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    Falcon 4 BMS 4.35 Update 1 released
    By MigBuster,
          The latest iteration of the Billion Soft Falcon 4.0 total conversion modification - Benchmark Sims 4.35 U1 - is available for you to enjoy as of RIGHT NOW! BMS 4.35 U1 requires a legit installation of a Falcon 4.0 (all older and newer versions are accepted alike, i.e. Microprose, Hasbro, GOG, Steam, Retroism). The check is performed both at setup time and every time you start BMS. If no valid installation is found, BMS will exit with a corresponding error message. U1 is an incremental update on top of 4.35 base, so you need to have the BMS 4.35 Full Installer package available on your PC. You can both update your existing 4.35 base installation as well as perform a fresh 4.35 base + U1 installation from scratch, as you like. See the installation instructions below for details.
    This mod may not be used for any commercial purposes. Any such use may constitute a violation of the intellectual property of Billion Soft (Hong Kong) Limited and the non-commercial Terms and Conditions under which Benchmark Sims make this mod available to you.     Data (rev 13663 -> 13943) -------------------- r13943 Fixed airbases (critical) - part 2 (final) --------------------- r13940 Fixed airbases (critical) - part 1 --------------------- r13919 Fixed wrong key file descriptions and typos --------------------- r13909 Fixed te_new.tac file : set the initial start time to 7:30:00z to create enough time margin for TOS shifting before the day begins --------------------- r13854 Fixed IFF and TGP definition in fm file for some F-16 types (RJAF / IAF / EAF) --------------------- r13852 RTTRemote: updated to v3.3.0.3 - Implemented network congestion control for RTTServer/RTTClient communication - RTTServer can now be configured to limit its maximum bandwidth usage per client - Check the RTTServer.ini for the new config option "LIMIT_MBPS" --------------------- r13831 RTTRemote: added missing info about "RakNetDefinesOverrides.h" options to "RTTNetData.h" --------------------- r13823 Fixed BrakeAbsorptionFactor value for aircrafts with AFM files. Can't be less than 1.0 --------------------- r13816 Fixed MFD fonts --------------------- r13815 Adjust key combinations related to the DirectX window behavior - Alt+RETURN (Switch Windowed - Full Screen & Ctrl+Return (Switch Windowed - Borderless, was Alt+Backspace before) are integrated into the key files (as a reminder) - Remapping of the following key combinations: -- Full / Basic / Minimum / Blank key files: Reset Trim from Alt+Return -> Alt+F1 Caution Reset from Ctrl+Return -> Alt+F2 -- Pitbuilder key file: TWP Priority from Alt+Return (now used by Toggle Full Screen) -> Alt+Space TWP Msl Launch from Ctrl+Return (now used by Toggle Borderless) -> Ctrl+Space Seat Up from Ctrl+N (used by Instr Hdg Dec) -> Shft Alt+V Seat Down from Alt+N (used by Instr Hdg Push) -> Ctrl Alt+V Canopy Stop from Alt+B (used by Instr Hdg Inc) -> Shft Ctrl Alt+N Canopy Open from Shft Alt+V (changed with Seat Up) -> Shft Alt+N Canopy Close from Ctrl Alt+V (changed with Seat Down) -> Ctrl Alt+N UHF *4*.*** from Shft Ctrl Alt+F (Windows critical) -> Shft Ctrl Alt+M --------------------- r13813 Improved a bit the look of gun trail --------------------- r13810 Updated RTTRemote to v3.3.0.0, added possibility for *custom* remote shared mem clients (non-RTT) to also receive the data by means of UDP multicast on plain sockets independent of the "regular" RTTServer/RTTClient network protocol. See "MULTICAST.txt" for details --------------------- r13799 Critical fix for Kunsan airbase. Replacing a closed HAS (Feature Id 149) for an open HAS on south apron to avoid spanning into a closed HAS provoking player death as soon as it start taxiing --------------------- r13792 Added RTTNetData.h, it includes the network and message formats and flow definition and descriptions, to allow development of 3rd part RTT client applications --------------------- r13774 Fixed CTD when taking of from the Vinson carrier in "TE_BMS_10_Multination_War.tac" mission (from Team USA) --------------------- r13770 Fixed launch sequence for bru-42 and lau-88 rack --------------------- r13746 Fixed afterburner glare for all F-4 (was way too strong) --------------------- r13739 Fixed F-4M (had an F-16 cockpit) --------------------- r13734 Updated TacRef (added new items, updated existing ones, cleanup) --------------------- r13711 Rebuilt the Config.exe --------------------- r13706 Added new missions set --------------------- r13687 Fixed EvalFile.xml file : - Fixed "structural" typos (spaces/tabs) - Fixed section <Eval id="25"> which is dedicated for the weapons launch calls : -- Added lots of missing entries (weapons added in DB) --------------------- r13663 The old name TE_BMS_07_1 Vs 1 Strike do not fit exactly with the current standard = TE_BMS_07_1_Vs_1_Strike       Exe (rev 22609 -> 23019) ------------------- r23019 Fixed terrain-related crash when TGP and Maverick WPN pages are open at the same time --------------------- r22946 Fixed Fog beeing applied when camera was above layer --------------------- r22945 Fixed FCR Target Speed and Target closure --------------------- r22943 CTD fix at MP campaign / TE joining. Fix memory corruption at ObjectiveDelta and Unit Loading --------------------- r22902 Adjusted key combinations related to the DirectX window behavior: - The toggle for window borders (CTRL+RETURN) will no longer trigger if ALT or SHIFT is pressed at the same time - The toggle for fullscreen (ALT+RETURN) will no longer trigger if CTRL or SHIFT is pressed at the same time --------------------- r22846 - Fixed OFM bouncing at landing - Fixed OFM positioning hiccups when speed is below 10 ft/sec - Fixed OFM pitching down on its front wheel when player pushes stick forward during rolling - "Improve" OFM pitch / braking behavior --------------------- r22808 CTD fix in GetIRFactor : Prevent sensors re targeting a UNIT after a SIM death --------------------- r22802 Fixed SAMS engaging without RWR warning when SAMS are located into hills / mountains --------------------- r22801 CTD fix in GndAI --------------------- r22799 Fixed transformations for models which have wires (lines) by calling the final RotateLightAndTransformIfNotDoneYet before drawing it --------------------- r22794 Fixed HDR from being applied to some surfaces --------------------- r22792 Adjusted key combinations related to the DirectX window behavior: - Num Enter is no longer considered - The toggle for window borders has been changed from ALT+BACKSPACE to CTRL+RETURN - The toggle for fullscreen now responds to only ALT+RETURN --------------------- r22785 Some more CPU optimizations --------------------- r22784 CPU optimizations: Postpone rotation of vertices and normals until before the final draw --------------------- r22781 More CPU optimization: Change matrix transpose operation to SIMD --------------------- r22778 More CPU performance optimizations: InView test (Basically frustum culling tests done by the CPU) improvements to use SIMD math. Some Monoprints optimizations - Some can be not cheap apparently --------------------- r22777 More CPU performance optimizations, especially should help when there are many objects to render --------------------- r22776 Fixed AI Jettison AG too soon when engaged by a missile --------------------- r22771 Remove flag "Warning treated as error" from libspeex and libspeexDSP projects --------------------- r22770 CTD fix in FCC : pointer check --------------------- r22769 CTD fix for Launch bar - non F18 type --------------------- r22767 Adjusted Bullseye fonts --------------------- r22765 Fixed ATC bad overhead side --------------------- r22764 Fixed Brakes beeing applied too slowly for Keyboard users when necessary: - When using "K", the full braking is applied in 0.5 seconds in case speed is >70 kts and antiskid is active - If antiskid is off , full braking is applied in 2.5 seconds which allows keyboard users to regulate their braking force - If speed is below 70 kts, full braking is applied in 2.5 seconds which allows smooth taxi braking --------------------- r22742 Enabled display of PS labels on Particle emitters. Activate via chat line: ".pslabels 1" to enable ".pslabels 0" to disable --------------------- r22704 CTD fix when theaters are set up so that the sun never rises or never sets (like BALTIC in june) --------------------- r22701 Fixed clients not having clouds in some cases --------------------- r22700 Make sure we dont display Exit menu in MP for other players when one client ejects --------------------- r22699 Fixed SAM/SHIPS radar cones not beeing reliable in MP for cleints jointing after SAM deagged --------------------- r22698 Fixed TaksForce Radars not beeing updated correctly in MP --------------------- r22697 Fixed cable not catched on two points landing --------------------- r22696 CTD fix in Moon Phase computation --------------------- r22683 Some CPU performance optimization: Optimize matrix44 calculations to use SIMD Small optimization in LightManager --------------------- r22655 BattalionCommand CTD fix: make sure we dont have dangling pointers anymore