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190d9 1945 Red 13 Jv44

The pilot of this aircraft has been identified as Hptm. Klaus Faber, a former member of JG 27, JG 6 and as depicted here JV44.



Red13 was rumoured to be exceptionally fast at low level.

Motto reads something like "He must get in even if they both cry!"


details of camo and guide & (b/w) and pic at Experten decals site : http://www.stormbirds.net/experten/


Red 13 was one of the four or five Doras known to have been assigned to the Airfield Defence Staffel of Generalleutnant Adolph Galland's Jagdverband 44. The intended role of this small unit was to defend the airspace above JV 44's operational base during the take-off and landing of the Me 262 jets, when they were most vulnerable to Allied fighter attack. The extensive deployment of flak units around the airfield and its approaches necessitated the painting of the D-9s' undersides in a dark color (usually agreed to be red) with narrow white longitudinal stripes, such that they not be mistaken for Allied aircraft which regularly prowled the airfields.



Template by Hammerd and Bury-cockpit by aces..

Includes marked unmarked and swastika only

Not for commercial use or redistribution without permission pls (moksha@teambg.zzn.com)




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