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Controlers for OFFBHAH

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I'm trying to use a Microsoft FFB2 and CH pedals to play OFF and it's not working out. The twist rudder on the stick is

active as well as the pedal rudder. Also when I come to the select screen the sticks gyros are working fine but as soon

as soon as WWI is initialized and I am in the cockpit the stick looses its axis force. In other words it's as limp as a wet

noodle. :rolleyes:


My solution has been to hit eacape which will pause the game, bring up the controller panel and click on calibrate the

joystick. As soon as I get to the Force Control all I have to do it click OK, which brings me back to the controller panel,

click ok to exit the controller panel then close the selection panel and I'm back in the cockpit with a working joystick.


This is a pain in the butt work-a-round and it doesn't always work. Often when I hit the calibrate button on the controller

panel I get nothing but a locked up computer and the only way to get out is to hit the reset switch and then reboot.


Anyone got any idea what I can do to solve this, short of using another joystick to play OFF?

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Would this be better in the OFF BHaH forum (unless you have got it sorted?)


Still working on the problem atm.


The question is about game controllers > MS FFB2 Sidewinder.


I'm using it in a number of games: CFS3, IL2, Battleground Europe, OFF BHAE and would like to resolve some of the

problems I'm having.


I've posted in the OFF forums as well.



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