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Su-25T MissionPack - Struggle in Crimea

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Su-25T MissionPack - Struggle in Crimea

For the Su-25T - linked missions about a struggle to control Crimea between the Allies(Russia and USA) and Ukrainian nationalist extremists. The missions are strung them together with briefings of what happened in the previous mission. It also clues people into the effects of their mission successes.


There are 27+ missions. They are based on the A-10 campaign pack but play differently. Please read the ReadMe file


The missions are for version 1.1/Flaming Cliffs.


(made by John "ZoomBoy" Thomas)


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mission doesnt show up in the game and mission files are not in ZIP when i download them 

Hello darth4509


I downloaded the zip file and unzipped it into my Downloads folder

I then started Lock-on Flaming Cliffs 1.12 and loaded up the 1st mission.  And after I amended my joystick settings, I took off and started the mission

Working fine.


If you are working from the DCS World module, not only does it not load the *.mis file from the older Lockon Flaming Cliffs, it cannot even see them.

I cannot convert these Crimea missions because the DCS World has shifted the map to the Georgia region. 

There is even a different file format Lockon FC 1.12 is *.mis and DCS World is *.miz.


The missions are for version LOMAC Flaming Cliffs 1.1 or 1.12   If you can get the original Lockon + the Flaming Cliffs add-on, you should be able to fly these missions.


There are 27 missions in total - a lot of content


This file was was loaded up in 2005 - Do you have the FC 1.12 version?

Edited by zoomboy27

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