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    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 286 "B-26, Ar-234, Airco D.H.4, Spad VII"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear Friends,

    Today we have a very straightforward Dev. Diary for you. We’d like to show you 4 aircraft that we have under development. Two from the Great War and two from WW2.

    First, we have the Spad VII.C1 which is under development by our partners at Ugra Media for Flying Circus Vol. II. She’s coming along nicely.


    Second, we have the powerful Airco DH.4 that gives Flying Circus some more two-seat bomber options. Such a great looking airplane.


    Next, we have the B-26 Marauder that will be flown by the AI in Battle of Normandy. This is one of Jason’s favorite aircraft because his Grandfather John served in a B-26 unit in England and France during the war.


    Finally, we have some pics of the Ar-234. Looks amazing!


    We continue to build other planes including the Mosquito, Me-410 and the P-51B/C and we continue to test Air Marshal. Also, our new more complex Fuel System modeling is finally entering the Beta stage. It will first be installed and tested on our Bf-109s.

    So, work continues on all fronts even as team members take hard earned summer vacations.


    The Sturmovik Team

    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 285
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear Pilots,

    Today’s Developer Diary has two cool items to announce.

    First, you can’t stage a Normandy invasion without some dashing British gents jumping out of airplanes. So, we built some.

    Next, we are excited to announce that our next payware historical Scripted Campaign is coming soon and it’s called – Steel Birds!

    Pre-orders will begin next week!

    Created by our master mission-specialist Alex “Blacksix” Timoshkov, Steel Birds focuses on Fw-190 A-5 operations in the Kuban theater in late spring 1943. You'll take on the role of the newly appointed flight commander in 5. Staffel of the II./Sch.G 1. Under the command of Hauptmann Frank Neubert this Gruppe has just completed a retraining program and has relocated to Anapa airfield to support the operations of the German 17th Army.

    The campaign is set from April 14th to May 16th, 1943 and is centered around the struggle for a bridgehead at Novorossiysk (Operation Neptune), and two major Soviet offensives in the area of Krymskaya, which ended with the withdrawal of German troops to a new line of defense in early May.

    The sharp increase of the Soviet air strength in the Kuban led to one of the largest and fiercest air battles ever on the Eastern Front. In this difficult situation, you have to strike artillery batteries, transport and armored columns, airfields and battle formations of enemy advancing troops.

    We’ll have more about Steel Birds next week when we formally launch pre-orders for this historically bases campaign. Release is scheduled for August.

    Some images from Steel Birds are below.


    And finally, we have some images from the new Advanced Quick Mission interface that is coming later this summer. We saved our old “campaign” system technology and have laid it over the existing QMB to give you added depth for missions that can be created quickly. We think this will be an entertaining new feature that will allow you to fly missions with more structure, but not be as big a commitment as the Pilot Career or as simplistic as the QMB battles. This new AQM, alongside our other mission-making tools such as the existing QMB, Pilot Career and Mission Builder, plus all the great third-party apps like PWCG by Pat Wilson and EMG by SYN_Vander gives the Great Battle series an amazing number of options for creating entertaining mission content.



    The Sturmovik Team

    By Polovski,
    29th June 2021

    A new update to V1.14 is available for WOFF BH&H II.
    Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website.


    Version 1.14 29 June 2021
    1) Fixed an issue with observer availability in Campaign when a squadron changes to Dual Role or Reconnaissance Role.
    2) Further work on Cloud Flicker - flickering should be reduced - thanks to Buckeye Bob.
    3) Halberstadt D.II and D.III - model fix for throttle in virtual cockpit.
    4) Pfalz A.I - fixed bomb loadouts.
    5) Some aircraft texture fixes.

    Il2 DD Update Dev Blog 284 "IAR-80A"
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Dear Pilots,

    Summer is here and it’s very hot in both Moscow and Las Vegas, but we soldier on still working mostly from our flats and homes. This week’s DD features just a couple items, but one is quite a surprise as you will see. But first, let’s admire the upcoming 4K skins made by our steadfast ally and partner Martin “ICDP” Catney.  The ugly duckling has become a swan with these new textures wouldn’t you say? 


    With the new skins for the Hs-129, we are rapidly closing in on ALL planes in Great Battles being upgraded to the 4K standard. The Yak-1b should be next and eventually the Ju-52 will also get a refresh. The entire 4K upgrade has been a huge effort on Martin’s part as well as the previous contributions made by Francisco “BlackHellHound” Bindraban. Please join me in thanking them for their awesome contributions! A shining example of talented community members helping the developers and an effective international partnership. 

