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    By Polovski,
    A new patch is available for WOFF BETWEEN HEAVEN & HELL II.  Fast service R-US..
    Please see the WOFF BH&H II Download page on our website. WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG:

    Version 1.08 5 May 2021

    1) Further work on Cloud Flicker - flickering should be reduced.
    2) Revised Winter Tree Alphas (i.e. less solid trees in Winter).

    Silent Hunter III revisited
    By 33LIMA,
    U-33 goes to war in the epic U-boat sim - that's still being improved! Back in the day, I remember buying a bargain bin, jewel-cased CD release of the original Silent Hunter WW2 submarine simulation. Even then, its graphics were somewhat dated and it had no external view, however good it might otherwise have been. Besides, it was set in the Pacific, which is well and good but my main interest in subs is in what Churchill famously said was 'the only thing that ever really frightened me during the war'  - what he called 'the U-boat peril'. Hence the next in the series, Silent Hunter II, was the one I jumped at - external view AND the ability to fight the Battle of the Atlantic in one of a range of different types of U-boats. A few years latter - in 2005 - along came Silent Hunter III, with a similar setting and an excellent, open-ended campaign system, lacking mainly AI subs and therefore the simulation of wolf-pack tactics, where several boats would on radio orders from Befehlshaber der U-Boote (BdU), form, abandon and reform patrol lines across suspected convoy routes, ganging up on any they came across. Despite being on your own, SH3 must surely rank as one of the most ambitious, most comprehensive and most immersive sims ever made, in any genre. I had a few years away from simming about that time so it was only earlier this year that I dusted off my original SH3 DVD - and then bought the on-sale Steam version instead, rather than having to fiddle to get my early, Starforce-DRM protected version running on a post-Vista O/S. Like later DVD editions, Steam SH3 comes pre-patched to the latest official version (1.4b) and doesn't have Starforce. So there was I, happily really playing SH3 as if for the first time, and thinking how great a sim it still is, as I sailed out of port in my chosen boat, here an early-war Type VIIB. Heck, I even managed to sink some ships in convoy... ...and even escape the inevitable retaliation, here directed at my larger Type IXC from an aircraft which caught me on the surface, leading to a rapid crash-dive. At first, I stayed away from mods, partly as I was delighted with the vanilla game, partly because I didn't want to break anything  - having seen dark warnings of Steam SH3 needing a fix of some sort applied for some mods, to avoid subsequent issues. A widescreen mod was essential; though, and here I settled on ARB's one for 1080x1020. This needs a patch applied to enable the in-game map to display properly, but it all worked and worked well. My appetite for mods thus whetted, to my rescue came Fiedler's guide to installing SH3 on Windows 10 (I'm actually playing ATM on Win 7): How to run STEAM-SH3-V1.6b-GWX-WIDESCREEN on Win10 (donitzeliteflotilla.com) [link updated 6 May] Followed carefully, this led me to other indispensable tools like SH3 Commander... ... and the Doenitz Elite Flotilla's (DEF) SH3 front end, the former adding various goodies and the latter enabling me both to make a hassle-free second install of SH3 (to which I could apply my first choice of 'mega-mod' while not risking my near-vanilla one) and to apply at the click of a mouse the 'Steam fix' without which problems can ensue. Links to the stuff mentioned I'll post at the end of this thread. I was a bit wary of going for one of the several SH3 mega mods as I preferred to have a bit of choice in my set-up. But in the end, I went for what's possibly the most popular, the Grey Wolves Expansion 3 Gold edition, commonly known as GWX3. this comes as an easy-to-use multi-part installer and while you don't then enable it via the ubiquitous JSGME, this does create several optional sub-mods which you can enable at choice - such as a 'lite' version of GWX's excellent harbour traffic. GWX massively improved the already remarkable experience SH3 was giving me. The aforementioned harbour traffic (not the lite version) is probably my favourite addition; we'll see that in action soon. Other icing on my U-boat cake was provided by the Compulsory Head-dress mod (which makes the sloppy default crewmen wear a suitable cap) and the excellent TKSS18 German U-boat Compilation (GUC), which greatly improves the already-improved GWX boat models. On top of this there is a further GUC add-on which even further improves the early Type VIIs (but needs backed out if you survive till after about 1942, as it doesn't yet include the later conning towers for