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D-Fend Reloaded

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trying to get mechwarrior 2 to work in XP (it seems easier to invent a time machine) and have seen varios forums all saying DOSBox and D-Fend are the way to go. D-Fend is no longer supported, but found D-Fend Reloaded...


No doubt I am doing something stupid, but any suggestions on how to configure it to run...YES, already tried Google, and basically keep getting the answer "it is so easy"...clearly...too easy for me as I manage to get the insta-crash feature of DOSBox...


So, if anyone can either guide me through it or tell me where the silly manual is so I can read it and get Mechwarrior working in XP, that would be cool.



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managed to get the DOS version using a different method...now have to install that VMDSound thing to prevent the popping noise...man, those graphics suck...too bad that Mech4 basically made the game stupid and managed to take out every single thing that a MechWarrior likes to do, like customize the Mech...seems the Marketing Department conspired with Accounting by then...no wonder they stopped making them?


thanks for the link!

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