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    Wings Over Flanders Fields BH&H II : What is next?
    By Polovski,
    Hi all,

    Here’s some great news for WOFF users.

    Hot on the heels of our recent Battle of France release for our WW2 simulator, WOTR, we are pleased to announce that we are now working on a new WOFF BH&HII Expansion!

    Current release expected early 2024, and we will release more details as the Addon progresses.

    Note details may be subject to change.

    Falcon BMS 4.37 Update 2 released
    By MigBuster,
        The latest iteration of the Tommo Inc Falcon 4.0 total conversion modification - Benchmark Sims 4.37 U2 - is available for you to enjoy RIGHT NOW! BMS 4.37 U2 requires a legit installation of a Falcon 4.0 (all older and newer versions are accepted alike, i.e. Microprose, Hasbro, GOG, Steam, Retroism). The check is performed both at setup time and every time you start BMS. If no valid installation is found, BMS will exit with a corresponding error message. For those of you who are new to Falcon and still need a legacy Falcon 4.0 license, you’re lucky, as there are various season sales going on. Retroism
    If you have already installed BMS 4.37 Full Installer you will need to launch the “updater.exe” in Falcon BMS root folder (or from the new launcher). Alternatively, you can use the offline incremental installer available on the Falcon BMS Download page. This mod may not be used for any commercial purposes. Any such use may constitute a violation of the intellectual property of Tommo Inc and the non-commercial Terms and Conditions under which Benchmark Sims make this mod available to you. After the update, when starting BMS, the version string in the BMS UI will now read:
    FALCON BMS 4.37.2 (X64) BUILD 521 DISCLAIMER: Do not update over a modded 3D KTO Database, it will corrupt your install…   CHANGELOG https://www.falcon-bms.com/changelogs/falcon-bms-4-37-2/   A big THANK YOU to everyone in the BMS development team and to the gents from TOMMO INC who made this release possible!    

    WOFF BH&H II V1.37 UPDATE now available!
    By Polovski,
    Today we released two updates, one for WOTR, and not to be left out, also one here for WOFF BH&H II:


    Version 1.37

    1)    Fixed a tool tip text error in Workshops for airfield grass On and Off.

    2)    Addressed a Facility populate issue on non US PCs.

    3)    Revised Airfield grass. Please see the WOFF BH&H II Downloads page on our website.  

    Wings Over The Reich - Battle of France UPDATE V1.03 now available
    By Polovski,
    Update V1.03 for WOTR Expansion Battle of France is now available.

    Version 1.03     21 February 2023

    1) Improved airfield grass.

    Obviously, this contains all previous updates for WOTR Expansion Battle of France  

    Wings Over The Reich - Battle of France UPDATE V1.02 now available
    By Polovski,
    Hi all, 
    Update V1.02 for WOTR Expansion Battle of France is now available.

    Version 1.02

    1)    Moved Laon-Couvron airfield away from a river.

    2)    Corrected some French spelling.

    This also includes the previous updates Please see BoF downloads on the website for more :

    Wings Over The Reich - Battle of France UPDATE V1.01 available
    By Polovski,
    Hi all, We are pleased to say Update V1.01 for WOTR Expansion Battle of France is now available. Version 1.01

    1)    Fixed a tool tip text error in Workshops for airfield grass On and Off.

    2)    Addressed an issue that should now prevent users with very fast PCs sometimes seeing a blank screen when returning to main menu.

    3)    Addressed a Facility populate error on non-US PCs.

    4)    French Medals were missing  - included in this patch.

    5)    River Locations on all Maps corrected.

    6)    Curtiss H-75A Model improvements:  Reworked fuel cap area and rear glass.  Fuel cap is now behind glass.  Improved and corrected VC rear canopy area.

    Please see our website to download ! WOTR website


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