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realSKY Environment
January 13th, 2019 (1st Release)
by Menrva

>For Strike Fighters 2 games
This is my sky enhancement mod. It also combines the work of many other modders, in order to provide a realistic, better looking sky. Here below a quick summary of the changes:
-Tweaked sky colours, something in between Cellinsky's widesky and the stock SF2 colours.
-More realistic Night colours, sky and ambient are much darker.
-Reddish transition from Twilight to Night.
-New "dark blue" High Altitude colours (fly near space with a NF-104).
-Moon produces a yellowish light instead of the default purple.
-Sky is "wider" as in Cellinsky's widesky mod (background horizon clouds are bigger and more noticeable).
-Added beautiful cloud graphics made by ShrikeHawk.
-Added stray clouds to Clear weather.
-Added noticeable clouds to Overcast weather and Inclement weather, "fixing" a known SF2 "bug".
-Combined various mods to produce a more interesting Rain Effect under Inclement weather.
-Added Stary's Lens Flare effects from the SARCASM 2 mod, in place of Cellinsky's widesky effects.
-Added Cloud Layer graphics by Stary, Fubar512 and Brain32.
-Other small tweaks of no importance for the end user.

It's recommeded to set the game's Effects to High in the Options menu. By setting the Effects to Unlimited, the game uses a pointless DirectX 10 post processing effect; the stock game's post processing shader generates a horrible bloom effect which excessively blinds the player during Twilight transitions. I have included an alternative post processing shader (TWPOSTPROCESS.FX) in order to disable the faulty bloom effect; it provides a minor bloom effect when looking directly at the sun, so it's miles better than what the stock game offers. However, if you want to gain more FPS, it's better not to play the game with Effects set to Unlimited.

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This all in one pack is a collection of all the K.A.W. mods released in the past and makes them come together into a guns only standalone dogfight theater, with a collection of 6 (+5 RedFor) campaigns.
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The popular DS mod updated to SF2 standards.
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About This File
The breifing screens do not work with this add on. The add on is built for campaign play. Single missions will work 90% of the time depending on the plane used. This is due to some terrain issues, however campaign mode should work flawlessly.
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