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  1. now this is cool. thank you
  2. Check this S#*! out.

    best laugh I've had all day......
  3. Check this S#*! out.

    give him my number. my credit rating is so bad if someone steals my identity my credit rating will probably go up...........

    thank you very much. it's another beautiful addition.

    excellent. I'm always excited anytime I see work on a European navy. the french have a decent fleet now and Spain looks like she will soon have one...I'd love to see some dutch ships in the future too but TBH I'm just happy that any ships are being made. thank you.
  6. COLUMN ?

    Combatace was hosting the site for nostalgia reasons really everything there was way out of date and was moved to Combatace,it was really just a memorial to a dead site. I loved that site but honestly except for the memories you can get everything that was there here.
  7. File Name: Taube (grenade armed) File Submitter: whiteknight06604 File Submitted: 05 July 2017 File Category: Other Central Powers Aircraft This version of the Taube is armed with a handful of grenades instead of a rifle. many thanks to all the people who worked on the original Taube and a special thanks to Stephen1918 who was kind enough to make time to alter his model to remove the gunner.All work on this is really the efforts of others and my only contribution was to bundle it up. Any issues please direct to me and I'll do my best to fix them as soon as I can. Click here to download this file
  8. CP-140 skins WIP

    beautiful work
  9. Taube with rifleman

    ok here are the ini files needed to change the current and excellent Taube into one with no armed observer and a small load of grenades.When i have a little more time I do plan on making a complete version with all the necessary files and .lods with permission of course. Taube.rar
  10. Taube with rifleman

    I'm going to get a refined version with a grenade bomb load all packaged up then ask Stephen if it's ok if I post the whole package to combatace
  11. Taube with rifleman

    you can remove any part part of a model but you can't move that part to another model. in most cases the gunner is a part of the planes mesh and can be removed. you can add a pilot or just about any object set up like a pilot to any plane so once the gunner is removed you can put a pilot figure in it's place but due to game engine limits that pilot can't be animated like a gunner.
  12. Taube with rifleman

    ok this should remove the armed observer and replace it as long as you have the correct pilot installed. Taube_DATA.rar
  13. Taube with rifleman

    you can use an ini trick to remove the armed observer and you can add an unarmed one the same way you add a pilot. If no one else does it I'll modify the data.ini and post it here latter today.
  14. CP-140 skins WIP

    looking great.
  15. Super Hornet shoots down Syrian Su-22

    yeah might be a good idea for Syrian pilots not to leave the ground.