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  1. add a tail gunner to this and you'd have a British Sturmovik
  2. Pomilio PE Uploaded

    you sir are a mind reader.... I was just reading up on these this afternoon. thank you so much for this one.
  3. I really hope a nice modder will gift us a B-50 and the tanker equivalent
  4. another great addition,thank you.
  5. I think that mod requires the .lod from a file on another site. there should be a link or reference to that in the readme.
  6. New Aircraft

    glad to see you back. I was worried you were under the weather.
  7. SAML S.2

    I have long wanted one of these.,what a great Christmas surprise. thank you.
  8. excellent. i don't think there is ever too many toys for terrain modders to have at their disposal. thank you.
  9. thank you so much for this. all the hard work that went into this really shows.
  10. Happy Holidays!

    thank you for all the xmas gifts you have given us the year round.
  11. PAK FA model

    not 100% on this but it might have been a pirated model that is banned from the site.
  12. Windsock

    thank you. please keep up the good work.
  13. this might just be my favorite Christmas gift this year.
  14. removing a node, or whatever its called

    I figured it wasn’t as easy as it sounded in my head. Hope you and your family have a happy thanksgiving
  15. removing a node, or whatever its called

    I know time is a premium for our modders but it might be a worthwhile at some point to have a new nascel made for these old planes. maybe just make a couple versions slightly larger than the original that could be placed vis the fake pilot method.

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