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  2. Yes, it's a correct skins for Type 59/69 hull, my vision, as you know, old models and we need a new one.
  3. Today
  4. @strahi I don't understand what your post is about. Is it an improved skin for one of the tanks in the mod? It's not needed anymore as next version of ODS 30AE will feature brand new tanks exclusively made by yakarov79.

    Wow, looks stunning. I bet it performs well to unlike the one crippled model I seen in UAW 1.60.
  6. It seems to be a Windows system issue rather than a Video card issue. It just weird that I did have 64 FPS before when EAW-GOG came out, now its less than half. This is recent and not a past issue windows had. Cause the other installs of EAW 1.2 and 1.60 etc have 15 to 20 FPS now. IDK. I researched hard and can't find anything that would limit the FPS on EAW that low.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Marvelous!!! Pretty much immersive! This area should be heavy "flakked" don´t you agree?
  9. Outstanding work, Gepard! It's a tragedy that all of that is a current warzone, but in a way you're giving light to it with such artistic work. Props to you.
  10. SitRep: I'm still working on Energodar, town and nuclear powerplant. I added some more factories and other ground objects. Then i try to rework parts of the tiles which not match. And finally i have started to "plant trees".

    The final 100% product, hope it's good enough. I'll find a use for the 2 remaining nodes! VonBeerhofen
  12. A brand new Mirage F1EQ waits for approval A preview by Coupi :
  13. Hello my friends ! Please... just a question ! Do you think it would be possible to play SF2 with the Meta Quest 2 VR system ? Best regards, P.
  14. WTR End of Summer Update

    Outstanding work
  15. Dogfight

    I always liked this add on. Perfect tool to test data files.
  16. I just started to work on FM . Give us 1-1.5 month and you will have really cool MQ-9 .
  17. One of the forerunners to the Wild Weasel program...KTTV Channel 11, an Invader from the 729th BS flying electronic counter-measures (anti-radar) missions in Korea circa 1951.
  18. Scooters

    Confusion is probably all mine - First couple of downloads got 'porked' - wouldn't unzip/unpak? I could only get the 'Old' 001 file to unzip.......Thank you Nyghtfall for your feedback and support
  19. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    para los que quieren saber el estado del PBY, detallado de la bodega de bombas, detalles de las alas destruidas y calcas con arte de nariz historicos y no tanto.
  20. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    aVances lentos pero decididos, para el mod malvinas Nuevo barco mercante Rio Carcaraña, nuevo modelo de destruccion de Mirages-Dagger,nuevos detalles en portaviones 25 DE MAYO
  21. Last week
  22. i didnt figure you would be interested Menrva. You have said in the past that Balkans had sort of worn you out and I know that you still keep fine tuning ODS 30AE. It is impressive how you keep improving it so far out after its release when many modders and teams would have stopped and declared it finished when i make posts like that, it is to try to get other new interest in it. the game is up to the modders and those that still enjoy our work. everyone starts somewhere, maybe the Balkans gets someone new interested in modding. that interest goes further when we encourage new skinners, modelers, terrain builders and campaign writers rather than decrying the lack of interest. for the folks that dont have interest tweaking their work for a future update, i would hope they would be willing to help a next generation with interest learn. besides, like i mentioned theres quite abit of time to work on it. and even Allied Force wasnt as intensive as Iraq 91, let alone Deliberate Force or fictional strikes durng Deny Flight
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