these boats). Finally, having happily used DEF's tools, I signed up with the online flotilla itself, which caters for single-player as well as multi-player action. This gave me dedicated storage on Mediafire to store my patrol screenshots, and the ability to role-play (before/during/after each patrol) interaction with a real human commander based on the real-life historical person, including making realistic simulated radio reports. This added a whole extra layer of immersion for me; I felt much more invested in my boat, my crew, and my mission. You can read and see the results here:  http://www.donitzeliteflotilla.com/forum/index.php?topic=3368.0 As that career is still under way, with my second patrol in U-105 due to start very soon, I decided to run a second fully offline one in parallel. The main reason for doing this was to test the stability of the GUC mod, before relying on it in my next DEF patrol. I didn't want to take any chances - for one thing you can render career files un-loadable if you apply mods during a patrol. So I wanted to try out GUC before starting out again in U-105, using the GUC's Type IXB in place of the GWX version. Good - stock SH3 Type IXB: Better - GWX3 Type IXB: Better still - GUC Type IXB: My U-105 patrol started in mid-1941 and took my big-long-ranged boat down into the Central Atlantic off Freetown, where I ran into lots of aggressive and apparently radar-equipped escorts and aircraft. For this try-out career, I decided to go for the more common and smaller Type VII, choosing U-33 in March 1940, before the fall of France opened up the bases on the French Atlantic coast. U-33 was actually a Type VIIA (U-27 to U-36 inclusive) with a prominent external stern torpedo tube and the VIIB is the nearest available substitute in SH3. I'm based at Wilhelmshaven on the Baltic coast east of Denmark, so I won't have to sail through the Kiel Canal to get into my assigned patrol area. This is in Marine Quadrat AN21, which means I'll be operating just east of Scotland's Shetland Islands. Sadly I didn't get a screenie of the map so we'll start with the view aft from the bridge, looking towards the band which is playing us out of our berth, accompanied by well wishers who include the famous SH3 nurses chucking bouquets. SH3 fans will know all of this dockside activity is quite nicely animated. 'Kleine fahrt voraus!' I get the boat moving, so as to keep up with the minesweeper up ahead, which is evidently our escort out of port. The GWX map has many pull-down features, which include mini-maps showing 'friendly' nets and minefields protecting our ports. I don't know if these are really simulated obstacles, but I don't plan on finding out the hard way. The detail on the GUC bridge is vastly better than stock SH3. For one thing, the UZO surface sight (Uberwasser Ziel Optik) isn't permanently fitted to its pedestal (the blackened peg left of centre), only when you order it brought up to the bridge. To the right is the slot for the direction finding loop antenna, which is also raised on command. Apart from the tensioners and insulators on the jump wires (which were used as radio aerials) being much better rendered, another nice feature is that you have a beautifully-animated Kriegsmarine war flag, which a key command enables you to take down after leaving port. In Silent Hunter 5, your bridge watch is scanning with binoculars even before you've left U-boat pen or quayside, but in SH3, they are relaxed until several hundred meters out - much better. The first excitement of the patrol comes unexpectedly early. My watch officer turns around and warns of approaching aircraft! Are we to be bombed before we're even clear of the port? I hastily grab my own binos.  Relief - that's a Heinkel III, unless I'm very much mistaken. The five or six Heinkels roar across the port. Happily, the flak people have also identified them correctly. And the fly-boys manage to miss the barrage balloons. After that, it's more uneventful. There's plenty to see, though, including the new battleship Tirpitz, which is laid up awaiting fitting of her armament... ...and a Hipper class heavy cruiser, led by a destroyer, which passes U-33 and our own, smaller escort to starboard, as we near open waters. There's also smaller traffic like fishing boats and a solitary coal barge. Clear of the defensive nets and minefields and anxious to be on our way across the North Sea, I plot a course to the north-west and we leave our escort behind. Down in the depths of the boat, courtesy I believe of the GUC's added detail, the cook stands by his tiny stove... ...the off-duty ratings - the 'Pairs' - relax as best they can in their accommodation in the bow torpedo room... ...while other crew members attend to the engines... ...and to our five torpedo tubes. What will the Tommies have in store for us? We'll find out, soon enough! ...to be continued!