    And now a surprise that came about very recently, but one that has a its roots in Rise of Flight history and one that should end in a positive result for Sturmovik. Today, we share extremely early WIP shots of an important fighter design that saw action against both Soviet and American air forces and late in the war, alongside them. Can you guess what plane it is? There are very few types that have this distinction. 

        Hide contents That’s right, the Romanian designed and built IAR-80/81 is under development by a third party that we feel has the skills to make it a reality. This will take some time, but we are confident it will come to fruition. Please enjoy this little tease and when we the mesh is further along, we will offer it for pre-order as we always do.    Why the IAR-80/81 exactly? Well, believe it or not, there is a lot of good reference information on this plane, so it is one that is possible to build by a single qualified modeler. A lot of what we do as a sim developer, can be described as the “art of the possible”. The IAR is indeed possible to make, so let's do it. And it’s a nice departure from our usual plane-set and is often overlooked in the history books. It will be sold as a Collector Plane, but it will certainly add some more historical flavor to the Battle of Stalingrad theater. There are some other planes we are working looking into finding a way to make. Your continued financial support is most important when we try to make new aircraft.     
    And we continue to work on the new AQM feature, fuel systems with drop tanks, Air Marshal and even improved cloud technology. All of which I hope to show you pictures of in upcoming Developer Diaries.

    And Jason continues to work with talented mission makers on new mission content and Campaigns which we hope to have localized and released soon.

    On a serious note, the pandemic really slowed us down as we are prevented from being on our office and seeing each other face to face. Working from home is not always ideal for a collaborative effort like developing Sturmovik, but we continue to do our best and fill irritating personnel needs as soon as we can. We had hoped 2021 would bring a quick return to normalcy for us, but sadly it has brought a whole new set of challenges for us as a team beyond the usual technical ones as the pandemic sticks around. So please have patience with us and know that the team is doing their very best under less-than-ideal circumstances.   

    See you in the skies and on the battlefield!

