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  1. Yo!

    same here,though its a few thousand less for me. I hope your birthday is great!
  2. another work of art,thank you for this. will this by any chance be released with a plain green pain job?
  3. HMS By Jove

  4. I used to live the next town over. I had friends and family that worked at Sikorsky.every time i drove by you would see something cool out in the yard . funny thing is years latter i moved upstate and used to commute past Kaman helicopters too.
  5. PT-76

    love it,thank you. If you plan to do more vehicles in the future i would like to suggest maybe a chinese tank or APC. like the Type 69 or type 63 APC.
  6. SAML S.2 Revised

    just got around to really flying her...its a beauty for sure. thank you.
  7. 3 MT-LB models and 122-mm howitzer D-30H

    stunning,many thanks.
  8. Spanish Skies

    excellent work as per your usual. thank you .
  9. well people with far more expertise may know more but from my recollection that was unfortunately the case.
  10. unless something has changed since i asked if this could be done about 10 years ago i think the answer is no .
  11. i have no idea if this is even possible but what about some large generic gently sloped 'riverbanks" so that bridges would look less like stunt ramps?

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