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Guest Ranger332

* The manual is out of date regarding how to connect through GameSpy.

You now must connect externally through GameSpy Arcade. The Strike Fighters

installer should have installed the GameSpy Arcade program.

If not, the latest version can be downloaded from here:




* Different versions of the game are incompatible in multiplayer play, so

please be sure that everyone has upgraded the game to the same version.

The patch to the latest version should be downloaded automatically whenever

you connect through the GameSpy Arcade.


* Strike Fighters allows you to customize data. For multiplayer sessions,

various security checks are implemented to prevent players from playing

using data sets that are different from other players.


Whenever possible, the host machine automatically transfers the latest

data if any discrepancies are found between players' data sets.

However, due to the file size, not all data can be transferred by the game.

When data files are found to be incompatible, that player is prevented from

playing the game until he or she exits and installs the same data as the one

used by the host. However, even without the latest data set, that player can

still join any session and chat.


For Dogfight Mode, incompatible data only affects the player with the different

data set; the host can still launch the game normally. The data check is done

in the Hangar screen, and the FLY button is simply disabled for the player who

has data incompatible with that of the host.


For Co-op Mode, the data check is performed in the Co-op Mission player

assignment screen. If a player has incompatible data, he or she cannot select

flight assignments. This prevents the host from launching the game, since all

players must be assigned before the host can launch a cooperative mission.


If you are unable to play due to incompatible data sets, chat with the host

to see what data he or she has. Try to obtain the same data to make your game

compatible. The following section summarizes what data files are checked and

transferred by the game, and what must be downloaded and installed before you

can play in a multiplayer session:


(1) You must have all of the same aircraft that are installed on the host

machine. If you are missing any aircraft installed on the host system, you

cannot play. Note, however, that you can have additional aircraft installed

on your system without experiencing any problems; your custom aircraft simply

won't appear in the aircraft selection drop-down menu.


(2) Data files can be different, as long as the host and all players have the

same aircraft installed. For aircraft already installed on your machine,

key aircraft data are checked (such as the flight model and damage model data).

If any differences exist, the host automatically transfers data to your system.


(3) Both you and the host must have the current terrain data installed.

If the terrain currently in use is not installed, or the host or you have

different terrain files, you are prevented from playing. Like aircraft, you

may have additional, unused terrains installed without any problems.


* The host controls all Gameplay options for a multiplayer session.

However, you can set your own Graphics, Sound, and Control options.

The only exception is the Terrain Mesh Detail option in the

Graphics section. In multiplayer mode, this is always set to LOW.


* In Co-op missions once the host accepts the players' flight

assignments, the session is closed. No other player can join.

Private Dogfight session via GameSpy is also closed once it

is launched. In contrast, Public Dogfight mode always remains

open, and players may join games in progress at any time.


* You may experience problems connecting if you are behind a firewall

and/or NAT proxy.


* Direct TCP/IP connections are not supported by the in-game user interface,

and it is recommended that you connect on the Internet through a matchmaking

service such as GameSpy. You may, however, still connect directly through

TCP/IP by typing the following from the command line:


>FlightSim -join:[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] -n:[callsign] -c:[c]


where [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] is the IP address of the game to join,

[callsign] is your callsign, and

[c] is an optional number 0-15 representing your color.


Host can start the session normally, or it can also start using the following

command line:


>FlightSim -host -s:[sessionname] -g:[g] -n:[callsign] -c:[c]


where [sessionname] is the name of the game session, and

[g] is the game type (0 = dogfight, 1 = co-op)

[callsign] is your callsign, and

[c] is an optional number 0-15 representing your color.




whole thing


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