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Attrition War 67-73 VERSION 1.1

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Attrition War 67-73 VERSION 1.1

*Version 1.1*

This update lowers the intensity level from Version 1.0. Only enemy squadrons located nearest the border will be assigned missions. Supply has also been reduced for friendly and enemy squadrons. As a result, fewer enemy aircraft should appear in the air, better reflecting the limited nature of the historical conflict. Make no mistake, occasionally the campaign engine will generate large aerial engagements; this is historical, as well.


Some base assignments have also been altered to better reflect historical positioning. In particular, IAF 101 Squadron has been moved to Bir Gafgafa on the Sinai Peninsula. The IAF maintained a Mirage detachment there throughout the Attrition War period; expect plenty of action along the Suez Canal.


*The Campaign*

This campaign depicts the situation in the Middle East as it stood between June 1967 and October 1973. Based on the stock WOI Yom Kippur campaign, it begins in July 1967 and ends in September 1973. When combined with “War for the Water” and “Golan Stalemate,” the player can begin in 1963 and fly a continuous nineteen-year IAF career.


There will be no all-out air offensive; this is a long, limited conflict. Ground offensive has been disabled, so borders remain static. Supply is minimal, restricting the number of aircraft in the sky. Mission mix includes routine patrols punctuated by occasional strike missions into enemy territory. You may fly a maximum of fifty missions, roughly one every forty-five days.


IAF fighter and strike squadrons start out with their historical aircraft, entering the campaign at the time they were activated. Some squadrons will upgrade both their livery and their aircraft type during the course of the campaign.


The Soviets also make appearances in 1970 and 1971.


*Unit Start Guide and Upgrade Path*

-- 69 Squadron (1969): F-4E Kurnass (no upgrade)

-- 101 Squadron (1967): Mirage III C Shahak (no upgrade)

-- 102 Squadron (1968): A-4H Ahit --> A-4F Ahit (1972)

-- 107 Squadron (1967): Mirage III C Shahak --> F-4E Kurnass (1971)

-- 109 Squadron (1967): A-4H Ahit --> A-4F Ahit (1972)

-- 110 Squadron (1968): A-4E Ahit (no upgrade)

-- 113 Squadron (1967): Mirage III C Shahak --> Mirage 5 Nesher (1972)

-- 115 Squadron (1969): A-4E Ahit (no upgrade)

-- 116 Squadron (1970): A-4E Ahit (no upgrade)

-- 117 Squadron (1967): Mirage III C Shahak (no upgrade)

-- 119 Squadron (1967): Mirage III C Shahak --> F-4E Kurnass (1970)

-- 144 Squadron (1971): Mirage 5 Nesher (no upgrade)

-- 201 Squadron (1969): F-4E Kurnass (no upgrade)


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