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File Name: Flik 42 Camo

File Submitter: sinbad

File Submitted: 16 Nov 2007

File Category: Skin Templates / Decal Sets


This skin is my first released work. The skin attempts to depict the camo and markings on Albatros DIII OEF 253.64. This plane was flown by Korporal Geza Keisz of Flik 42j in August 1918. The OEF Alb DIII had two spars in the lower wing and thus avoided the problems with wing failure associated with the original design. The 253 series had the 220hp Daimler engine and was preferred by some pilots even in 1918 over other more recent aircraft types, not only for the stronger lower wings, but because it blended the increased power of the AlbDV variants with the maneuverability of the DIII.


Just drop the Flik 42 folder in your AlbatrosD3OAW folder. Then go to the loadout screen and select Flick 42 and you are good to go. No editing of the ini file is necessary.

German Camo1 will remain your default colors. You will need to select the Flik 42 skin in the loadout screen to see this skin.


You will also find a folder marked AldD3OEF Hangar and Loading. This folder contains replacement hangar and loading screens which depict both this camo scheme and a magnificent AlbDIIIOEF replica recently completed in Austria by Memorial Flight and Koloman Mayrhofer. http://memorial.flight.free.fr/Albatrosuk.html The dual spars in the lower wing are clearly visible, in the photo, which of course was taken by Herr Mayrhofer. This folder also includes a revised AlbD3OAW.ini which will enable you to see the new hangar and loading screens. Just backup the existing file and drop this in the AlbD3OAW folder. Restore the old ini file if you prefer the original screens.


If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d like to have them. Please post on the Combat Aces First Eagles board or PM me there.


Thanks to Christain59 for the great three views which inspired this little job.


Have fun with it – and remember no drugs allowed while flying!!


Please no distribution or republication, but feel free to do mods for your own use. If you do, please send copies to me!


sinbad © 2007


Click here to download this file

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