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  1. Just Checking In, Miss Me?

    great to hear you are doing mostly good.it's always good to hear from some of the "old hands" of combat ace.I have been without my PC for a while now. I moved cross country to Fresno about a year ago and the room I had set aside for my gaming room is now going to be for my new son thats going to be here any day. also I don't think anyone can have enough cats.
  2. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    a work of art! thank you.
  3. Lebed 7 uploaded

    anther great surprise. thank you for this one!
  4. Reworked Italian Terrain (Caporetto)

    looks great. thank you for this work of art.
  5. Hey Slack Asses......

    i moved from Connecticut to Fresno California and I have a new son on the way,sometime in late july.
  6. WW1 Maritime Objects

    i really like those sinking ship effects. this is great stuff. thank you.
  7. R Lee Ermey Dead at 74

  8. I think it would depend, if the commie won the Spanish revolution then i think they would use those markings but I think they might use something closer to the roundels with a red star added that most of the Warsaw pack used if they went communist post WW2 in civil war. maybe something similar to Yugoslavia but in Spanish color? But of course this is all fantasy so everyone is right here. a what if aircraft or markings can really not be wrong as long as the creator is happy.
  9. thats kinda what I figured, sorry i derailed your post with my musings :)
  10. it looks so natural. too bad the Argentinian financial situation was bad when France sold her old carriers off. buying the carriers and the French crusaders would have been a good fit. Crusaders, Super Etendards and Skyhawks would have been rather fun to see together.
  11. I agree but I think Spinners skin was not meant to be communist. I just added my extra 2 cents. I would expect a Communist Spanish aircraft to have completely different markings most likely including a red star in some way.in my half assed scenario if Portugal didn't go communist too you would expect to see Portugal built up militarily in a similar way that Germany was during the cold war. Portugal would have been a higher priority to receive military assistance too.
  12. what if Spain took a more active part in WW2 on the axis side? maybe there would have been some punishment on Spain post war that caused a similar destabilization that happened in Germany right after WWI. some sort of major economic and political upheaval might have had it possible for a communist revolution to happen? Might be far fetched but a possible way to have Spain end up on the other side of the "Iron Curtain". Many scenarios for a larger conflict too since a communist Spain would have some serious strategic complications for NATO.Imagine the lengths NATO would go to to not have Soviet and/or communist Spanish naval bases and air bases bottling up the med.Beautiful what if skin.thanks
  13. Sukhois

    every time I look at this it's better and better, thank you all for all the hard work you have put into this.
  14. Cockpit for the SPAD 7

    beautiful! thanks for another great surprise.

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