    By Polovski,
    We have released a new patch V1.07 for WOFF BH&H II.   
    Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website. WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG: Version 1.07  4 May 2021
    1) Fixed an issue with Time Advance whereby days in hospital or days in captivity were not carried over to the following month correctly.
    2) Balloon Attack and Defence are now special assignments to B Flight only and take place with a limited number of pilots.
    3) Implemented blipping in AI rotary AC and in AI controlled player rotary AC.
    4) Revised engine startup and exhaust effects.
    5) Reduced cloud flickering - thanks to Buckeye Bob.
    6) Revised ground explosion effects.
    7) Aircraft fixes; Aviatik C.I, B.II, & 2 Aviatik trainers fixed engine extra parts visible. Se5 series tweaks to lower wing tips.    

    By Polovski,
    We have released a new patch V1.06 for WOFF BH&H II.   
    Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website. WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG:
    Version 1.06

    1) Revised some terrain tiles.
    2) Fixed an error in the landclasses file.
    3) Fixed an issue with some of the terrain detail overlays.
    4) Revised Manoeuvres usage for Ace Vet and Rookie Pilots.
    5) Revised Rain effects.
    6) Aircraft fix - Pfalz E.III adjusted prop shaft.  

    Il2 Update 4.601 released
    By 76.IAP-Blackbird,
    Update 4.601

    Dear Friends,

    Our team is proud to tell you that the work on update 4.601 is finished and it is up already. This update brings you three new toys at once. The first one of them is Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV Collectors Plane (included in Battle of Normandy Early Access). This late model of the legendary fighter has great fighting capabilities while retaining its captivating charisma. It has several historical modifications that make the Spitfire family in our project even more variable.

    The second one is a new Collector Vehicle - Soviet self-propelled AAA - 25-mm 72-K gun installed on GAZ-MM chassis. Recreated with attention to detail, this vehicle is a new object class in our project. The experience you'll get operating it is unique - the life of the low-caliber AAA crews in World War II wasn't an easy one. It comes with a special mission type in QMB mode and new single missions.

    The third one is the first airplane of the Flying Circus Vol. 2 - French-made single-seat fighter Nieuport 28.C1 that was exclusively used in US squadrons. This speedy plane with good weaponry for its time was used by the most famous US fighter ace of the Great War - Eddie Rickenbacker. This aircraft had a unique way of regulating the rotative engine power by ignition breaker. All in all, an interesting machine - and it officially starts Flying Circus Vol. 2 Early Access program.

    Also in this update are two very important new technologies, one of which is tactical numbers that can be customized before the mission. At the moment, it fully works on all Tank Crew tanks thanks to our partners at Digital Forms. P-51D-15 also got this capability for USAAF and RAF (it depends on the aircraft country specified in a mission) and it works on Nieuport 28.C1 too. Later this year we plan to enable it for all other aircraft (it takes a lot of work).

    The second new technology is Dynamic Visual Damage (DVD) that visualizes the hit marks from various projectiles on aircraft and tanks. Please note that is a visual tech that is intended to make the battle damage more vivid. In the absolute majority of cases, the DVD hit marks will properly show the impacts, but there are limitations caused by multiplayer and performance that in some cases can make them inaccurate - the good level of performance is always our priority. Nevertheless, this new feature should greatly increase the damage diversity. Just like tactical numbers, this new tech already works on all Tank Crew tanks and P-51D-15 and Nieuport 28.C1 planes. Again, we plan to enable it for all other 60+ aircraft this year.

    Also in this version is a huge update of the graphical effects. This isn't an easy task to do since we not only have to make them look awesome but retain the level of performance. This time we have all-new explosion effects for all HE munitions in the sim with increased variety - now there are clearly visible differences between, say, 50 and 100, 250 and 500, 1000 and 2500 kg bombs. The water explosions became much better and the explosions better light the surroundings.

    Martin =ICDP= Catney updated a lot of the external textures he made for us and this time two of the previously released aircraft were updated to 4K - Macchi MC 202 Folgore Collector Plane and Ju 88 A-4 bomber (Battle of Moscow). Please note that soon all the aircraft in our project will have 4K quality external textures. Oyster_KAI continued his work on improving the tremendous amount of aircraft cockpits, namely all Spitfires, Bf 109s, Bf 110s, Ju 87, Ju 88 and U-2VS. All the text above is just the highlights of the new update, you can read the changelist below:

    Main features
    1. Spitfire Mk.XIV Collector Plane is available to all owners of Battle of Normandy Premium Edition;
    2. Nieuport 28.C1 is available to all owners of Flying Circus Vol. 2 and the Early Access program for Vol. 2 officially starts;
    3. 25 mm 72-К AA gun on GAZ-MM truck is available to customers who prepurchased it;
    4. New special mission type for QMB mode and 5 single missions added for AAA guns;
    5. Dynamic Visual Damage (DVD) technology is added to the sim, that shows (with some limitations) the hit marks of projectiles on various objects. At the moment it works for all detailed tanks of Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka, 72-K GAZ-MM AAA, P-51D-15 fighter, and Nieuport 28.C1 airplane;
    6. Dynamic tactical markings technology is added to the sim, allowing to customize the tactical numbers on aircraft and vehicles. At the moment it works for all detailed tanks of Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka, 72-K GAZ-MM AAA, P-51D-15 fighter, and Nieuport 28.C1 airplane; 
    7. More detailed railyards added to 19 cities on the Rhineland map (Bodenplatte): Antwerp, Liege, Mainz, Frankfurt, Bonn, Cologne, Duisburg, Brussels, Charleroi, Düsseldorf, Munster, Koblenz, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Nijmegen, Essen, Enschede, Hengelo, Osnabrück;
    8. Completely new graphical effects are added for all munitions in the game for ground, water and object impacts and for midair explosions;
    9. All F, G and K series Bf 109 fighters got the corrected tail models. Now the sturdiness of their elements are on par with the rest of the fighters and these elements can be shot off individually;
    10. 4K quality external texturing added for MC.202 fighter and Ju 88 bomber while all Spitfires, Bf 109s, Bf 110s, Ju 87, Ju 88 and U-2VS cockpits were updated;

