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Kestrel Italian skin (Marina Militare Italiana)

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Kestrel Italian skin (Marina Militare Italiana)




Fictional kestrel skin of Marina Militare Italiana (Italian navy).

Gruppo aerei imbarcati.

The skin changes the nationality of the plane in Italian.

You can use this skin (for example) in the "Giuseppe Garibaldi"aircraft carrier of the Marina militare Italiana (Italian navy).



Installation Instructions




1. Copy the Marina Militare folder to your \OBJECTS\AIRCRAFT\kestrel folder.

2. Copy and paste the following text in the " Kestrel " readme file (in the \OBJECTS\AIRCRAFT\kestrel folder).


[TextureSetXXX] <<========================== CHANGE THE XXX WITH THE TEXTURE NUMBER (example given: 003) :wink:

Directory=Marina Militare

Name=Marina Militare Italiana


Squadron=Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati






Launch SFP1/WoV/WOE and select the Marina Militare skin from the Z/A-9 Kestrel loadout screen.

Thats it!


Have fun! :yikes::smile:


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