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    This cigarette needs smoke effect ;-)
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    Spent four hours creating the bracing and control wires.
  5. Thanks for the pic. I use pop-up radar screens all the time, especially on aircraft like the F-105 Thud where the cockpit radar screen is way down low between your legs, and I have never seen this effect you are experiencing. Which version of the radar is the correct one? I would imagine the pop-up version. The radar is showing a group of small dots, which is the airfield, and which you can clearly see on the right of the landscape. The pop-up shows them on the right, so must be correct. The radar in the Cockpit is therefore at fault, and needs a cockpit-building expert to identify how to fix it. I suppose that's what you mean by "mesh is the culprit"
  6. What a great AI is built into this game.
  7. New Aircraft

    Yes, apparently, there is installed some modern engine. This is definitely not anAnzani. While Mikael Carlson's aircraft powered with the newly manufactured (or ideally restored?) Gnome rotary engine. These days it is a big rarity! Since in our case we are talking not about the Bleriot XI, but about the two-seat Bleriot XI-2 with a more powerful engine with a cowling, the Carlson's airplane more closely matches what Geezer does. P.S. By the way, when the old manual to the Gnome engine says: “When the engine started and you can hear from its sound that it is running at full power, the pilot checks the number of revolutions by the oil pulsation in the glasses. The normal “Gnome” engine speed is 1200 rpm value corresponds to 84 pulses per minute.) If a tachometer is installed, which is highly desirable, the pilot checks the revs by the tachometer. "
  8. What mods (terrain expecially) and EAW version are you using, Sky High? If my EAW install looked like that I'd probably play it more than occasionally. As far as I'm concerned, EAW, like most of Microprose's other late 1990s combat sims like M1 Tank Platoon II, B17 II and of course European Air War itself, are still shining examples of how these things should be made, and the yardstick against which they should be judged. Sadly the visuals and some under the hood detail has been improved but few subsequent ones come even close to the depth and breadth of Microprose's classics. I took the plunge and got Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition last night - no interest in multi-player so wouldn't have bothered except it was on sale cheap on eBay. So I thought I may as well have it for the odd flight or combat. Have had a bit of a struggle getting things set up, even the Joystick needed every axis set individually. Pics below are from my first real flight, a cross-country job in one of the minor Hurricane variants you can pick, in this case with the DH two-speed prop, smaller-diameter spinner Hurricane model (pointy unlike the Spit [bulbous] or Hurri [longer, bullet-shaped] constant-speed Rotol, both variants of which Hurricanes had, as well as either Spit or Hurri DH jobs). First impressions include: - many sims have issues with object draw in but unless there's a setting I've so far missed, CloD is one of the worst offenders I've seen, with piers, jetties, hangars etc popping suddenly into view when far too close; - my Hurricane is excessively weathered, looking like somebody started and then gave up a half-hearted effort to sand it back to a natural metal finish, and the camouflage is a bit too shiny on metal panels, more like a Luftwaffe one than RAF; - RAF squadron codes look to be one size fits all, in a rather too rounded font, and planes may lack the prominent serial numbers; - water, cloud and lighting effects are very good and give a realistic impression, including of the lie of the land at lower altitudes (though I do think the terrain hues look a bit dark or strong); - cockpits are very nice; - there are no hedgerows in southern England apparently, just 'tree-rows', and the trees are evidently a special, salt-water-resistant sort, as they run right up to the sea and in some cases, thrive at the foot of limestone sea cliffs; - the land-sea transitions in urban areas are poor, with no seafronts; houses and streets run randomly up to and sometimes on to beaches; - the empty, open-door hangars look like they are paper-thin despite their substantial size and height; - on autopilot, reminiscent of Il-2, the AI seem to turn on rudder only, and after landing, keep the stick pulled back like their lives depended on it, even after stopping and switching off. How it flies and fights, and what sort of air-to-air AI and SP missions or campaign it has, I'll find out for myself soon enough.
  9. Did some playing around with a possibility of adding the F-35 to my JSDF 2020 mission pak, found it just didn't make sense with the current SF2 weapons load. That said, did automate F-2As attacking simultaneously to send sinking the Udaloy & 2 Ro-Ros just right on their own...
  10. Standing by for the final product... looks promising. I could also see other nations - especially the Parani - interested in such a J-10 upgrade.
  11. A test with a sweep to Chaumont: Just approaching the French coast: Flew over a coastal airfield and the enemy scrambled:
  12. Evening (from where I am, anyway), I went through the campaign files for Rolling Thunder in the Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam Air/Ground Expansion Pack's latest iteration (the September 2014 Update) and I found a problem with the pack's Rolling Thunder Variant campaigns' use of Navy squadrons. Eburger did an excellent job with these campaigns and shifting squadrons between carriers to represent the historical air wing changes during Rolling Thunder, but the campaign start and stop dates are out of whack. The dates are based on when the carrier left or arrived at her homeport, not when she actually arrived and began air ops on Yankee Station. I modified the campaign files accordingly, so that the various Navy squadrons first appear on the days they actually began airstrikes, rather than the days they left their homeports. In addition, I also modified the "RetireDate" values so that the squadrons depart the AO when they historically ceased air ops. I spent a great deal of time on various websites trying to figure this out, but sometimes I was unable to do so, and to cut a long story short, I had to make an educated guess on when some squadrons started or ended airstrikes (the only way to definitively figure out these squadrons' deployments is to physically go to Maryland and read the actual deck logs.) Still, the modifications I did will give an extra bit of immersion for Navy grognards by more accurately depicting the ebb and flow of Navy squadrons during Rolling Thunder. Keep in mind that you won't be able to fly off of Forrestal anymore, as she only spent a few days (July 25-27, 1967) on station before her infamous fire that sent her back to the States, and never made another Vietnam cruise again. All this being said, though, I can't post my campaign files yet, as this is simply my personal work on Eburger's mod and I don't want to post anything without his permission. If he comes on here and gives me the okay, I'll post these campaigns in the Downloads section under my own account. Until then, I'll await a response. If you're reading this, Eburger, I'm also okay if you want to post the files yourself in Downloads as an update to the SF2V Air/Ground Expansion Pack. If that is your chosen course of action, be sure to explicitly credit me for my work in this regard. My title for this project is "On Yankee Station: SF2V Air/Ground Expansion Historical Navy Campaign Update." Cheers!
  13. SF2 does not support multiplayer of any kind. Sorry.
  14. New Aircraft

