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Su-17 Pack Part 2

Su-17 Pack Part 2 Export planes


At First.. fixed some bugs in first part:

1) IRM Support removed for Su-17 & Su-17M.

2) Add MER in BackFuselage Stations for Su-17M3 & M4

3) Wrong word NUKE replaced to NUC in ___DATA.INI


Just replace INI.


And Now Part 2:


Su-20A Export variant S-17M for WP members, IRM Support added (4 R-13)

Su-20B Variant for other - no CGR, but GP supported on each 4 wing pylons, also used in CAP role

Su-22  Export variant S-17M2 with MiG-23BN Engine, no ARM & LGB only, CGR, also used in CAP role

Su-22M Export variant Su-17M3 with MiG-23BN Engine, KLEN-PS removed, no LGB, ARM Supported, also used in CAP role

Su-22M3 Export variant Su-17M3 with MiG-23BN Engine, all avionics Su-17M3 Keeped, only WP plane


NOTE: Su-22M4 is 100% analog Su-17M4, not included in pack in this reason.


New weapons


SPS-141 Export variant, used on Su-22M3 & M4

RN-28 Soviet tactical nuclear bomb, mass and dimensions analog Mk-43, 30KT


THis pack is ONLY INI modification mod, Original plane Is


Su-17M Fitter-C for

Strike Fighters : Project 1


build 21-12-2003


Models : David

Textures : Sal

Flight model : Column5


P.S. i Hope they not kill me... :rolleyes:


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