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Downloading Cambrai1917 campaign...?

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I have downloaded this campaign & several others because of Flanders terrain that I love , but find that they aren't exactly self loading & require a bit of placing differnt things here & there & downloading more aircraft ...in particular a Gotha ( which I am having real trouble finding!) Any tips??? Am I making this too difficult???

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"Am I making this too difficult?" No, not really, it does take some working out.


The Gotha is here, bottom of the page: http://cplengineeringllc.com/SFP1/Skunworks1.html


Tha Cambrai campaign requires a number of add-on planes, I think most available at that site (The A-Teams).


The email address is not capun51(at)yahoo(dot)com as in your last post. BTW do not use "real" email addresses in forums - problems with scammers, use (at) (dot) etc.


This is their process.....


"You need to apply via email to get a username and password, you also need to read and acknowledge our User Agreement before you are allowed to download our files. If you do not hear from us in one week try again, some email providers may be blocked.


Please send an email to




The instructions are to provide your first and last name, forum username(s), City & State/Country.


For free mail services (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo, etc), we require the name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider)


All Information is kept confidential"

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