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DesertPlus Campaign ver. 1.0


This my frist campaing and post so al cut short details fewe are in the Read me PLS file


Aircraft that is need






F-4E/J Phantom


A-4F Skihawk


F-104G starfighter


MiG´s 17F 21F 21PFM 21MF 19S


Su-7BM Fitter-A


Community Aircraft


A-7D/E corsair


F-111D Aardvark




Impala II Preproduction_Model


Draken J-35FS (Draken pack)


F-5E Tiger II


F-86F sabre


Fiat G91R4 Gina


F-4F/G Phantom


Jaguar GR


Phantom FGRMK2


F-14A Tomcat


F-8J Crusader


OA-10A bronco


F-105G thunderchief




Hawker Hunter F.6


Aero L39ZA Albatross


MiG 23M Flogger-B


Su-17 Fitter-C


MiG-25PD/RB (Foxbat pack)


MiG-21PF Fishbed (avsim´s aircraft_147315)


And for ground objects


Pasko Desert Pack


Weapons pack


And the


DesertPlus terrain


All Aircraft can be found here in combatAce and some on Column5


The credit for the terrain and all aircraft gos to their creators


any bugs let now in the forum pls or PM me


have fun.


use at your on risck if your plane or computer blows up im not responsable. :biggrin:





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