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MIG-23 MF Czechoslovakia skin

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MIG-23 MF Czechoslovakia skin

MIG-23MF - Flogger B






This archive contains Czechoslovak cammo skin for the Mirage Factory MIG-23MF.


(you may download it from Column5 website here: http://column5.us/miragef.shtml)


The skin is based on paint scheme of the MIG-23MF Reg.no. 7183.

This airplane belongs to 2.squadron of the 1.slp (1. fighter regiment) at Ceske

Budejovice Airbase ("Budejovice Airbase" in the WOE Germany CE terain, for use

in the campaigns).





Unzip archive to your desired game folder

(in default this is C:\Program Files\Wings over Europe), to subdirectory




Add these lines to the MiG-23MF.ini file, below last TextureSetXXX entry and

relace XXX by first free entry number:




Name=CSSR Camo








Credits Czechoslovakia Skin


Skin: Blackrat

Decals, consultations, CZ-SK projects coordination: Kukulino

Hanger screen: Cover72

you may download it here:




Credits original MIG-23MF


Model: Rafael , updates BPAo

Cockpit: Armourdave, Sal


Polish Camo = Gramps

Libyan Camo = Gramps

Soviet Green Camo = Phantuam

Soviet Grey = Marcello

Soviet Red/Tan Camo = Marcello


Flight Model: column5

Pilot: Pasko

Testing, etc: USAFMTL, Crab_02, Sony Tuckson





This skin is freeware and must stay freeware whatever the way of distribution.

You can send me mail here: blackrat@volny.cz


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