Make sure we set up correct batallion hierarchy all the time --------------------- r22654 Activated LEAN when looking backward with natural head option for TIR users --------------------- r22653 Fixed AntiIce not impacting FTIT on PW229 --------------------- r22652 Fixed Canopy beeing closed in Ramp - MP --------------------- r22634 CTD fix for crashes when using IDM in a TE/Camp with less than 8 teams defined --------------------- r22633 Fixed AI poorly engaging with HARM (this is not acomplete fix which would require 3 to 4 weeks of patience) --------------------- r22632 Fixed HARM - AI going into space after launch --------------------- r22631 Fixed Wheels that were not blocked fully when antiskid off / failure and brake pressure applied too much vs RCR --------------------- r22630 Make Spawning more robust and run it only on server side --------------------- r22629 Fixed AI following leader dying --------------------- r22628 CTD in HARM POS / HAS --------------------- r22627 Fixed AI having difficulties to hit with some LGB's --------------------- r22625 Fixed Clouds not appearing when entering back and forth in TE / CAMP without commiting to 3D --------------------- r22623 Fixed Players not being able to be inserted in tanker queue properly --------------------- r22621 Fixed Loss of sound after beeing killed and respawn --------------------- r22620 Logbook UI: fixed large number of medals overflowing in other control causing wrong rank icon to be displayed --------------------- r22619 Fixed enabling RTT export freezes sim in 3D --------------------- r22609 Fixed RTT export freezes ---------------------

    Il2 Update 4.506 released
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear friends,

    Today our team presents you the first IL-2 Great Battles update in 2021, 4.506. The main feature of this update is the Fw 190 A-6 fighter/bomber developed for the Battle of Normandy. The Normandy map is in development, but you can already fly the new aircraft in Rheineland Career mode, provided you have both Battle of Normandy and Bodenplatte. You can also encounter the new A-6 as an enemy in the recent Wind of Fury campaign and anyone can set it up as an AI in quick missions.     In addition to the new arrival, there is a significant number of other changes and improvements. The updated graphical effects are included (the ones that are ready), Chiawei =Oyster_KAI= Liang continued his work on the 4K texturing of many planes cockpits and Martin =ICDP= Catney created 4K external textures for Bf 109 E-7 and corrected a number of other aircraft. There are two AI corrections, but they are significant. Among other fixes are ones for aircraft systems, player controllable tanks, including an important one for the gun aiming, and many improvements for historical campaigns.     We continue our work as always and this Spring you'll see new planes and improvements for the game world.
    Main features
    1. German fighter/bomber Fw 190 A-6 is now available to all Battle of Normandy owners;
    2. Fw 190 A-6 added to Rheinland Career mode (to the 1st and 2nd chapters to joinable squadrons III./JG 11, I./JG 26 and II./JG 26 and to all chapters to AI squadrons III./KG 51 and NSGr. 20);
    3. Bf 109 E-7 got 4K quality external textures;
    4. There are new truck variations (which look exactly like the regular ones) that are loaded with ammo and explode when attacked in a spectacular way;
    Aircraft improvements
    5. AI pilots of fast fighters engage slow-flying targets much better;
    6. AI pilots that are alone or from different groups carry out a landing approach much better - now all the AI pilots form the landing queue, not only the ones that belong to the same group;
    7. MC.202 propeller rotation and twist were corrected;
    8. Yak-9 and Yak-9T elevator is affected at high speeds similar to other Yak fighters;
    9. On all aircraft with set mixture control positions the current position is shown in the technochat instead of the mixture percentage;
    10. UBT MG gunsight scale on IL-2 mod. 1943 has been recentered;
    11. A damaged Fokker D.VII won't visibly disappear at long distances;
    12. Gunsight adjustment (target size and range) using buttons happens faster and their default values are set for a close dogfight against a typical enemy fighter;
    13. German gyro gunsight Ez.42 damping corrected, higher frequency oscillations of the aircraft affect the calculated lead less;
    14. AI pilots fire all 12 Hurricane MGs when installed instead of only 8;
    15. Water vapor effect added to the damaged or overheated Hurricane radiator;
