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  3. We should arrange to meet more often.
  4. I like it! Nice to see that someone is putting his Hands on Ground / airbase objects!
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  7. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=84&linkid=24978 http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=84&linkid=24982
  8. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    All the notes I have for 129 seem to be just something about the tilemaps, new and old. https://eaw.neocities.org/codegroup-patches.html#129 But game data was probably updated as well.
  9. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    I'm currently downloading Jel's big 1.29 installation, so will post how I get on. Update: Jel's 1.29 eawexe works. It is an old map one. He had two other exe's in the download. The new map one provides the same ctd. The Colonel's exe was also a new map version. That seems to be my problem. Perhaps a complete 1.29 install is required, rather than the basic. Is there any advantage to going from 1.28EV21 to 1.29May16 as the foundation for my custom install?
  10. The 'king' of the Mirages...
  11. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    Cool damages / particles. BTW VBH, All updated on the EAWPRO1.0_Basic.zip file on my mediafire account, ready for more downloads. :)
  12. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    Thats odd. Unless your using a wrapper on one and not the other(129)...... Could be controller related issue too, the game will CTD if the controls are not configured properly if you have some hooked up. EAW sometimes detects wrong. I don't think anything that would effect screen res was modified in 129. However document notes on the changes I think where not available and only a general run down of what was changed exists. I'd have to go over my site and read the notes Jel provided some time ago. Also, I noticed Jel had just posted a newer 129 version on media fire from last year, it may be a better version by a few months. that you may want to check out. Goto SimHQ Forums or wait for him to post here.... PS Make sure you use a unique game folder name like \129Basic or \129 Cause windows surly wrote some reg entries from your previous tests. Thanks for answer my questions and providing a detail account of your trials.
  13. That's awesome. Yes, I'm interested. Thanks.
  14. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    Excellent work. Thank you and Season's Greetings.
  15. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    That's a nice Christmas present for the community. Thanks!
  16. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    Sorry, Mark, I thought I had implicitly answered the question. However, it is a fault of mine that I often fail to realise I might be the only one who knows what I'm talking about. I tried all your recommendations. I installed the small movies cdf and started directly from the exe-indeed I had already tried this before to no avail. Today, I redownloaded the file in case my old one was corrupt, but with the same results. Finally, I took your advice to delete the eawini and this is what led me to the cause of my problem. When I ran it post-deletion, the game worked. When I exited and examined the ini, the resolution had reduced to 1024x768. When I changed it back to 1920x1080, the same ctd resulted. When I used my usual ini from my 1.28E setup in 1.29 and changed the resolution in that one from 1920x1080 down to 1024x768, the 1.29 game also worked. Hence, I concluded that the 1.29 exe has a problem with widescreen resolutions. To me, using 1.28E and 1.60, there is no motivation whatsoever to persist with 1.29, unless I'm missing something very major. Of course, if somebody can adjust the 1.29 exe for widescreen, this would resolve the problem.
  17. Thanks - found them now. Another reminder I've just had, as to how good BoB2+BDG is...I was tootling east along the coast after a circuit at Tangmere, when I came to Brighton and saw the famous pier. 'A graphics glitch', I thought, seeing the section of pier missing. Then I remembered, they disconnected the ends of such piers from the coast, to deter the Germans using them during landings. Now, THAT'S attention to historical detail!
  18. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    Well don't leave us hanging. Could you at least please answer the questions I have asked in previous post for others to learn from?
  19. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    Damn VB looks good!! thanks
  20. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    It seems that 1.29 will not work, for me, in widescreen resolution. I can get it to work in 1024x768, but it crashes in the 1920x1080 resolution that I have working in all my other EAW installs. Ah well.
  21. F-4E_72 Edwards AFB

    cool !
  22. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    Since the work on EAWPRO is a continuous effort I've decided an interim upgrade would be nice. Those who've kept their game updated can simply extract the upgrade into their EAWPRO gamefolder, allow overwrites and it should be good to go. Older installs will require the latest release version on top of an official Microprose version 1.x after which the new upgrade can be added the same way as above. The upgrade is available here: https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/Members/FXEXE.zip Some appetizing pics: Enjoy and have a nice X-Mas VonBeerhofen
  23. Hi Brian, I see no one replied yet. So in the meantime, I whipped this up real quick (includes spec highlights, mild weathering and bump mapping but hard to see in quick default render). Just in case you're interested or until something better comes along.
  24. F-4E_72 Edwards AFB

    looks like ... like a young virgin in a fresh bed on a white snowy sheet covered with rose petals
  25. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    Did you use the download linked in this thread? or Did you get 129 elsewhere? I got the file I have working for 129 on Win10, even the smacker movie playedback, but slow. (I'm running EAW: 1.29 NewMap 26th January 2016) Anyhow: You maybe getting that error during the movie playback. For some reason jel included the 284meg movie with it. You need to delete the eaw.ini configuration file first. Then download an empty MOVIES.CDF and replace the one in the games main folder. (or just hit ESC key to bypass the movie before it crashes) Then run the eaw.exe directly to load upto the main screen, then goto instant mission and see if it loads the flight screen.
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