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File Name: ROKAF F-4E

File Submitter: gerald14

File Submitted: 25 Dec 2007

File Category: F-4


ROKAF F-4E by Gerald14


ROKAF F-4E with 4 skins:

Modern Dark Grey ( squad decals)

Modern Dark Grey 2 ( no squad decals)

Late 1990's Grey

Storm Grey



The Republic of Korea Air Force purchased its first batch of ex-USAF F-4D Phantoms in 1968 under the "Peace Spectator" program. The ex-USAF F-4Ds continued to be delivered until 1988.

The "Peace Pheasant II" program also provided newly-built and ex-USAF F-4Es. In 1993, RoKAF evaluated an upgrade program for 38 F-4Es but settled on the less costly service life extension

upgrades and the addition of Pave Tack electro-optical targeting pods and AGM-142 Have Nap missiles.


Thanks to:


Gerald14: FM,and skins


Wrench: Hanger Screens

ThirdWire: Model and Games




So far this is the best F-4E I ever seen. I updated it's avionics

and radar to be close to the real thing. Also the loadouts and skins

are close to it also. The Storm grey is a copy of the loading screen you

see in the loading. Enjoy!!!!!!


Click here to download this file

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