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  1. another beautiful skin. thank you
  2. Thank you so much. Considering the lack of detailed blueprints I think it’s almost perfect.
  3. Chinese missiles

    good suggestion, my next question would have been what would be a good stand in? thank you for answering that.
  4. Chinese missiles

    i think I did and went through the weapons folders of quite a few campaigns.
  5. Jet Provost.7Z

    beautiful little plane, thank you.
  6. Fokker EI-EiIII skin

    simply beautiful. Many thanks.
  7. Samurai's Shipyard

    I’d love to see more stuff from WBS but he seems to have moved on. Sadly he hasn’t been around in a few years.
  8. that looks an awful lot like a hurricane to me.
  9. Any 50+ years old guys here from Alabama?

    these people are so freaking moronic.... SMH nothing but a publicity stunt to pander to their voting base.
  10. that would be why it's in the "what if" forum .
  11. I'm having a hard time finding A chinese PL-15 AA missile. I'm not sure if one was even made.Does anyone know if one is hidden away in a weapons pack or campaign ?
  12. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    we should never have given the money back. iran is sued by victims of their terrorism almost daily...they owe and most likely will continue to owe the victims millions upon millions. iran never pays these lawsuits so the victims only way to collect is out of these frozen funds. also it was just a bad bargaining chip,freeing that money was supposed to be a leveraging point in the deal negotiations but all it got was a shitty deal.
  13. NID-52 Skin pack

    beautiful! thank you.
  14. Ukraine Airlines crashed in Iran

    actions being illegal have never deterred Iran before....
  15. Ukraine Airlines crashed in Iran

    i would say paranoid incompetence more than an accident. an accident would imply there was no untoward actions but iran was in the middle of attacking their neighbors so "accident' is far to charitable word to use here.I'd say it's more akin to when a bank robber is running from police and ends up crashing their getaway car into someone and killing them.

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