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Saving Evpatorija 5-mission pak

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Saving Evpatorija 5-mission pak

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MISSION : PRE-CRISIS EVPATORIJAWith a severe crisis building up in the northern Crimea region, NATO forces have been asked for support in the southern region of Saki, Simferopol and Sevastopol.NATO agrees and comes to help, organizing a major transport and airlift campaign, which will emphasize NATO's strong position against a possible invasion from the North.While undergoing political talks between the adverse coalitions do not lead to optimistic hopes, both sides are fortifying their military positions.This morning, reports are flowing in about heavy infantry and armor preparations in the city of Kirovskoe. NATO's presence in the region is still marginal, with smaller units of F16s , F15s, A10s and Apache helicopters flying double shifts in order to secure the region, until further troops and materials arrive. First NATO coalition armor and artillery troops are moving to Evpatorija, which at the very moment is sparsely defended by resistance infantry and light armor troops.The F16s squadron will try to soften the AAA/SAM threat with the stand-off HARMS. Two A10 Thunderbolts are dispatched for the destruction of the armor column. 4 AH-64A gunships will take care of any infantry and tank columns remnants.


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