    16. Oil and water drops won't visibly appear on the inside surface of the cockpit canopy on many aircraft;
    17. A number of typos that appeared on Soviet planes after increasing the cockpits to 4K quality were corrected;
    18. Bf 109 E-7 cockpit: a typo corrected, detail of certain controls improved, dimmer looks more historically accurate;
    19. Bf 109 F-2 and F-4 wheels corrected;
    20. BG-25 detail increased (Bf 109 G6/G6 Late/G14/K4);
    21. Rocket control panel detail improved on Bf 109 G6 Late and G14;
    22. Fw 190 A-3/A-5/A-8 ammo counters panel detail improved;
    23. Hs 129 B2 cockpit: weathering and scratches on leather objects, weathering of the gunsight parts outside the cockpit, more detailed dimmer switch, revised coloring and updated lettering of gauges and parts to make them more historically correct, alpha layer adjustments;
    24. MiG-3: enhanced textures of braided cables, redrawn placards, alpha layer adjustments;
    25. P-39L: control stick weathering, more detailed radio equipment (MN-52H, BC-345, BC-451) and recognition light switch box, more accurate white aluminum panels and detailed text, enhanced throttle quadrant and fuel prime pump handle, improved gauges and parts lettering, alpha layer adjustments;
    26. P-40E: more detailed radio equipment (BC-366, BC-451A, BC-450A), throttle quadrant and fuel prime pump handle, historically correct texture for exposed wiring (black wires and white braided cables), alpha layer adjustments;
    27. P-47D22/D28: more detailed BC-765 switch box and fuel prime pump handle, upgraded textures of the white screws on the trim indicators box and flap control handle slide rail, alpha layer adjustments;
    28. Fw 190 A-3 and A-5 default pilot positions and some skins of these aircraft were corrected;
    29. Radio and lighting switches are now animated in Fw 190 A-3 and A-5 cockpits;
    Player controllable tank improvements
    30. An option added that amplifies the gun aiming response to the mouse movement. If you play without a visual mouse aim indicator or aim the gun using buttons, it is recommended to leave it at the default setting (0);
    31. Player controllable tanks now correctly collide in multiplayer;
    32. A wrong technochat message about turning on and off the powered turret traverse won't appear while moving across rough terrain at high speed;
    33. SU-122 and SU-152 crews throw out all the accumulated spent ammo casings when the hatches are opened;
    34. The initial position of the shot off Ferdinand gun mantlet corresponds to the mantlet type installed;
    35. 72-K 25mm round ballistics were corrected;
    36. HE rounds of 72-K, 61-K, Flak 36, Flak 38, Flakvierling 38, Sh-37, NS-37, BK-3.7, M4 and Vickers Class S now have self-destruct fuzes (HE rounds without such fuzes were not used on these guns);
    37. Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M suspension animation corrected;
    Visual effects improvements
    38. New bomb ground and water impact (impact, not explosion) effects;
    39. 50-100 kg bombs explosion effects have a new style (it is planned to update all the explosions in a similar way);
    40. Additional explosion effects added for rounds containing more than 450 g and less than 1500 g explosives;
    41. Improved gunfire effects for the detailed ground vehicles;
    42. APHE explosion effects corrected accordingly to the number of explosives they contain;
    43. Ground vehicles leave better-looking tracks;
    Other improvements
    44. The hook on port cranes is raised higher so it won't prevent larger ships to dock underneath;
    45. The visual model of a destroyed 52-K AAA gun was corrected (it contained elements of an intact gun);
    46. Blazing Steppe, Fortress on the Volga, Ice Ring historical campaigns: all fire effects updated, ammo trucks added, many other improvements and fixes;
    47. During the Wind of Fury historical campaign you can encounter С-47 and Fw 190 A-6 while Bf 109 G-6 fighters were replaced by Bf 109 G-6 Late;
    48. Fortress on the Volga historical campaign: fuel and ambulance trucks added to the transport columns, the overall number and size of the columns increased.  

    Il2 sturmovik LUNAR sale!!! :)
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Attention Pilots!   The Lunar New Year Sale has begun in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on Steam! Save between 30% to 85% on most items.
    The Lunar New Year Sale runs from 10:00am PST February 11th to 10:00am PST February 15th in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on STEAM.  
