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I`ve got an idea about the systems in the Data.ini. Here the prob: Everytime on a recon mission I switch per accident to the sidewinder and have all the flight this nice growling of the seeker... very nice to hear it 30 mins +


So here is my idea but i need some help. I want to add a "fake" internal gun without ammo to switch back to the "Navmode" like in the Su-27 done by marcfighter via Avionics.


Next step would be to change the gun to the "camera" like view when yu select a AGM-65 or any other TV guided weapon. So you have the Radar on the left and the TV view on the right display.?!?!? Is it possible?!


Need your help!

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New idea, can we create a "camera" weapon? and new cameraweaponstation in the nose section of the RF-4E?! With the optics from an AGM-65. A multiple weaponsstation when you select cam 1 you look forward cam2= sidewardleft cam3 = sidewardright?


What about this idea? and the position of this fake weapon is the exact position of the different windows in the nose! And are like a permanent weapon, something like the hump on the A-4


Have no idea how to create this only know what we can do :read:

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