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I've just tweaked the Superfortress and the Tallboy,to obtain the B-29 Tarzon carrier.

Basically I've started thinking that real Tarzon is in practice a radio guided Tallboy.


For the Bell VB-13 or ASM-11 Tarzon radio guided bomb here depicted, I've respected the whole Tallboy's data in terms of dimensions and warhead,the years of service are setted betwenn 1950 and 51 like the original,I've just added the laser guidance and a laser designator alias th AN/ARW-38 radio transmitter


bomb bays are empty and doors remain working,but the bomb bay 1 is setted external to allow the bomb in semi recessed position.

The front lower turret is not working now (that position was took for the radar)


The accuracy is set to 80% (real Tarzon wasn't like that) Some says that it was a menace for the crews,not for the enemies!

80 % is the result of the media between the first AZON bombs (67%) and the late RAZON bombs (97%) so TARZON is a dervate of the latest RAZON and i've setted it like that!


Tarzon in action:






effects are setted to Very large bomb effects.


This is ready to drop!

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Not that Superfortress data was touched too to make the bombardier visible between the pilots in the nose!

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