    "Borrowed" the rigging wires from the Moraine-Saulnier Type P to start rigging the Bleriot.
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    Excellent progress on the Bleriot Geezer! Here's a link for anyone interested in flying characteristics of an Anzani-powered type (y-configuration engine in this case)...seems like an authentic replica. The one that Mikael Carlson flies is rotary-powered, also available on YouTube and interesting to compare with this Anzani variant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGgj6jVUNm8 Von S EDIT: Apparently not an Anzani but some similar-hp engine being used on the replica in the clip.
  17. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Muy feo... No devia volar muy bien. Como estan los Fw190s? Los quiero mucho!!!
  18. Good thinking! The Indians could really use a low-level attack jet. I suspect the Brits would be happy to sell their leftover Tornadoes for a bargain basement price...
  19. Does anyone have coordinates to place a small USN fleet around the carriers at Yankee and Dixie Stations on the VietnamSEA terrain? The carriers in campaigns look very lonely out there by themselves.
  20. New Aircraft

    Ah, the days before smoking bans!
  21. A shaky start with Seventy-Nine...

    Home, James, and don't spare the horses! Needless to say, I made the best of my Hurricane's turning abilities to get out of the Hun's line of fire! BoB2 gives very good 'shake, rattle (but no roll)' audible stall warning when you're on the edge, so I was able to hold her there quite happily. Another few circles and I was gaining on him. He was faster but I could turn tighter. I was a bit alarmed when a completely different Hun whizzed past. I didn't fancy a sustained low-level dogfight against two or more 109s, especially as there seemed to be no friendly fighters about to come to my aid, this time. So as soon as I was able to put a bit of distance between myself and the 109s, I bravely ran away. Discretion being the better part of valour, he who fights and runs away, and all that. The railway lines in BoB2 can be a bit badly laid in places, and this was one of those places. However, the woods look a lot better with autogen trees turned on, which is a very simple hand edit of your BDG.txt configuration file. And at low level, you can see that the lie of the land is reproduced, even though this is not so readily apparent from higher up. The red low fuel warning lights must have come on in those 109 instrument panels, for they made no effort to pursue me. So I was able to level off and call up Control, asking for my nearest landing ground. I could murder a cup of tea, I thought; no need to wait till I got all the way back to Biggin Hill. To be honest I'm not sure where I it was that got down. I just followed the bearing given, as it was only a few miles away. Compared to our sector airfield, the premises looked a bit on the Spartan side, and the grass field itself seemed a bit small. But I only bounced once, and then I was down and rolling up to the sheds, tapping the brakes with the elevators well up to keep the tail down till the speed came off, and wondering where the officers' mess was. Or even the NAAFI, if all else failed. If nothing else, the mission has got me hauling out the keycard (I have a copy of a 'big box' version of the Rowan original, which includes the old-style printed manual) and the modern BDG soft copy equivalent, which includes some new keystrokes and a tabular explanation of what each does. Not flying as a leader makes life a bit less busy, but there are still some basic skills and sim-specific drills I need to learn, to get the best of my BoB2 experience. Which so far - just in case you haven't noticed - I am finding lives up to the very best I've long heard about Rowan's classic in its A2A Wings of Victory form.
  22. Heading home final approach hook down Catch the wire
  23. New Aircraft

    Thanks. Again, Crawford was an immense help with researching details for this aircraft.
  24. New Aircraft

    Great stuff!!
  25. In 160 we have these ini settings EnemyEncounter=1 FriendlyEncounter=0 If EnemyEncounter is set to a high value then flying close to an enemy base can spawn a scramble take-off of enemy fighters. I think that the type relates to squadron files which reference the base, but maybe the code could be adapted. I need to look at it to check the values which are used.
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