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  3. SH3 - U-33's back at sea!

    Sorry if folks can't see recent images. I've somehow gone way over the global attachments limit so have been cutting and pasting in from imgbb, but now many still aren't showing and I'm not sure if I've hit a limit within a single thread or some other problem.
  4. A400M

    Are there any other skins for this bird?
  5. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    *sniffle* It's always the ones that die that go first! Sorry to hear it, Lou and catch! catch, I am still not sure what happened after watching the video. You hadn't been hit because you encountered no one, right? That was terrible luck! This is proving harder than I thought! If we can't pull this off in an SE5a, what is it going to take?
  6. Nah, the important thing I got it. Thanks.
  7. B-47E

    aaaaahhhh. that answers some things
  8. ok so my memory might be a little hazy, even as inexact as i gave dimensions
  9. Rear Gunner Blues

    Claim rejected, though!
  10. Hallo @Von S, Thank you very much for your info! I'm going to update the mod-list for PE on SimHQ the next days with your result. For BH&H2 I haven't added the @Xjouve-mods, because I have no info from him. And you are right: you can't host the mods without permission. Greetings!
  11. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Chuffs was snuffed!... oh dear Lou, and he was racking them up in spectacular fashion no doubt.
  12. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    I had time the last two days to actually do some flying and was getting in an assortment of fine sorties with my pilot here when it all came to a grinding halt this morning. So ends the life and times of the once devastatingly handsome and totally corrupt "Chuffs" Wellingham, his final curtain lowered in a snowy farmyard in France after a go-round with a gaggle of Pfalz scouts. He had a good, albeit short run as an RFC pilot. BHaH II is awesome - deadly - but awesome.
  13. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Spiv gone now too, (sniff) Keep going Balders... someone needs to keep our end up (ooh, er, missus)
  14. Rear Gunner Blues

    ''Got the blighter!'' well done mate!
  15. On this day back in 1989 the Bulgarian Air Force received its first and second MiG-29s, which both happened to be MiG-29UB (izd. 9-51A) and received board numbers 01 and 02 respectively. Later board 01 was re-numbered to 11 and was lost in 2011 due to a crash. It was a result of premature rotation and gear retraction on take-off, which caused damage to the centerline drop tank, leakage of fuel and fire. The pilots managed to gain altitude, point the aircraft into a safe direction, where it would not crash into inhabited places and successfully ejected. First touch-down on Bulgarian soil (or should I say tarmac):
  16. Future plans ?

    I did the last one flying the 109, it was great fun... (it ended for me in the usual way though).
  17. DCS: Mi-24 Hind Pre Order

    Another one from Wags...
  18. Found it, thanks daddyairplanes.
  19. Future plans ?

    Indeed. Looking forward to Rick's final, final, final 1940 Hurricane challenge what! Hmm maybe I should get that T16000m. Buttons on the old MSFFB2 are rather scarce for these hi-tech kites.
  20. B-47E

    the one at C5's site is/WAS capuns. it was created before The Great Schism
  21. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    The ranks are thinning. It's up to you and a few others now Balders. Carry on the good fight chaps and punch those ruddy huns in the bally nose! You can keep it. I have no use for it no more. She leaks oil. A lot. British engineering. I think she likes you. Although one can never tell really ....
  22. What? A Rick Rawlings Challenge?

    Dohh, Spiv! (Personal Journal & Log) 03December 1917-- Intercept enemy, our sector FF8303...Early pre-dawn brief 'brief'. I found my right hand shaking slightly as we were given our coordinates...must be the cold weather. Forecast for snow and heavy cloud. We'll be lucky to see anything in the soup up there. We took off at 0700h, just 'B' Flight since 'A' had suffered a mauling late yesterday. I hate helping to clean up someones gear. I borrowed Spiv's pilfered motorbike and went into see Dorothy last evening. We talked about our upcoming leaves, trying to coordinate. London at Christmas would be nice. Bugger, I'm finding keeping the journal difficult...my thoughts are all over the map. Again as we flew over No Man's land the searchlights flicked their fingers around. The ack-ack that came up exploded pretty harmlessly below us. Then the nightmare...Naps got lit up like a Christmas Tree, then the same happened to me. Evasive action. Through the gaps in the thick clouds those bloody lights had found us and warned the enemy. It was a large flight of Albatrosses and they hit us hard. I almost got one but he was a slippery character. Tud's got his first-- that surprised me given how long he's survived in 40RFC-- I just assumed he never talked about his victories. After a short and violent scrap, the five of us managed to repel them despite their superior numbers. I'm thinking they had a lot of fresh out of school pilots. I think I'll go ahead and put in for some leave. Oh look now I've made a mess of the last line...this shaking hand is making me doolally. 04December 1917-- Attack enemy aerodrome at Haubourdin (The Reprise!). The hats must have thought the enemy aerodrome need more destruction of their tents. We took off smartly, formed up and promptly ended up all higgledy-piggledy near the target. The bloody snow and clouds...I wasn't even sure we were attacking the right aerodrome. I had taken a couple of coopers with me and dropped them on the grass where the enemy would taxi. There were no aeroplanes parked. We shot up more tents, I put a few rounds into a truck and parked staff car. The ground fire was heavy as usual, but the aerodromes ack-ack was, thankfully, lacklustre. I got lost on the way home and landed near the port of Dieppe. I managed to get a message to Dorothy that I would be really late getting back and not to worry. She called me a bloody idiot and burst into tears. I better see if I can buy her a bit of chocolate somewhere...
  23. Rear Gunner Blues

    So here's one that worked better, although I don't know why: Novice level gunner? Luckily wounded him on the first pass? Was in the sweet spot where he decided blowing his own tail off was more of a threat than me? Needs more research...
  24. B-47E

    errr yeah. notice my signature below.... its why im looking on site. i remember column5 having it, but it seems not to have carried over
  25. B-47E

    as i Know only one type was downloadable in past.from A-team before 2005 .....E -TYPE
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