-of-film-featuring-fallen-Chinese-13313745.php
  15. Looks like she loves you too
  16. Yesss! I love she! Sad I haven't decals to build a 1/72 model...
  17. Some more of the 160 settings [GRAPHICS] Width=1440 Height=900 TestDrawPrimitive=1 DisplayDevice=2 PlaneDetail=2 TerrainDetail=2 CloudDetail=2 EffectsDetail=2 HorizonDistance=2 Shadow=0 ExternalStores=1 LensFlare=1 LightSourcing=1 CockpitProp=1 VirtualCockpit=1 CockpitShake=1 3dCityTargets=2 Gamma Value=128 PlaneSetNumber=1 PropRotationSpeed=8 ============================ [CONTROLS] Force Feedback=0 Force Feedback Gain=7500 Flight Sensitivity=1.000000 Camera Sensitivity=5.000000 Snapview Speed=5 Swap Mouse X=0 Swap Mouse Y=0 Windows Joystick=1 Device1 Port=1 Device2 Port=2 Device3 Port=3 Rudder Device=0 Throttle Device=1 Stick Device=0 Key Device=0 POV Device=0 JoystickDeadZone=4 Guns Convergence Z=0 Guns Convergence Y=0 ============================ [NETOPTION] Year=2 SkillLevel=2 MissionType=3 BattleSize=0 TimeOfDay=3 Weather=1 NoAI=0 StartOnGround=0 AllowRespawn=1 AI_PlaneUpdateRate=350 PlayerPlaneUpdateRate=35 ClockSyncRate=140 Sleep=400 Target=187 FriendlyPrimaryHB=4 FriendlySecondaryHB=4 EnemyPrimaryHB=9 EnemySecondaryHB=9 FriendlySecondaryPL=3 EnemyPrimaryPL=28 EnemySecondaryPL=19 ============================
  18. What is the name of your 160 folder, and are there any file-managers in it? If so do you have exes available like those in the last screenie? This is my current 160 folder
  19. I discovered the planeset selector, but my EAW.exe does not load any menu screen. I'm on Special I think.
  20. At least we know the C model can carry a couple of 4-packs of SDBs, Meteors & IRIS-Ts... from https://mediaportal.saabgroup.com/#/items/23898:
  21. A comparison between the eaw.ini files of 160 and an earlier version
  22. I was trying to use mod aircraft (Su-27) in a mercenary campaign started with the Campaign Editor; however none of it's weapons appear for purchase in the Loadout Screen. This means that I an unable to put anything on it at all. Is there a value in the weapon's .ini files I need to edit so it gets flagged to get added to this stock? I feel like it is probably obvious but I'm too new at this. I tried adjusting "Exported" and the Service Years but that did not help. They were available in Single Missions and non-mercenary campaigns for sides that used Warsaw Pact weapons lists. Thanks in advance.
  23. As you say you do not get any nenu or selection screens I need to ask just what you installed, but the following info may be useful in any case. There are six different forms of the 160 exe. 1.29 came in two forms because it was no longer locked into the 640x320 tile-map. The "old map" version still read the 640x320 tile-maps, and used the "Europe1.pic" file, but the "new map" version read tile-maps of a different size and used the "TargMap.pic" file. Since then there have always been the old and new map versions of every exe. So now there are the old and new map versions of: 1. The normal exe which has the traditional method of aircraft, target and base selection that you are asking for. 2. The "MPOnly" exe which runs straight into multiplayer. 3. The "Special" exe which is designed for people who have problems with corrupted screens, and uses an external front end to set up or load "*.msn" files containing all the flight data needed. The exe reads the "*.msn" file" when it launches, and after a few seconds you are in the game without any screens. The difference between 150/160 and previous exes is that they use separate theatres and planesets, so in 160 there is a file-manager which enables the user to select the exe, the theatre and the planeset. There is another and slightly more complex file-manager that does the same, but also lets an expert user build new planesets or edit existing ones. I used it to make the new "Swiss" planeset yesterday.
  24. There are sounds (like radio) constantly playing when the view is inside the cockpit? I like the effect.
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