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FW-190D-9 flown by Gerhard Michalski, the last Geschwader Kommodore of JG 4

Neukirchen/Germany, April 1945.



Gerhard Michalski, was one of the fighter-pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain, at that time as an ADC to the famous "Henri" von Maltzahn, leader of II./JG 53 "Pik As". Michalski flew together with von Maltzahn on the Eastern Front and in the air-battle of Malta where he shot down 26 British fighters. In June 1942 he was promoted as leader of II./JG 53. In 1944, Michalski became Geschwaderkommodore of JG 4 and participated, flying this "Dora 9", in the German retreat on the Eastern front until 1945. Oberstleutnant Gerhard Michalski survived the war with 73 victories, only to lose his life in a traffic accident in 1946.


Includes Marked/unmarked/swastika only

Template by Hammerd and Bury-cockpit by Aces..

Includes marked unmarked and swastika only

Not for commercial use or redistribution without permission pls (moksha@teambg.zzn.com)




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