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Medals and Awards in FE

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Hi guys...


Ive noticed a strange thing, in my oiver a year playing this wonderful game ive noticed that ive never yet been awarded a Medal for operations flying for Germany, France or the U.S.A.? Im not sure why this should be, perhaps i have a corrupted file somewhere? Flying for The Brits ive had many Medals, from the Victoria Cross Downwards but never for any other Nation..I have Version 3 of the Medal Pack for Strike Fighters installed in my S.F. Gold and my World War 2 Installs and they work just fine but id love to get some Medals on F.E. Flying for the Germans, French and U.S.? Any Ideas why they arent available to me? Thanks for all your help in advance lads..still loving this game..Havent managed to get the Cash together as of yet for the Expansion as i was recently paid off and the kids Christmas comes first but... I hope to soon as I really would like to fly the R.E.8 at some point!!! Hopefully it wont be too hard to fly..dont think there ever was a pre expansion FM of the R.E.8 posted...ah well...


All the best to you all and a big shout to you from the East Coast of Fife,Scotland, Just South of R.A.F. Leuchars....


Safe Flying


Rab Watson



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doest really matter...the thirdwire engine for SFP1/WOV/WOE/FE dumps medals, as in does not record them in your pilot folder...so you could win the Blue Max and enjoy it until you touch anything, at which time it goes into Tron

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