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  2. I don't see how minimum of one controller, at least one tower supervisor, and a minimum of 4 phone patches through to NORAD all qualified with at least a minimum amount of the story (unauthorized departure 16C KSEA Q400 0236Z, pilot communicating, south departure, radar contact 5000AGL over Nisqually Reach) is going to happen in 5 seconds but I'll take your word for it, respectfully. On another note another aircraft reported the Q400 taking off 16C with left and right mains smoking, sounds like a parking brake left on. That's why pilots use checklists.
  3. Su-30Mk2

    you welcome!
  4. "which by the way had to take at least 5 minutes itself to coordinate through all those agencies" on a scramble that's about 5 seconds......
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  6. You know? The original idea I had for this terrain was that of a proxy war against drug cartels and/or political rebels getting support from the outside, but it was limited to the years 1994-2018. In the end I decided to expand the timeframe so that it now includes the Cold War, starting from 1968. Of all the terrains I made, this one is the most adapt for many what ifs, so users are not limited to what I imagined. The terrain uses the Desert.CAT terrain as a base, and that terrain comes with the basic Strike Fighters 2. However, you can replace which stock terrain .CAT archive to use for all custom terrains. For instance, open the TexasASC.ini file with Notepad; you'll find: [Terrain] TerrainFullName=Texas, American South Central (1968-2018) DataFile=TexasASC_DATA.INI TargetFile=TexasASC_TARGETS.INI TargetTypeFile=TexasASC_TYPES.INI ... CatFile=..\Desert\Desert.cat Just change the CatFile to use the stock terrain you have. If you have SF2 Europe, you'll have the GermanyCE terrain, so CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat The only stock terrain that can't be used as a base is the IcelandNA terrain that comes with SF2 North Atlantic. Word of advise: replacing .CATs as I showed works most of the time. However, each .CAT archive is different. The Desert one contains certain buildings which are not present in other terrains. By using another .CAT other than the default one can result in small bugs and glitches (such as you're given to bomb a bridge, but there is no 3d model for it). But this does not prevent you to try all the custom terrains the community has created! So my advise is to buy the SF2 title you prefer, but avoid SF2NA as you cannot use its terrain as a base for the custom terrains.
  7. Wow, I never would have thought of a Central America Vs Mexico what-if set in the Gulf, but that terrain looks terrific and the idea has a lot of intrigue. Will there be a possibility in the scenarios to treat it more as a proxy war, with the possibility of mercenary pilots from the USA and Russia. Personally, I'd love to have some Canadian mercs flying decommissioned CF-105 Arrows, CF-5A Freedom Fighters or CF-188 Hornets; depending on the historical era. What editions of SF2 will be required to play it?
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  10. Fantastic terrain additions! Thank you for your work and time sacrifice Menrva........................Bravo!
  11. Great idea It makes me want to go back to WoFF ! Hoping for more !
  12. Opsss Sorry. I think that I've posted in the wrong place. My apologies! PD: Danke Rene
  13. @FRPignon Can I ask you, why did you hijack my thread and removed yours (https://combatace.com/topic/83063-europe-total-war-1979/) which you had created to show this terrain? IMHO there was no need to act like this. Just basic rules of the internet.
  14. SF2-WT What if Campaigns

    What if Campaigns and Missions from 50's until now. Simulators: Strike Fighters 2, War Thunder
  15. Thanks Svetlin, Bob & dtmdragon! I'll go ahead and take Bob's advice.
  16. Hello everyone, everything good? Can anyone help me finish the Embraer KC-390 I do not have time to finish the UVW map My help need much the model me send model add uvw map =D I add other game
  17. Very nice Menrva, thanks. The original version of this terrain is by Edward, but this rebuild of yours is right up to current standards, great job!
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  19. View File Timor, North Oceania (1950-2018) Timor, North Oceania (1950-2018) Terrain August 13th, 2018 (1st Release) by Menrva >For Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam, Recommended Full-5 Merged This is a complete remake of the Modern Darwin terrain made by Wrench. A better and more complete tileset has been added, improving the looks of Northern Australia with the introduction of desert and barren valleys. Various rivers and lakes have been hand-tiled and mimic Real World courses. Numerous target areas, such as emergency airstrips and civilian airports, have been added in order to expand playability, targets of opportunity and year span. Now the island of Timor has a lot of bases to take-off from. This terrain features a fresh new 250m resolution heightmap (instead of the stock 500m resolution), allowing for greater details and precision in elevation changes; overall it provides the whole terrain with a better look. The terrain spans from August 17, 1950 (when President Sukarno proclaimed a single unitary Republic of Indonesia) to December 31, 2018; it is designed for fictional clashes between ANZUS/SEATO forces (namely Australia and New Zealand) and a random pool of Red Side countries (namely Indonesia and China). Targets reflect Real World events as accurately as possible; for instance, some airfields will appear only after a certain year, according to historic changes. If you have SF2NA, naval fleets might spawn in the Timor Sea. Also, Off Map Airbases have been added and long range AI flights can be generated from them. All main targets have been placed accurately in their Real World locations. Ground Objects are not included. You can obtain the most needed from Wrench's original Modern Darwin terrain release. >Credits (in no particular order): -Wrench, for he had the idea of recreating such a scenario in the Strike Fighters world. -swambast, who provided me with invaluable help in tracking and fixing common and uncommon bugs. -gerwin, whose TFDtool has proved to be essential in today's terrain making. If the terrain is pretty accurate to RL it's also because of him. I included his very nice Airfield 7+8 Addon Pack, too. -mue, for the improved shaders he made, which I have included and reworked for the terrain, and for the tools he made for SF2 modding. -luk1978, for the waternormal bitmap he shared at the SF2 screenshots thread. Your mods are very interesting! -MigBuster, I have included some of his great hi-res textures for runways. -Stary, for the hi-res PTO tileset he made, which I have reworked and expanded. -Brain32, for the gorgeous VietnamSEA tileset repaint he made, from which I borrowed a few tiles. -Centurion-1, Spudknocker and tiopilotos, for the impressive tileset they made for the Angola terrain, from which I borrowed some tiles. -Gepard, for his great tutorials about terrain making, in the SF1 Knowledge Base at CombatACE. It's a gold mine! -RussoUK, for the fixed Pit LOD he made, which solved a shadow bug from the original TW's LOD. -krfrge, who has produced a tutorial for recreating SF2-like planning maps, which prompted me to work on templates and my own high quality planning maps. Thank you very much! -comrpnt, for his Approach and Airfield Lighting Pack mod packages for SF1 series, which I reworked and included. Because the original terrain was made and tweaked numerous times by Wrench, I included the ReadMe files from his original packages, to the end of giving proper credit to everyone involved directly or not. >Disclaimer: This is a freeware; yet it can be redistributed ONLY in other CombatACE mods/mod packages. Any changes to the terrain package's files and/or any copy-and-paste attempts of their contents are NOT authorized if you plan to release them in other mods. But permission might be granted to those who request it to me at CombatACE. This terrain may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. >My Other Releases: Ecuador, Northwest South America (1981-1998) Texas, American South Central (1968-2018) Sweden, Baltic Rim (2004-2018) Sweden, Baltic Rim (1952-1994) Libya, Central Mediterranean (1980-2011) Madagascar, Southeast Africa (1977-2018) Iraq, Western Asia (2003-2018) Alaska, Bering Strait (1955-2018) Iraq, Western Asia (1980-2003) Submitter Menrva Submitted 08/12/2018 Category Full Terrains  
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