    The Sturmovik Team

    Falcon 4 BMS 4.35 Update 2 released
    By MigBuster,
      The latest iteration of the Billion Soft Falcon 4.0 total conversion modification - Benchmark Sims 4.35 U2 - is available for you to enjoy as of RIGHT NOW! BMS 4.35 U2 requires a legit installation of a Falcon 4.0 (all older and newer versions are accepted alike, i.e. Microprose, Hasbro, GOG, Steam, Retroism). The check is performed both at setup time and every time you start BMS. If no valid installation is found, BMS will exit with a corresponding error message. U2 is an incremental update on top of 4.35 base + U1, so you need to have the BMS 4.35 Full Installer package and Update 1 available on your PC. You can both update your existing 4.35 base + U1 installation as well as perform a fresh 4.35 base + U1 + U2 installation from scratch, as you like. See the installation instructions below for details.
    This mod may not be used for any commercial purposes. Any such use may constitute a violation of the intellectual property of Billion Soft (Hong Kong) Limited and the non-commercial Terms and Conditions under which Benchmark Sims make this mod available to you.     Generic Information & Known issues: =================================== — The build number string in the Falcon UI will read "4.35.2 (x64) Build 23835" after the update. — The shortcuts in the start menu and on your desktop will NOT be renamed to U2, they will still read "Falcon BMS 4.35" after the update, feel free to rename them manually. — The following change log is by no means complete. Its purpose is to give you a quick overview about the highlights. You can expect tons of smaller tweaks and fixes. — If you have any questions or found bugs regarding the change log items please always! reference the revision number, e.g. "(r12345)". — Note: None of the manuals have been updated yet. The 4.35.1 manuals remain valid. File Updates: ============= - Falcon BMS.cfg - IVC Client.ini - RTTClient.ini - RTTServer.ini - Key Files - Note: Please always update the files manually. Don't copy paste! Table of content: ================= 01. CTD fixes 02. Falcon BMS.cfg changes 03. Shared Memory changes 04. Tool updates 05. Key File & Input fixes & updates 06. Multiplayer fixes & improvements 07. ATC fixes & improvements 08. Weather fixes & improvements 09. Various code fixes & improvements 10. Various data fixes & improvements 01. CTD fixes: ============== - Fixed CTDs related to gndai. (r23563) - Fixed CTDs after map erase, iterator is invalided for that position. (r23591) - Avoid dangling pointer after deleting pn->subPartData. (r23592) - CTD fix when pilot nid is above hardcoded 686. (r23637) - Fixed gndai waypoint CTD. (r23646) - CTD fix in the whole ATC state machine, rule out helos from ATC entirely. (r23681) - CTD fix in landme (null ptr check). (r23702) - Locked simloop UpdateATC, since this can be called from campaign thread (race condition CTD). (r23765) - Fixes alpha CTD due to different viewports. (r23432) - Fixes nullptr PAKmap CTD. (r23348) - CTD fix, related to nullptr insertion of GroupDrawLists. (r23356) - Fix for pure virtual CTDs. (r23389) - Tons of other CTD fixes. 02. Falcon BMS.cfg changes: =========================== - Added missing lines in the Falcon BMS.cfg (r14319): * set g_nRespawnTimeforStuckAI (default 6 minutes). ReagTimer and DeagTimer adjusted accordingly. * set g_bHostDisableP2pForDubiousConnections (default 0/false). Should be activated for large MP events. Note: - U2 *does* replace your existing config file. Do *not* make a backup! - Instead, re-configure from scratch based on the new file, otherwise you'll miss new config options. 03. Shared Memory changes ========================= NONE 04. Tool updates ================ - Fixed the BMS Editor 'Model Viewer' (r23421) 05. Key File & Input fixes & updates ==================================== NONE 06. Multiplayer fixes & improvements ==================================== NONE 07. ATC fixes & improvements ============================ - Make sure DigitalBrain rWindex is aligned with the ATC / Airbase in the whole landme function. (r23681) - ATCMsg is missing a break statement. In case of lParked, info can be destroyed and default case will access it. - Fix for ATCBrain::GetOppositeRunway (r23629) - pointer in ATCBrain::ProcessQueue() gets deleted twice. (r23652) - Fix in ATCBrain: Pointer nextTakeoff may become dangling during function. (r23660) 08. Weather fixes & improvements ================================ NONE 09. Various code fixes & improvements: ====================================== Note: The following changes may include data & 3ddb updates as well. - Fixed ground Units not reaggregating and memory corruption as well. (r23506) - Fixed ObjectLOD races -> missing cockpit and model problems. (r23562) - Fixed repairing code in campaign thread. It will now send a message to SimLoop thread and all clients to repair the given feature. (r23564) - Fix Squadron stores ressuply when aircraft are coming back home. (r23580) - Added critical section during ObjectLOD::Unload.This can avoid a leak, in the case of unload/load/unload sequences. (r23593) - Fix for out of bounds access in the O_Output WordWrap function. (r23606) - Prevent accessing the team array out of bounds. (r23607) - Avoid buffer overflow write, which caused memory corrupption in SetAcLoadout. (r23611) - Fixed TGP being blocked after loosing a flight element. (r23611) - When movieClose is called, we can release the surface twice, causing undefined behavior. (r23621) - BaseBrain lastTarget is not referencing the object it points to. As a result, it may become dangling when targetPtr is dereferenced. (r23627) - Fixed UI_UpdateOccupationMap (r23637) - Fixes deadlock due to ArrestorDraw. (r23639) - Fix for SimVehicleClass::Sleep is not nulling death message. (r23661) - Make sure to call ClearTarget on SimBrain destructor, to avoid leaks. (r23664) - Fix for Weapon fire msg is converting helicopter to aircraft. (r23665) - Fixed overruns within the 3D-interpolationfunction (MissileClass::GetRMax, GetRneMax and GetRopt)when it tries to access the assumed 3D-data. (r23692) - Added precondition checks and fixes in 1, 2 and 3D-interpolation function. (r23693) - Fixed bogus values being read outside the data table array. (r23693) - Fixed memory leak in SimWeapon::launcher. (r23718) - Fixed bad cockpit text drawing outside Start and Finish frame. (r23726) - Fixed memory corruption in CameraDrawList. (r23727) - Fixed zero devision in GetRMax. (r23736) - Fix to avoid deleting any waypoint from SimVehicleClass which is shared with gNavigationSys waypoints. (r23737) - Avoid dispatcher races (UI and campaign for example) when leaving campaign or 3d (depending on game type). (r23739) - Added Copy paste functionality in edit box and chat command line. (r23755) - AIM120 fixes: That makes MADDOG shots a defensive of WVR mode as expected. (r23761) * MADDOG : goes active as soon as off the rail and scan with a limited range capability * MADDOG : does not loft anymore since has no information on range when fired * HOJ : HOJ is only capable when the missile went active - Fixed AI reacting to missile too early when missile was in HPRF instead of MPRF. (r23762) - Fixed out of bounds fix in ooutput: when SetText is called on an existing O_Output. (r23770) - Fixed Terrain loading race. (r23774) - Fixed Shadow map was not being cleared after sundown. (r23792) - Fixed race possibilities while exiting campaign/TE. (r23795) - Fixes nan values due to InJetWash computation. (r23435) - Fix Heat Blur positioning and velocity when aircraft is in Idle. (r23401) - Fix heat Blur not oriented correctly with vectoring thrust. (r23401) - And many, many more. 10. Various data fixes & improvements: ====================================== Note: The following changes may include code & 3ddb updates as well. - Updated ambiant light since we have real moon now. (r14084) - Fixed TracersGreen and TracersRed missing alpha channel. (r14141) - Fixed Al-Tariq bomb : mimic the GBU-54 instead of the GBU-12. (r14142) - Fixed F18 series totally out of control while landing. (r14186) - F-16 Cockpits updated. (r14333) * Made flight control stick move (very little) * Fixed seat adjustment switch. Now it has the washer and jam nut on the sidewall to hold the switch. * Added more switches on the 2 seater F-16s for more real life accuracy. * Textures updated. - Fixed JFS Start does not work in all non F-16 cockpits. (r14339) - Fixed Unit Flight's element for ASW, ECM, Recon and Tanker types. (r14340) - Updated American F-16 CCIP pit avionics panel to the more correct panel. (r14347) - Fixed RSAF F-16 IFF panel. Digits were not working. (r14347) - Fixed F-16 Sufa cockpit. Changed from Aux Comm to IFF panel. (r14350) - Cleaned up some texture misalignments on the night lighting and missing backlighting in some areas of some cockpits. (r14360) - Disabled the MAP switch on the PXIII F-16 since it is not used. GPS switch now moves instead of the GPS and MAP switch. Hotspot updated. (r14360) - Fixed Sufa Altimeter (6 digit). Was only showing 1/2 the digits. (r14360) - Fixed ALS for Kimhae RWY 36R that had one element in the middle of the Taxiway A. (r14365) - Updated shaders. (r14370) - All Hotas Basic key files are now available in the UI Controllers Setup "Load Keyboard". (r14375) - Fixed F-16 EAF incorrect AGM65G loadout. (r14377) - Various Texture updates.

