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  1. Unless the campaign was changed after I downloaded the SAABs have their lods in here . I just opened my saved files and they are all in here .
  2. I just checked and the one i had (TSF2_Final_Pack) has the complete aircraft.
  3. I think there might be one in one of the Scandanavian Front campaigns.
  4. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    thank you
  5. thank you. these are beautiful models and your continued work on them is much appreciated.
  6. thank you for all of these beautiful ground objects.
  7. I can't remember which mod it was but in one of the WW2 champaigns the Japanese kamikazes were set up as dive bombers and their flight models were adjusted so they were unable to pull out of the dive.it ended up looking like they were intentionally crashing into targets. I think adding an invisible bomb that they could release just as they hit would make them able to do real damage to targets. this is all from long ago memories so I'm not sure I have everything correct.
  8. super! thank you for all of these marvelous skins.
  9. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    thank you so much for the updates. I'm so glad that these files were recovered. hope you guys can find some free time,not just for finishing this project but to just relax and have some enjoyable free time.
  10. Eurotrip or a non Official CA Getaround

    what an amazing odyssey . so cool to see so many people from so many distant places connected by love of a game and common interests come together. It's things like this that give me hope for the future of mankind.
  11. 83a Squadriglia NIEUPORT 27 skin pack for FE 2

    these are just great. thank you
  12. thank you so much for this.

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