    Aircraft improvements
    11. Spitfire Mk.XIV added to Rhineland Career mode (Bodenplatte) to the following squadrons the player can join: No. 41 Squadron RAF, No. 130 Squadron RAF, No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron RAF, No. 402 Squadron RCAF and No. 610 Squadron RAF.
    12. The player flight takes off correctly in the 15th mission of the “Achtung Spitfire!” campaign;
    13. An issue that could cause a AI fighter to approach to an air target too close and potentially to collide with it has been corrected;
    14. AI fighter correctly attack balloons;
    15. AI pilots aiming the MGs and guns at ground targets has been corrected;
    16. Less experienced AI pilots engage the ground targets at closer distances;
    17. Flying Circus aircraft visibility at large distances has been corrected to correspond to other aircraft in the game (it was 3 times lower);
    18. Fuel tank and ammo explosion effects can be observed on other players in multiplayer;
    19. An issue with potential fuel tank catastrophic detonation in case of engine(s) fire has been corrected;
    20. The power of a fuel tank explosion now depends on the actual amount of ignited fuel or fuel vapors in a partially spent fuel tank;
    21. Modeling of the putting out the fuel tank fire by sideslipping the aircraft at high speed has been improved;
    22. Multiple ammo storage explosions are now possible (previously it could happen only once);
    23. Maximum ATA near the ground level with C3 injection system on Fw-190 A5/A6 has been corrected (increased);
    24. Roll shaking at high speed corrected for AI or mouse controlled Sopwith Dolphin;
    25. A visual bar on the rotating Fw 190 A-6 spinner removed;
    26. Rear formation light corrected on Fw 190 A-6;
    27. Fw 190 A-8 small clock hand restored;
    28. Added missing luminous paint on some Tempest, Spitfire Mk.IX, Bf 110 G-2 and Ju 52 instruments;
    29. P-38 formation lights corrected;
    30. Spitfire IX mirror position corrected;
    31. Oil from the damaged engine on canopy effect corrected on P-51D-15;
    32. A small visual issue corrected on MC.202 (attitude indicator tube); 

    Player controlled tanks improvements
    33. All detailed tanks now have tactical numbers in Last Chance and Breaking Point tank campaigns;
    34. Radio antennas on all Tank Crew detailed tanks can be damaged by enemy fire (in addition to damageable radio equipment that was modeled before);
    35. Detailed tanks won't 'freeze in the air' after colliding with another object that was later moved;
    36. AI gunners will properly burst fire the coaxial MGs of the detailed tanks;
    37. An issue with the inability to hit the gun barrel on some tanks has been fixed;
    38. Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M lower turret armor has been corrected;
    39. The missing part of the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M ammo reserve can be damaged by enemy fire;
    40. T-34-76 UTZ (1943) coaxial MG can be damaged by enemy fire;
    41. Additional external parts of Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.H1 like various covers and splashers can be shot off;
    42. KV-1 and SU-152 splashers and rear deflector can be shot off;

    Additional improvements
    43. A graphics issue that caused z-fighting of the shadows on certain buildings in MSAA x4 mode has been corrected;
    44. External objects like trees, buildings and aircraft drop visible shadows on the player aircraft or vehicle and its cockpit in non-VR mode;
    45. Gamma can be lowered down to 0.5 for more comfort in VR mode;
    46. A visible city blocks shadow 'border' at large distances has been minimized;
    47. A visible city blocks fog 'border' at large distances has been minimized;
    48. An issue with certain European buildings glowing in the night has been fixed;
    49. A GUI issue that could cause the regiment symbols to disappear from the Career creation screen has been fixed;
    50. A GUI issue that could cause the mission start coordinates to reset to 0 on the Career HQ screen;

    51. Water explosions of large bombs have dedicated graphical effects;
    52. 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000(1800) and 2500 kg bombs now have more diverse graphical explosion effects;
    53. Soviet Tank Crew tanks headlamp lens, visor, and mirror textures have been improved;
    54. The issues with pilots and tankers animations have been fixed in multiplayer;
    55. The bomber group leader will correctly proceed to the next waypoint after dropping the bombs.

    By Polovski,
    We have released a new patch V1.05 for WOFF BH&H II. Please see the WOFF BH&HII  download page on our website.   WOFF BH&H II CHANGE LOG:
    Version 1.05 1) Fixed an issue that caused large aircraft e.g. Caudrons and Gothas, to not take off correctly (CA)
    2) Reduced formation form up time after take off.
    3) Revised Rotary and Inline exhaust effects, revised ground propwash effect.
    4) Addressed an issue that caused visual anomalies in the rain effect on misty days.  

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