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Il2 Textures for Strike Fighters.

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I was surfing and saw this at Skunworks by Sal_


Here's a little taste of a new terrain project I'm working on. The terrain textures from IL-2 are quite good, I am testing to see how they work in Strike Fighters. These are the 'farm' tiles.


Sorry I don't know how to upload pictures. Try this and see if it works.


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Guest Ranger332

" really did this terrain as a kind of practice, and now I am planning on making a different set using aerial photography instead.


I have considered copyright issues, so unless I can get permission to use the images, I won't release the terrain.


Here is another shot where the city and farm tiles meet: "


I worked with them too a long time ago but you can only use them for yourself unless you get permission.,but what you can do is use them as filler and completly redo at yopur convenance.

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