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CV_41 launchable/landable carrier campaign :)

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hey all, i think its safe to say that thirdwire is slipping on their part to create a stable game. I think its safe to say a new patch is a bit of a ways out from now. So for right now Me and BIG_BEER_ODB ( BIGBEER"S ORIGNAL IDEA) we are developing a creative aspect that has been neglected from most sims minus f/18 janes combat. We are doing a mod called "Wings of Gold" which contains a full featured carrier namely the CV_41 Midway aircraft carrier. Im currently completing the model and textures on 3d max and photoshop, while BIG_BEER is developing a emersive campaign! along with other ships to be added after the carrier model is done.WHile the campaign is a bit off for right now, the carrier is coming close to being completed. ONly big hump is creating the textures. IM doing them in photoshop from scratch off actual pictures.I believe this will put a freaky if not extremely fun twist on a realistic albiet buggy flight sim. I have put up a website for you to explore screenshots and soon videos of the animated aspects of the ship( will be prerenderd but will offer you a perspective on what to expect). BEER and ME are at this point putting everything together so check the website out and give us word on what you think. INput will be much appreciated so that we can offer you a realistic/ fun experience when this MOd is released. So check the website email me at the linnk for suggestions and comments i appreciate all comments good or bad hopefully good :P. SO KICK THE TIRES AND LIGHT THE FIRES! the fun is about to begin!


either go here at this link or to the weblinks page itself.


link : ]http://www.geocities.com/terravelo/WINGS_O...GOLD.html[/img]

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The spin is away from the land terrain/objects and the sea/air battle one may see while flying with "Wings of Gold".


Likely Soviet Objects I will make:

Kresta I/II



Krivak I/II


Victor I/II


Likely US Objects I will make

Forrest Sherman DD

Coontz DDL/DDG

Leahy CG

Knox FFG





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Guest Ranger332

sounds great beer we expect nothing but great things from you as always

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just wanted to give an update on the WINGS OF GOLD MOD with some new screenies on my website check them out to see the progress im coming with. i finally got a hold of the exporter.dll file for 3d max so im gonna try to see if i can make some screenshots from the game soon. so let me know how its coming.



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Guest PhantomWarrior

a new campaign would be nice like to try my hand at a few "third wires"

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