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World War 1 Aircraft Desktop Theme for Windows XP

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World War 1 Aircraft Desktop Theme for Windows XP

This isn't a mod for any of the flight sim games. This is a desktop theme to change the look of Windows XP. It's inspired by guitarclass55's really cool menu and loadout screen mod for First Eagles.


I've included 2 files to download.

Part 1) WWIAircraft.zip is the desktop theme file set. To use: just unzip to the root directory of the drive in which windows is installed (usually drive C:), and all the necessary files will be copied to the correct locations.


Part 2) XPUxthemeDLLPatch.zip This is a patched file for windows XP's uxtheme.dll. This isn't necessary to install to make the theme work, but using it will allow the WoodGrain.msstyles file included to change the color scheme of the taskbar, windows frames, etc. to a sort of wood grain pattern that matches the look of the desktop theme. If the patched uxtheme.dll file isn't used to overwrite your original windows uxtheme.dll file, the WoodGrain.msstyles file won't work. The WWI Aircraft theme will still work, just not the color scheme. So, using this patched file is optional. For those who would like to use the patched uxtheme.dll file, I've included an MS Word document that gives explicit instructions on how to replace the stock windows uxtheme.dll file. The only part in the Word document you don't have to follow is where it tells where to go and download the patched file, I've included them in this download. One is for windows with service pack 1 and the other is for service pack 2.


Again, this theme is for WinXP only. I'm almost possitive it won't work with windows Vista. So you guys with Vista shouldn't try to use it. It could wind up doing some evil deviltry to your operating system.


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