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A Tidal Wave Stikes Ploesti

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A Tidal Wave Stikes Ploesti

A Tidal Wave Strikes Ploesti v1


The Ploesti Raid took place on Sunday, August 1, 1943. 7 refineries in and near the city were producing 35% of


Germany's oil and av-gas, its defenses had been bolstered accordingly.


Winston Churchill is credited with observing that "in war, nothing ever goes according to plan except occasionally,


and then by accident."


B-24 Bombers entered into a maelstrom of ground fire, Although damage to the target was heavy, the cost was high. Of


177 planes and 1,726 men who took off on the mission, 54 planes and 532 men failed to return. The operation resulted


in the awarding of 5 Medals of Honor, 3 of them posthumously - the most ever awarded for a single action.


MISSION DATE: Sunday, August 1, 1943


GAME TYPE: CO-OP up to 12 players

MISSION TYPE: Air Intercept

FLYABLE PLANES: Bf-109G2, Bf-110G2, IA-80c


MISSION INFORMATION: This mission by JR "Big Daddy" Jacobs


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