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Mosquito Island Revisited

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Mosquito Island Revisited

Online-COOP for up to 29 players.

Pacific coop mission built around Slimbo99's River A6m2-n base. Stunning visuals to justify a unique scenario as USN hunts for a secret IJN float plane base which has been plaguing shipping and patrols.


Flyable planes include:

(8) A6M2-n, (2) Ki-43-1a, (2) Ki-43-1c, (4) SBD-3 & (4) gunner seats, (9) F4F-3 Wildcats.......IJA/IJN planes will not fly as AI, all USN will.



Secret A6M2-n base has been tearing up shipping and attacking patrols for a month. Efforts to find it so sea forces can pound it into oblivion have been for naught all till this morning.


At the far end of a dawn patrol a PBN escorted by wildcats spots brush burning activities on a small island, unfortunately out of radio range for the fleet. Contacting a parallel group of SBD's and Wildcats to the south, the two groups converge to investigate.


IJN base is alerted by distant spotters of the incoming flights, unfortunately, smudge pot bouy's are lit, and their planes are being prepped for the mornings missions, some fully loaded for long flights, others empty yet scramble to intercept.


On a nearby Island a IJA Ki-43 refit station is alerted to assist, unfortunately it is not an air base. Planes offloaded by ship and refit there yet 4 ready to fly try to scramble to assist using the roads of the fishing village to launch from.


Communication and teamwork a must on both sides as the advantage tilts back and forth between teams. The PBN must reach radio range to repot its findings as the IJN scramble to down it, and simply wound USN planes to keep their tale from returning to the carrier as well.


Version 1.0, in pack 1.1 otw, (3) versions will be included.

1.1a as stands.

1.1b with loadouts set to be flown as only a full coop finalizing the scenario.

1.1c with loadouts set yet IJN/IJA planes out of hangars so they may launch as AI.


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