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Question in relation to the Chinese AA missiles in weapons pack. PL-7,PL-8,PL-11 are R-550, pyton-3 & Aspide the analogues, but here have very bad CM/noise rejection descriptions, what is such supposition based on?

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Mmm, try this older topic on Thirdwire page. Poeple talking about soviet and western missiles in SFP1 series in that topic. Some opinons are interesting, another funny :biggrin:





After see this topic was soviet weapons pack project started. Waiting for new patch. Than we can try update soviet (chinese too, maybe) missile characteristiques if it is needed again.





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I read this monts ago, in http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=24967 last post is My.


I make "home use" patch for weapons pack in soviet weapons part (fix some bugs, add new missiles etc.) Some questions was difficult, i e R-23T was maked in All Aspect variant, but after start in service, results exposed a firing test, that at a frontal attack a detonator malfunctions was very often.

But I don't have needed information about chinese AAM, if to follow soviet practice, efficiency of the Chinese analogues of western AAM must be on 15-25 %

below, USSR acted thus at the export of weapon in non-WP countries.


If you want, i can send my weapon.ini variant to discussion.

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