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Major Lee's America Northwest Winter terrain

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Major Lee's America Northwest Winter terrain

This is Major Lee's America Northwest terrain mod with the winter tile set. I'm posting it because of all the requests I'm getting for it since Lee's site is still down and it's no longer available. The only changes to this terrain is the addition of some SAM sites and the sticky runway at Elk airfield being fixed. And it's been set up to be a complete stand alone terrain mod minus the CAT file. The Dogfight.ini file has been edited to make a better dogfight in multiplay action. Other than that it should all be original. I've tested this using the various CAT files in SF, WOV, WOE, and WOI in each of the games and everything seems to work fine. The following is a copy of the readme file that's contained in the zip which includes credits and install directions;


Doghouse Notes:


This is Major Lee's America Northwest Terrain mod, slightly edited. I have included my SAM site mod to it, and fixed the sticky runway problem at Elk airfield. I'm posting this at CombatAce because Major Lee's site is down and have been receiving a lot of requests from people to provide it. I've set the zip file up so installation should be a very simple process. This mod was originally done for Strike Fighters, but will work with the WOV, WOE and WOI cat file as well. I've set this up to be a new terrain, seperate from Lee's other versions, so you can have all of them in your terrain folder at once. This is Major Lee's work, please don't credit me with any of it.



Major Lee's Aerodrome



American Northwest training and development map (500 km x 500km).


TO INSTALL THE FILES: (Edited by Doghouse) (Back up any files you don't want to change permanently)


1: Extract the zip file. The appropriate terrain folder will be created.

2: If using Strike Fighters: Copy/Paste "desert.cat" from the Desert folder into the ANWwinter folder and rename "desert.cat" to "ANWwinter.cat".

If using Wings Over Vietnam: Copy/Paste "VietnamSEA.cat" from the VietnamSEA folder into the ANWwinter folder and rename "VietnamSEA.cat" to "ANWwinter.cat".

If using Wings Over Europe: Copy/Paste "GermanyCE.cat" from the GermanyCE folder into the ANWwinter folder and rename "GermanyCE.cat" to "ANWwinter.cat".

If using Wings Over Israel; Copy/Paste "IsraelME.cat" from the IsrealME folder into the ANWwinter folder and rename "IsraelME.cat" to "ANWwinter.cat".

3: Place that folder in your game's Terrain folder. You should be good to go.



Select Single Mission, "Create Mission" then under the Mission Map drop down list under section I, select "AmerciaNW Winter".



There is no water, so don't select anti-ship missions.


There is no campaign; I welcome anyone who wants to please write one!


AI may have issues with the terrain at times.


You might have issues with the terrain too, especially if you select Inclement weather option...


This is a map meant that is meant to be somewhere fun to fly. It is also meant to be useful for prosepective modders to learn to write INIs and place objects.


If you develop an interesting INI for this map, please send it to me and I will post it at the Aerodrome for all to enjoy.


Please do not post this set at other websites.



Enjoy, Major Lee.


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