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  1. Human Transport by Fighter Planes, EXINT POD!

    suddenly airline economy class seems fine to me.
  2. Beautiful work so far. I was just reading about this and the C-133 the other day.
  3. or the B-50 from which it was derived .
  4. MF7, MF 11 won't move for takeoff?

    are these the stock flight models? there are some great "aftermarket" FMs for these planes by VonS
  5. many thanks. the dedication of you and your team keeping this beautiful plane updated is commendable
  6. FE2 has been continuously on my HD and gets more play than any other game I own. I would be extremely interested in any revamp of the Flanders terrain. If it's half as good your other work it will be outstanding.
  7. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    I have a feeling that these were hand built in about as many variations as you can count. If I may make a humble suggestion, try to save each time you change it. You probably can release about 10 different visual versions that would match at least one picture or diagram. I’ll be happy with any versions released. Thank you
  8. Sopwith Triplane variants

    thank you for these. Excellent work as always .
  9. Sopwith Triplane Uploaded

    beautiful work, thank you so much for this.
  10. Sopwith Triplane

    thank you thank you thank you.....
  11. Sopwith Triplane - WIP

    this is going to be an excellent Christmas gift to the community.....no matter if it arrives a little early or a little late. It's so great to see new content being made so many years after the game was released. thank you.
  12. MIG-31A FoxHound

    thank you!
  13. covid-19

    my daughter and her BF both had it but were lucky to have milder symptoms. I hope that you and your family get well fast.
  14. Sopwith Triplane - WIP

    thank you. it looks great so far.
  15. Snoopy for First Eagles

    Love it also. I thought one was made long ago but I certainly could be mistaken. I honestly welcome anything Stephen is willing to spend time on .

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