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New Team-Squadron

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This message is for all European Gamers who dream about the creation of the

largest and best-organised gaming Clan-Organisation in the world.

A Team made up solely by European Gamers that will count over 1,000 members

and will participate or even organize perhaps the best tournaments for many

of the games it encompasses.

The clan will be governed by its internal regulations, which will in effect

act as a constitution for it.

At the present time, the clan has completed setting up its infrastructure

and is in the process of recruiting staff. The recruitment of members will

soon follow.

We are looking for staff to man the positions

of Games Commanders, Vice Games Commanders, Training Game Commanders , Server Admins, Site

Admins, Forum Admins, for the general Command posts of the Organisation or for the

following games:

1.Battlefield 2

2.Americas Army

3.Counter Strike Source

4.Call Of Duty 2

5.Swat 4

6.Soldier Of Fortune 2

7.Rainbow Six

8.Ghost Recon

9.Brother In Arms

10.Age Of Empire 3

11..Rome Total War

12.Guild Wars

13..Lock On (We need Commander,Vice Commander and Training Commander)

14.Dangerous Waters


16.Silent Hunter 3


Soon more Games.

Once the 4 * 16 = 64 staff members that will form the clan's Supreme Council

have been recruited, recruitment of members will commence.


Any interested parties should please visit our webpage and fill out the

Join Form. You will then receive further information

regarding your progress.

You can also register in our forum, where there are already views and ideas

being exchanged with regards to the organisation and command of the clan.


Strength and Honor Brothers.



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