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  1. spent many hours as a kid with the F-86 and MiG-15 in my back yard .
  2. amazing work so far. I love it
  3. thank you for the continued support. I personally had no issues getting the mod to work but it's great to see the dedication you have to helping people get this awesome mod working for as many people as possible.

    everyone enjoy time with your friends and family and stay safe.
  5. another great skin,thank you
  6. USMC USA, NATO, and Israel M109A2 Howitzer

    beautiful work. Thanks you
  7. WOMEN'S TROOPS. Parade in Minsk. Who is "cooler" Army or Police?

    It was a comedy farce , I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be historically accurate. 😉 if we were too take it seriously why the heck would the French underground be fighting the East Germans ?
  8. Nieuport 21

    Christmas comes early thanks to Stephen1918. thank you
  9. I'm using the ancient 3rd party model to test. test-2.BMP
  10. people have been doing this for years. It's just a matter of having models to add. I'm in the process of adding a 105mm gun to the T-69 and Tiran models thanks to GKABS making the barrel. I did some tests way back with adding crew to First Eagle vehicles and AA guns. Just a matter of having the right parts.
  11. Potez 631 skin pack

    beautiful work. thank you
  12. given the tensions over Chinese actions,any Chinese equipment will find a use in game.

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