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POL Coastal Defenses AAR Part 2

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We climb out following our waypoints. I select waypoint 3 which is close to the Tico cruisers that lay off the coast where our targets are. There's no safer place than orbiting over a Ticonderoga cruiser. It's like having a big brother to ward off the bullies in the neighborhood.




Another pair of F16's are inbound on the Smerch batteries, they're carrying JDAMs. This should give the men on the cruisers a break so they can concentrate on shipping and air defense.




The '16's drop their ordnance on target, after the JDAM's hit they make strafing runs till they're Winchester. The threat to the Ticos is gone.














The F-16's roll off target, turn on their radars and scan for enemy aircraft. They'll be on station another 15 minutes before they're bingo.




Beagle and I make the turn towards the Ticos. So far this mission is going as planned.




Nails! The RWR says Mig29 radar, which could also be Flanker. I tell Beagle go gates as we point our noses towards the Ticos. Hopefully there are enough obstacles in between the bandit to keep his interest away from our flight.




I tell AWACS that we're approaching the cruisers, the Ticos reply that they see us and ask us to orbit south of them as they're engaged with bandits.




Within minutes my RWR is clean and the Ticos tell us that there are no air threats. FAC calls us in hot. The target area is just to the left of the landmass jutting out like a hook.




I ingress to the target area. Master Arm on, I select Mk-84's in pairs in my weapons panel.






I select auto program on my ECM panel as I nose over for my first drop. Chaff and flares are automatically being dropped. Beagle is flying parallel with the coast calling out SAM launches and to provide SEAD if necessary. I'm diving at the proper angle and I place the pipper over the target. I feel my plane shudder as two tons of high explosives leave the pylons.






I kick hard left rudder and place the pipper over the second bunker. My dive angle still looks good so I decide to pickle the second pair of bombs.






I pull 7.5 g's as I come out of my bomb run. The plane is several tons lighter and responds crisply.




The bombs are on target. The northern wall of the compound is destroyed but I managed to avoid destroying the mosque.





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