    IL-2 GREAT BATTLES IN IL-2 OFFICIAL WEBSTORE   IL-2 IL-2 GREAT BATTLES ON STEAM   Tank Crew - 35% Off  (Webstore & Steam)   BOS – 85% Off
    BOM – 75% Off
    BOK – 75% Off
    BOBP – 66% Off
    FC1 – 66% Off   Hurricane Mk.II - 35% Off   Yak-9 – 40% Off
    Yak-9T – 40% Off
    Fw-190 D-9 – 66% Off
    P-38 J-15 – 66% Off
    U-2VS -75% Off
    Ju-52/3M – 75% Off
    Bf-109 G-6 – 75% Off
    Yak-1B – 75% Off
    Spitfire Mk. VB – 75 % Off
    LA-5FN – 75% Off
    HS-129 B-2 – 75% Off
    P-40E-1 – 85% Off
    Macchi MC.202 – 85% Off
    Fw-190 A-3 – 85% Off
    LA-5 Series 8 – 85% Off   Ice Ring – 30% Off Blazing Steppe – 75% Off
    Fortress on the Volga – 75% Off Hell Hawks Over the Bulge – 30% Off (Webstore Only)
    Ten Days of Autumn – 75% Off (Webstore Only)
    Havoc Over the Kuban – 75% Off (Webstore Only)
    Achtung Spitfire! – 75% Off (Webstore Only)     CLIFFS OF DOVER IN IL-2 OFFICIAL WEBSTORE   CLIFFS OF DOVER ON STEAM   Cliffs of Dover: Blitz - 75%
    Desert Wings: Tobruk - 35%     RISE OF FLIGHT IN ROF OFFICIAL WEBSTORE   RISE OF FLIGHT ON STEAM   All ROF Content – 75% Off   Enjoy!   See you in the skies and on the battlefield!    The Sturmovik Team

    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 271 "Groundunits"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear friends,   There will be a lot of Battle of Normandy news in 2021. Relatively soon we'll be able to show you the first landscape shots, while today we have some of the ground vehicles that are already done. Please note that the quality level for the new trucks, armored cars and other objects for Normandy has increased. Of course, the new objects will benefit from all the previously developed physics and AI improvements.   Dodge WC-54 - while working on the Battle of Normandy we have decided to add the ambulance vehicle for the US Army that was missing in 'Bodenplatte'. This 3-ton all-wheel-drive vehicle was designed specifically for the US Army medical service.   Austin K2/Y - you can tell the country of origin of this 3-ton military ambulance vehicle after a first glance. Of course, it is British.   Ordnance QF 17-pounder - the famous British gun which was very effective in the anti-tank role in spite of its relatively small caliber. This gun, either in an AT gun form or installed on a tank gave good chances against German panzer beasts.   Sd.Kfz.222 - this German all-wheel-drive 5-ton armored car with 3 men crew had a powerful weapon for its class, 20mm automatic gun KwK-20, and sloped armor.   AMES Type 15 was a British made radar.   SCR-584 was a US radar. Also on this screenshot are the British AA searchlight and its accompanying electric generator.

    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 270 "Fw190A6"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear friends,   Today we have mostly images for you. Soon we'll be able to share news on the Battle of Normandy progress in various areas, but today we can show you the first in-game screenshots of Fw 190 A-6. This aircraft will include the assault modifications G3, G3/R5 and Sturmjager and is planned to be released in the coming update along with the new graphical effects and aircraft AI improvements.     And here are the screens on what we're working on at the moment, the feature that all the previously released BoX projects will benefit from:  

    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 269 "Typhoon Mk.1B"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear friends,   So, here is the new year 2021! Like anyone else, we're going to hope that it will be better than the previous one. However, for IL-2 Great Battles, the last year was quite positive in spite of all complications. We hope that we'll build on this success this year - the plans are quite extensive. Let's start with the first in-game shots of the British fighter Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib which is being developed for the Battle of Normandy. As you can see, it looks nearly complete, but in fact, there is still a lot to do - a hefty chunk of work is left on its cockpit instruments and the flight model. Nevertheless, we're expecting to finish everything before the end of this Spring and release it to all Battle of Normandy customers.     Speaking of the Normandy map, the layout of the towns on its continental part is complete for the first iteration. A bunch of landmark buildings and a significant part of AI-controlled ground vehicles planned for Normandy are already done. We're researching the data for the Normandy Career mode.   Meanwhile, the AAA trucks are also showing good progress - the GAZ-MM with the 72-K gun will be ready first. Its chassis is ready both in terms of the 3D and physical models while the crew animations and audio are being worked on. We've managed to find the authentic firing tables prepared by the Main Artillery Directorate of the Red Army and printed by the military publishing house of the People's Commissariat of Defense of the Soviet Union in 1943 and made the ballistics of the 25mm rounds and their armor penetration ability in various cases as close to the real thing as possible according to this data. We still have to research and recreate the really complicated correction system for the gunsights, that's what we're working on now while our partners at Digital Forms are creating the complex 3D model of the AAA gun itself as you can see on the screens below:  

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