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File Name: C-130A

File Submitter: Doghouse

File Submitted: 28 Jul 2008

File Updated: 12 Sep 2008

File Category: Heavy Bombers and Multi Engined Aircraft


It's come to my attention that I'm missing some files for this aircraft, so am updating it. Hopefully is should work now. Sorry about the mixup.


This is the stock C-130A from Strike Fighters Project 1. I'm adding it because those folks playing Strike Fighters Gold don't have it in their aircraft folder and are therefore not compatable with the Strike Fighters Project 1 players. Just unzip this file and place the C-130A folder in your Objects\Aircraft and you Gold people will have ALL the stock SFP1 aircraft in your game and be fully compatable. Please don't credit me with any of this. This file comes from TK and company.


Click here to download this file

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