    Tigers at Cintheaux
    By 33LIMA,
    The front in Normandy is collapsing - can a handful of Tigers save the day? Feeling like a bit of WW2 tank action, I decided to fire up Steel Fury. To be precise, my Steam version, modded with the excellent Japanese Community Mod. This is available here... https://wikiwiki.jp/pzfr/Steel Tank Add-on  ...complete with links and installation instructions (Edge does a fine job translating the site).This is based around version 2.2 of the Steel Tank Add-on (STA 2.2) and is a good free alternative to the donationware ITM mod (itself based on STA 3.4 - I have installs of SF for both). The JCM adds many new theatres, tanks, troops and missions to vanilla SF, including some unique to this mod. As well as the British A-13 and Centurion Mk.I... ...and the German super-heavy E-100... ...there are some 'fakepanzers' which I understand are from a Sony Playstation Panzer game, like this 'E-79'. Scrolling through the JCM's long list of missions and campaigns, I decided to go for one that's included in the JCM's own mission pack - 'N158 Highway', with Tigers defending the locality of Cintheaux in August 1944, as the Germans struggled to prevent the Allies breaking out from their bridgeheads. The mission briefing doesn't tell me a great deal. I've got two Tigers lined up on the N158 with another apparently independent tank, off to my right, and another, covering our left. There are also some grenadiers in the woods north-west of Cintheaux. I decide to push my panzers out to the right, in the hope of reaching a hull-down position on the edge of a low hill, commanding the enemy line of advance. We'll be out in the open, but I hope better able to take advantage of our Tiger's long-ranged 8.8cm guns. A bad idea as it will turn out - this is 1944 and there are some enemy weapons more than capable of killing a Tiger. Panzer, marsch! ...to be continued!

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