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21 Century Warfare FFOW

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In the next week, history is being made. The battlefield is changing. The way we view Organized Combat in the gaming world is changing.


On February 25th, 2008, everything changes. Kaos Studio's Frontlines:Fuel of War hits the store shelves, and at that moment, Organized Combat changes forever.


21st Century Warfare proudly announces its newest campaign with the worlds latest battlefield! 21st Century Warfare has made the move to Frontlines: Fuel of War, and the new, FFOW Era will be ushered in with a beta campaign using the full game release.


21st Century Warfare is kicking off this new era on Sunday, February 24th at 3pm, EST with an all hands meeting where anyone and everyone can join the Tournament Staff on the 21CW teamspeak to learn about 21CW:FFOW and what's in store for the future! Announcements will include the 21CW Mod, the factions who will be fighting, the Generals commanding them, and what you can expect during the FFOW era.


At the conclusion of the all hands meeting, Registration will be opened to the masses and we will hold a question and answer session with the executive officers of the tournament for those who looking who couldn't get enough from the all hands party!


The lines have been drawn. The armies are about to be mobilized. Don't get caught out to sea without your paddle! Come and join the party on Sunday, pick your division, join the fight, and push the frontline back towards your enemy!




To access teamspeak, register with the 21st Century Warfare website, select the 'gTeamspeak' option on the menu, and follow the instructions.


We'll see you Sunday, the dawn of the new era; 21CW:FFOW!

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