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  1. removing a node, or whatever its called

    I know time is a premium for our modders but it might be a worthwhile at some point to have a new nascel made for these old planes. maybe just make a couple versions slightly larger than the original that could be placed vis the fake pilot method.
  2. F-16V?

  3. Updated Eastern Front Terrain

    That is incredible. Thank you!
  4. Reworked Italian Terrain (Caporetto)

    there are very few terrains that i just want to fly around and sight see on...this is one of them. thank you.
  5. maybe it could take 2 belly mounted gun pods like the Su-15? either way great model.
  6. thank you I'm always happy to see new SAM and AAA assets.
  7. New Aircraft

    These are beautiful models and the amount of ini work put in is equally impressive thank you
  8. The Captain (Movie)

    looks interesting,thanks for the heads up.
  9. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    I love this.

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