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  2. there was some slight decal bleed. download was fixed. Here is the fix so you don't have to download the whole package. extract the files and replace them in the MR2 folder decalbleedfix.rar
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  4. Thank you.ive been hoping for this or a Lincoln for a long time.
  5. YEEEEEEEEEEES IT WORKED!!! Thanks guys for the help!!!!
  6. textureset.ini way is fine... if repainting say c47 copy its base textures to the new folder....when finished painting...just go to your new skin folder select the texture youve redone.and "save as".....ensres its exact same format... just ensure if plane uses a bmp its format you save in is....24/ 16 m depth\colours or jpeg if jpeg.. make sure the textures added to the planes main ini ie.....C-47A.ini...if you follow the steps you cant or shouldnt go wrong. [TextureSet001] Directory=USAFSilver1 < important to name right Name=USAF Silver < ditto Nation=USAF StartDefaultDate=1948 Specular=1.000000 Glossiness=0.500000 Reflection=0.800000 DecalNumberRandomize=TRUE [TextureSet002] Directory=USAFGreen1 Name=USAF Green Nation=USAF StartDefaultDate=1 Specular=0.400000 Glossiness=0.400000 Reflection=0.000000 DecalNumberRandomize=TRUE DecalNumberBlockSize=26 [TextureSet003] Directory=EAFSilver1 Name=Egyptian Silver Nation=Egypt StartDefaultDate=1950 Specular=1.000000 Glossiness=0.500000 Reflection=0.800000 DecalNumberRandomize=TRUE
  7. Oh i forgot to say that i copy and paste the textureset.ini from the default skins of the plane im skinning and then i edit it with nation, squadron, etc. I dont know if i am doing it good or not, if not i would like to know how to make it good
  8. But i would like to know how to paint a skin (not symbols, camouflage or things like that) because im new in this game and i would like to make my own skins and maybe share them here!
  9. I have the textureset.ini in all my skins, and i paint the decals because there are some decals that i cant get in the game (for example: im from argentina, in the game i cant get the 3 escuadrilla de caza y ataque symbol from the argentine navy, so i make a skin with it)
  10. yeah its fake invisible gears...used it on my UFO to simulate hover or anti grav...
  11. To be honest, there's a way to foolled the game to make a water landing but with no water splash and rocking. Very artificial and not nice.
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  13. and... is there a textureset ini??? NO skins show in game without one. Been that way since 2006 or so also, why would you waste time painting on national markings when TK has given us the most fabulous decal system in gaming?? The only reasons one would need to do so 1) weathering. decals are (somewhat) difficult to get that worn look 2) need that mesh for additional decals (4 max per mesh) just my thoughts on the matter
  14. there IS a trick to getting sea/float planes to work -- and can't remember the details. Something about having a fake invisible gear or skid??? I know Capun had working floatplanes, but - mind you - that was for 1stGens
  15. I'm quite sure I was able to land on several occasions.
  16. the process i usually do is: 1) open the program and open the template. 2) I dont usually repaint them, i only add them pictures like roundels. 3) export the template with the roundels or the images i added.
  17. i am using photoshop (on the computer) or picsart (on my phone), i exported them in .bmp format but they are still appearing black, i will try the LODviewer because i didnt tried it
  18. no good unless its equipped with wheels like the catalina etc..get one made anew... .or you get the guy who made its permission...
  19. Unfortunately, the seaplanes are not "welcome" in this simm. It´s a place for the "wheelers"!
  20. I had posted in microsoft forum here but wondered if a modder would take a stab at bringing this in to our sim? Already out for FSX just not sure about permissions and if feasible conversion. http://royalefrenchnavy.restauravia....ations.htm#Avi
  21. http://royalefrenchnavy.restauravia....ations.htm#Avi
  22. indeed...or copy the planes bmps you are making new ones...copy them to new skin folder and sav as and navigate to folder click on the one you are doing and save as...ensures same format
  23. which software you are using to create skins? If Gimp and exporting as bmp. make sure to chose the proper format of bmp.
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