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  1. see a new Viggen? there was a few in the Scandanavian Front Campaigns as far as I can remember.
  2. my memory is really hazy and I'm not sure if this was SF1 or SF2 but I think I recall someone long ago adding the deck aircraft on YAP carriers as "missile launchers" or "guns" and having them rotate into the deck? I think they limited the travel of these "launchers" so that they couldn't move . I'm just throwing this out there in case someone has a better recollection than me. I don't know if it even worked.
  3. yes it does, Bet it would look grand in Rhodesian AF colors too.
  4. I always got a kick when Column5 would decorate his page commie style for May day.
  5. I was a big janes fighters Anthology and Microsoft CFS 1 and 2 player way back and was a semi-regular on the old Netwings and sim-outhouse forums. I remember 2003? Dave posting some screen shots from the original Strike Fighter Project One there. i was hooked and the first opportunity I bought the game. Unfortunately it was a second hand "Wally World" edition. Took me a while to track down a "real" copy and the rest is thousands apon thousand of siming hours of history.
  6. SF2 A-1H Skyraider (3W) VA-75 Skin Pack

    Thank you for these.
  7. the first time "2 weeks" has been uttered in a good way.
  8. Need your prayers

    I went through something similar with my stepdaughter recently. It's a devastatingly painful situation. My heart goes out to you and your family. Just know that these things can be healed with hard work and time. Nothing is guaranteed but there is hope for a positive resolution.
  9. RIP Snook

    almost nothing worse than losing a beloved pet. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  10. after fixing a few of the important bugs I'd like to see the return of FAC and to have mixed ground forces. The ability to have AAA or sam vehicles randomly added to ground support targets.
  11. Mirage F1EH

    such amazing work.This and all the F1s are just beautiful.
  12. Geezer Russian pilots for FE2

    such amazing work.Thank you
  13. Cold East Ground Objects Bonanza Vol.2

    Amazing is all I can say. These will be such a great upgrade to the game. Thank you
  14. my guess is either there was no laser designator loaded or that any designators loaded are not in range or within the seeker limitations when you try to release them. If it's not that then I just don't know.
  15. Your First Sim

    I loved the F-22 game for the Sega.

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