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  2. Anyone care to guess today's mission?
  3. I just put my dumb a$$ in front of his lucky nose right in the moment when he took off... It must have been the shortest intercept mission of the history Instead I should have escorted the Thunderchiefs... but you can see how it ended...
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  5. Screenshots

    Folder for the Screenshot Threads
  6. EF-101D Jammin VooDoo. What If...

    Missed the oportunity to name it "Shammin Voodoo" gret work btw
  7. Searching for Saddam convoy...
  8. Sebtoombs

  9. it'll be here soon, i swear. just getting some professional help right now
  10. MODS release

    Hi all, Sandbagger has posted an updated WOFF 0 BH&HII - Consolidated Custom Facilities Airfields Mod (Version 2.6). The download and the BH&HII Historically Populated Airfields Mod are available in the 'User Mods Pages' (Airfields). Airfields The page is dated 24th January 2022. If you don't see that date in the header block of those pages, clear your internet cache or refresh the page.
  11. The scandal after the incident of Palmdale and the MightyMouse fiasco led to a rush to phase out these air to air rockets. In many cases, it was solved with new interceptors or replacing them with Falcon missiles in existing types, however a very sizeable fleet of F-86Ds was to remain in service for a while and then be passed on to ANG units. Many of those were refitted with new F-86F40 wings (please play along, I kept the tips out of frame) , new electronics, including capability to operate with SAGE, better engine and, most noticeably a new weapons set up, replacing the rocket tray with the cannon arrangement of the F-86Ks and adding Sidewinder missile rails. The redesignated F-86Ls would become the backbone of the ANG during much of the 1960s, with a few being deployed to Vietnam and Thailand to provide air defense against the odd raid and a good adversary to simulate MiG-17s on training.
  12. Iranian F-14s in Retrospect

    During the development of Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition, we found ourselves with so many sketchy details on the IrAF and the order of battle of Iraqi air units. Tom Cooper's data helped us quite a lot, but I personally went further to countercheck it with other sources I found with time. I still keep backups of them. It turns out I clarified few unit names in the IrAF, which aircraft they flew at the time of the Gulf War and on which airports they were based temporarily. It's a pity we do not have incontrovertible info; that 8 year long war left terrible wounds both in history of man and of aviation.
  13. Iranian F-14s in Retrospect

    many thanks to Migbuster for your research and careful argumentation. as for Tom Cooper he sure is one of the leading public experts on the Middle East conflicts, but he often seems to take first person accounts as truth and at face value. btw, he sports a very heavy bias against Soviet equipment. as for MiG-23 vs Mirage F1 I remember having read that South-african Mirages were totally outclassed by Cuban MiGs in the "bush / Angolan war" during the 1980ies. cheers sokol
  14. First of all, this is not a standalone game, but a mod requiring you to own and have installed three Strike Fighters 2 games from ThirdWire. Second, you can't expect help when you keep ignoring my posts where I tell you what to check. Third, without any details, it's just childish to ask help like you do. You already did not one, but three times already. We cannot help you since you're on deaf ears and you still give zero clues of what you did on your end. This is the post you have ignored, just above yours, and I had pinged you. I always try to help. In this case, I cannot go further than this.
  15. The game doesnt work for me.When I start the game only the black screen stay a seconds and then comes out.Somebody can help me?
  16. EF-101D Jammin VooDoo. What If...

    Should be fun! Thanks
  17. I would have, but I have other projects that I promised to have them completed too. But you will get your request may be sooner that what you expect.
  18. It's an F35, who cares, fly a proper aeroplane..........one that works and looks prettier....sorry, couldn't resist.
  19. Iranian F-14s in Retrospect

    As a side note, I've always been impressed by the Mirage F1. Reading specs alone it doesn't feel like it would perform as good as it did historically against MiG-23s and F-14s
  20. abit but not the longest out there by a long shot
  21. no worries on that, RL is picking up abit for me and the time for modding will be cut down (even if the "ooh i wanna do this" doesnt) i was actually more worried you'd say "looks simple" and try to tackle it now
  22. Yesterday
  23. I downloaded and installed the same pack, and the only issue I'm having is a double canopy issue (the outside model frame is showing in the frame) so not sure what would fix your issue offhand. Though it would help to know which one is doing that, as the F-35A I'm having the double canopy issue.
  24. Jean-Fidele Hierrot, Report #4: August 1915 On Saturday, 28 August, Sous Lieutenant Jean-Fidele Hierrot sent out two letters. This was the first letter, sent to his mother, Adélaïde: This was the second letter, sent to his godfather, Alphonse Gellée: That being said, after Jean-Fidele sent both letters, MS 12 would soon be under new management.
  25. Lockheed F-104H Starfighters of Fliegerstaffel 17, Swiss Air Force, 1971
  26. Jean-Fidele Hierrot

    Images from the campaign of Jean-Fidele Hierrot.
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