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  1. I'm having a hard time finding A chinese PL-15 AA missile. I'm not sure if one was even made.Does anyone know if one is hidden away in a weapons pack or campaign ?
  2. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    we should never have given the money back. iran is sued by victims of their terrorism almost daily...they owe and most likely will continue to owe the victims millions upon millions. iran never pays these lawsuits so the victims only way to collect is out of these frozen funds. also it was just a bad bargaining chip,freeing that money was supposed to be a leveraging point in the deal negotiations but all it got was a shitty deal.
  3. NID-52 Skin pack

    beautiful! thank you.
  4. Ukraine Airlines crashed in Iran

    actions being illegal have never deterred Iran before....
  5. Ukraine Airlines crashed in Iran

    i would say paranoid incompetence more than an accident. an accident would imply there was no untoward actions but iran was in the middle of attacking their neighbors so "accident' is far to charitable word to use here.I'd say it's more akin to when a bank robber is running from police and ends up crashing their getaway car into someone and killing them.
  6. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    actually Iran has been launching aggressive attacks almost continuously. just in the last few months they have seized a british ship,attacked a saudi oil refinery ,killed US citizens in Iraq etc that is not even taking into account their clandestine attacks on US troops in iraq and their funding and directing their terrorist proxies in thousands of attacks on Israel and other western nations.iran has been a rogue terror state pretty much since 1979 and they have to a greater or lesser degree been in a continual state of violent aggression against the west.they literally have the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands.I don't blame most of the Iranian people since they are as big a victim as the rest of the world. Iran is a brutal misogynistic ,homophobic and thoroughly racist regime.unfortunately because of European and Obama appeasement they thought they could test the west once again.things are different now.their aggression will not be tolerated like it was and the european countries that are more interested in Iranian money than their evil actions will find they are pushed out of the picture to their economic detriment.It's not going to be a war like Iraq if that is what Iran pushes for. It will be an overwhelming missile and airstrike to decapitate and paralyze. no one will be "going in' it will just destroy their leadership and ability to retaliate in any coordinated way. We won't be spending our treasure rebuilding. any new government that wants to take over can put the pieces back together. beyond emergency humanitarian aid of course. Iran isn't going to be any more of a threat than iraq was in the first gulf war. I remember all the dire warnings then too, of their air defences and air force and the dangers.....same here. on paper is much different than reality and Iran may have a few troubling assets but in the end they will not be used to their best effect and will be countered just like Iraq. i
  7. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    that wasn't a retaliation it was a face saving provocation.they will continue their aggression until they are apeased,like in the past, or hit back hard. that is how they always have been.iran is an evil terror regime and in a perfect world their leadership would be eliminated.As it is now the West,mostly the US, has shown uncommon restraint in dealing with aggressive move after aggressive move from Iran. I think the time for turning the other check has ended and iran has to learn to join the civilised world or they will pay a huge price. i don't think there would be any sort of Iraq style ground invasion. Iran would be hit with crippling air and missile strikes designed to decapitate leadership and neutralize important infrastructure ,military and communications assets. It would be mostly a one sided affair with Iran's ability to resist being pretty much nill.
  8. SPAD XIII Sunbeam

    beautiful,thank you
  9. Soviet-Polish War addon?

    do you have effects set on unlimited? if so try lowering that and see if that helps at all.
  10. very interesting list,is it sad that that the Fuji T1a is what jumps out to me?
  11. TSF 2: Expansion Pack 1

    excellent!!! thank you.
  12. Persident Erdogan threatening to 'shut down' Incirlik airbase.

    the US responded to Turkey,well more like dismissed them, last time they tried this. these threats are just posturing for locals. no one gives it serious thought here.It's no loss to us at all if we pack up and move somewhere else.there are countries in the region lining up to get our dollars.Turkey knows they can't win in this situation and we just don't care much. If Turkey feels the need to beat there chest to the point of harming themselves so be it. A minor inconvenience for us but it would be a huge loss to Turkey. I guess they could go over to "the other side" but that's not a long term win if they become dependent on Putin or radical Muslims.europe might have their heads up their butts at this moment in time but Turkey needs to be aligned with the modern west if they want to stay even a half rate country.
  13. Halberstadt CL.II Uploaded

    excellent,thank you.
  14. Persident Erdogan threatening to 'shut down' Incirlik airbase.

    2 things. 1st Al Jeezera news lol and second do you honestly think that we would allow the turks to confiscate nour nuclear weapons. At the very least Turkey's economy would be destroyed and they most likely would be expelled from every treaty organization the the US is in with them. Turkey will push a little and posture for domestic consumption but it the end there is nothing they can do that wouldn't have catastrophic consequences for their current leaders and their nation as a whole. If they close the base there are nations that would line up for a US base so no loss other than some money and to spite Turkey I'd just put the replacement base in Greece and see how they like seeing the Greeks getting all the perks of a US base and closer relations at their expense.
  15. A strange place where to meet a Star...

    not to pile on the Albanians but they were pretty far behind even eastern european standards during the cold war.I wouldn't be surprised if they cannibalized this plane to keep a couple horse drawn farm wagons going.

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