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Loadout Images Pack

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Loadout Images Pack

This is version 2.0 dated 5/28/2005 of my loadout images. These images have been updated from the original images. They are all now the proper 150X75 size and have been sharpened and cleaned up. I have done my best to make all the images as clear as possible but I wasnt always completely successful. I have also included some aircraft added to the game since the first "pack" of images was released. There are also 6 images included of aircraft not yet released; including the Draken, the B-58, F-101, F-102, A-37, and the Buccaneer. Hopefully soon, eh? :0)


The aircraft loadout bitmap images included are:

MiG-15bis Fagot

MiG-17F Fresco-C

MiG-19S Farmer-C

MiG-21F Fishbed-C

MiG-21MF Fishbed-J

MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F

AN-12 Cub

IL-28 Beagle

TU-22 Blinder

SU-7B FitterA

C-130 Hercules

B-47 Stratojet

B-57 Canberra

B-58 Hustler

B-66 Destroyer

O-1 Bird Dog

2 versions of the F5 "Freedom Fighter"; the F5-A and the F5-E

SU-7 Fitter

SU-17 Fitter

Mirage III

A-6 Intruder

Saab Viggen and Draken

F2H Banshee

F-8 Crusader

F-15 Eagle

F-16 Falcon

F-105 Thunderchief

F-102 Delta Dagger

F-101 Voodoo

A-37 Dragonfly


BAC Lightning

Super Tucano

...for a total of 35 aircraft!


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