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Splinter Camo Cobra skin pack

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Splinter Camo Cobra skin pack

AH-1W fictional skins.


Splinter camo skins for Falcon161.

4 skins included, Blue, Desert, Winter, Jungle.


Add it like you would any skin.



All credits as follows: (from the read me in the AH-1W download)

* Helicopter Model by capun

* Weapons and INI files by capun

* Original Max Model Design by DeEspona

* Copyrights De Espona Infografica, SL ©

* Release Candidate 1 11/10/04.

* Model AH1W-R9

* Do not distribute or post without previous consent.

* Beta version for testing purposes only.

* All Copyrights Reserved

* No Modifications without previous consent is allowed

* Contributors list

* FM by capun. Based on the UH-1 Huey

* Main Skin by Gramps

* Rotor TGA's by Russo

* Sound file by Rick Mulder provided by HI HO SILVER

* Loadout Picture by capun

* Loading Screen by capun

* Hangar Screen by

* Cockpit Reflection by Eruyi

* Test and model inputs by Gramps and Diego


This skin is of my doing as has nothing to do with the Dev A-Team.

(as per their instructions)

Contact me through PM at CA for any questions regarding the skin itself.


My work cannot be used in any mod without my consent.

Just PM me and let me know you want to use it!! :)


It can NEVER be used in any commercial product.





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